MLM Company without Investment

Are you looking for an MLM Company without Investment?

If so, you’re not alone. In fact, thousands of people search for this term online every month. Obviously, people want to know if they can make money in network marketing without spending money. The real question is: Can you?

Yes, you can make money without spending money (in a business), but it’s much easier said than done. It’s actually very rare.

Even if something is free to start, there are always ongoing costs.

MLM Company without InvestmentNetwork marketing is a weird industry. We are the only industry I know of where people start a business, but don’t treat their business like a business. We are one of the only industries I know of where people nickel and dime their business to death or aren’t willing to invest ANY money in their business.

Or people have the mindset:

I’ll invest money when I make money!

Yeah, right! With that mindset you will NEVER succeed. It’s like saying “I need to see it to believe it.” Folks, if you don’t believe it first, you will never see it!

The mere fact that people are searching for a way to start a network marketing business without any type of capital investment proves how weird our industry is.

Could you imagine a restaurant owner, auctioneer, grocery store owner, retail store owner, or ANY other “aspiring” entrepreneur asking that same question? Nope. Me neither.

All businesses require a TIME and MONEY investment. Even if something is free to join, there will be ongoing costs, plus a huge time commitment to make it work.

Yes, you can join some MLM Companies for free. For instance, my company allows you to join for free and lets you make money without having to buy anything, but as a free member you are not entitled to ALL PARTS of the compensation plan. But, you can get in the game for free and make some money.

Even though some companies allow you to join for free, I’ve never seen ANYONE in our industry achieve ANY level of success without investing a decent amount of both time and money.

Why? When you have no skin in the game financially, it’s easy to quit! It’s easy NOT to do anything to grow your business when you have nothing invested in it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

If You Are Strapped for Money

To clarify, I am not knocking someone who does not have money to start a business. I am not knocking someone who is down and out. Been there, done that.

We live in a crazy world, where most people are struggling to get by financially. Money is tight for most families. In many cases, there isn’t any EXTRA MONEY left over each month to start a new business venture.

If you are truly down and out financially and do not have a few hundred dollars to start a business, you have much better alternatives than MLM. In fact, I would recommend you get a part-time job rather than do network marketing.

Get some money coming in NOW to keep the financial pressure off your back. MLM Is not designed to solve your immediate cashflow problems. In fact, no new business of any kind is designed that way. Businesses take time and money to start, launch, and grow, normally several YEARS.

Mindset is Everything

Asking “how much does it cost?” as your first question is not the smartest move. Doing that has you coming from a LACK mentality. Rather than have a lack mentality, you want an abundance mentality.

What you really want to do is look at is the POTENTIAL a business offers, before you decide if you can afford to do it. In fact, you might realize you can’t afford NOT to do it.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What does the compensation plan look like?
  2. How many people know about the opportunity?
  3. What do I need to do to make “X” amount of money?
  4. What type of systems are in place to help me?
  5. Do the products or services offer real value to people not doing the business?
  6. Is this something I can see myself doing?
  7. Is this a good use of my time or do I have better options?
  8. How does this opportunity align with my skills and personality?

Those are the most important questions to consider before starting a business.

People Do Have the Money

People always have the money for things they WANT to do. If you NEED the money to do something you WANT to do, you will find a way to come up with the money. On the other hand, if it’s something you really don’t want to do, you will justify why you can’t afford it.

If you have to see something before you believe it you will never see it or achieve it ~ Chuck HolmesThe Bottom Line

Here’s the bottom line. There are MLM Companies without Investment. There are MLM Companies you can join for free.

The problems with joining for free are (1) you don’t try the products first, and (2) you are normally limited in the compensation plan.

Without trying the products first, it will be quite difficult to sell the products. You won’t have a good product story you can share with others, nor will you have the BELIEF or CONVICTION in the products.

Also, most companies that let you join for free only give you access to PARTS of their compensation plan as a free member. To reap all the benefits, you need to order something or meet certain requirements. This means you are potentially leaving a lot of money on the table by joining for free AND staying a free member.

Of course, if you have ZERO money to invest, you can join for free and then upgrade your account after you have earned some money. That’s better than doing nothing, but it’s not the best option!

MLM Companies without Investment

Here are a few companies you can join without an investment.

  1. My Company
  2. Hempworx (I’ve been told they just provided a free option)
  3. CTFO (always free to join)
  4. Trunited (in the past you could join for free)
  5. Avon (sometimes you can join for free)
  6. Le-Vel (I read online it was free)
  7. Nu Skin (I read that you could create a free account)

Keep in mind this list could change from time-to-time. Also, sometimes these companies have a free membership option, or offer a limited promotion where it’s free to join. Check out each company’s website to get the current details.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you are looking for an MLM Company without Investment, you now know my thoughts. I hope you will take my advice to heart before you look for a free company to join.

What are your thoughts about joining a MLM Company without Investment? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Chuck Holmes
Network Marketing Professional

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