MLM Contests: Ideas, Prizes and Good to Know Info

Today, I’d like to share some simple and practical ideas about how to do MLM Contests the right way. I’ll also share some example MLM Contests and prizes you can use with your own team.

Before I share these tips with you, it’s important to understand that network marketing is about a lot of people doing a little bit. Rather than encourage one or two people on your team to perform at high levels, your goal with your contest is to encourage EVERYONE on your team to do just a little bit more.

Contests are a great way to motivate your team, increase sales, and grow you check! Even if everyone on your team simply sold ONE MORE product this month (because of your contest), your commission check would SKYROCKET. Make sense?MLM Contests

Tips for Success

Here are a few tips for success with MLM Contests:

# 1: Design your contests so EVERYONE can participate and win (but also have a grand prize for the top achievers). Nearly 98% or more of your team are part-timers. Your contests should be designed for these people.

# 2: Make contests three to seven days long (max). Most people have short attention spans. Contests that run for three to seven days are much more effective than a 30-day contest. Rather than do a 30-day contest each month, do two or three weekly contests.

# 3: Design contests around ACTIVITIES, not just results. No one can control their results. But everyone can control their activity level. Have each contest geared around things your distributor can do, such as:

  • Talk to X amount of people
  • Get X amount of NO’s
  • Make X amount of calls

# 4: Personalized, low-cost gifts work best for prizes. You don’t need to break the bank for prizes. People love a personalized gift. Low cost gifts work great. I’ve had success with gift cards, cash, personalized shirts, coffee mugs, free samples, and many other things.

# 5: Promote your contests ahead of time. It’s vital that you spend time promoting your contest MINIMUM several days BEFORE the contest starts. Get everyone excited. Tell everyone about it and have your team members do the same thing with their teams. The more people you can get to participate in your contest the better.

contests increase sales productionExample MLM Contests

What you will see below are some example MLM Contests. I provide these examples to give you ideas. You are only limited to your imagination.


  1. Recruit one new rep.
  2. Get 10 NO’s.
  3. Contact ___ people in 24 hours.
  4. Contact ___ people on your chicken list.
  5. Add 50 names to your name’s list.
  6. Call or text ___ leads.
  7. Reactivate a distributor who quit.
  8. Follow up with 10 people who previous told you NO or maybe.
  9. Hand out ___ drop cards.
  10. Conduct ___ three-way calls.
  11. Create and publish a YouTube video about the business or products.
  12. Invite ___ prospects to an event.
  13. Mail ____ postcards.
  14. Help a team member do any of these things.


  1. Sell one product to an existing customer.
  2. Acquire a new customer.
  3. Ask ____ people to order a product.
  4. Hand out ___ free samples.
  5. Share your retail site with ____ people.
  6. Make $____ in retail sales in a week.
  7. Do a daily Facebook live for three days straight to showcase a product.


  1. Help someone sponsor their first person.
  2. Help ___ team members make a retail sale.
  3. Do ____ three way calls with your team members’ prospects.
  4. Attend convention or a regional event.
  5. Do a coaching call with ___ team members.

Example MLM Contest Prizes 

Prizes should be low cost and relevant to the contest. You can have basic prizes for qualifiers and another prize for the grand qualifier.

  1. Personalized Certificate
  2. Personalized Coffee Mug
  3. Free Product
  4. Free Samples
  5. Free Business cards
  6. Public Recognition
  7. Medal or Trophy
  8. Free Share in Advertising CO-OP
  9. Handwritten Note
  10. Book
  11. Call from CEO or Corporate Team
  12. Gift Certificate to a Restaurant
  13. $5 or $10 Amazon gift card
  14. Invitation to a private event

All MLM Contests should be designed for the part timer not the top achievers ~ Chuck HolmesAdditional Considerations

Here are some additional points to consider.

# 1: Get input from your team members. Find out what type of contests would excite them. You will never know until you ask.

# 2: Test out different things. Not all contests will turn out great. Some will flop. That’s okay. Keep experimenting and keep trying different ideas until you come up with your home run.

# 3: Always give the prizes. Never do a contest and then NOT give people the prizes they won. This destroys your credibility and will prevent people from participating in future contests you might have.

# 4: Talk to your sponsor or upline to see if they will help you with prizes. Most of them will. They might even introduce the contest to their other team members.

What Others Are Saying

How most people run a contest, they’ll say, “All right. First prize $1,000. Second prize $500. Third place, $250.”

Well, if you run contest like that, you’re missing two very powerful ways for you to get more production out of your organization.

Here’s the reality of a first, second, and third place… Most people in your organization don’t believe that they can be a first, second, or third.

So, you think, “Yeah, man. I’m gonna get everybody … They are gonna be running from first, second, third. It’s gonna be amazing, man!” I’m telling you right now, most of your organization, they will see this and they’ll say, “I can’t be first, second, or third.” So they won’t even try.

As a network marketing leader, those of you who have an organization of five people, 10 people, however many people you got, right? Your mission is to get as many people you possibly can doing a little. Doing a little. ~ Ray Higdon

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are my best tips on MLM Contests. None of this information is rocket science, but it works. I encourage you to start doing MLM Contests in your own team and watch your team’s productivity soar.

What are your thoughts? What has your experience been like doing MLM Contests for your own team? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.

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