MLM Company with the Most Six Figure Earners

Many people are searching online to try and find out the MLM Company with the most six figure earners ($100,000+ per year earners).

This is a very difficult question to answer OBJECTIVELY, because most companies do not publicly share this information.

If I had to guess which MLM Company has the most six figure earners, I assume it is one of the larger MLM Companies, since they have millions of distributors AND do BILLIONS of dollars in sales per year. Obviously, a company doing billions of dollars in sales annually will have more six figure earners than a small company doing a few million dollars per year in sales. Make sense?

If that is the case, companies like Mary Kay, Amway, Avon, Vorwerk, Herbalife, Primerica, Forever Living Products, Melaleuca, and Nu Skin probably have the most six figure earners.MLM Company with the Most Six Figure Earners

Only about 10-20 network marketing companies have ever exceeded the billion dollar mark for annual sales. While many other companies offer lots of hype, very few companies succeed on a grand scale. With that much revenue, you know a good amount of distributors are earning a six figure income.

If I had to choose one or two companies that I think top the list, I’d guess that either Amway or Herbalife have the most $100,000 annual income earners.

In terms of revenue, they are two of the largest direct sales companies in the world. They each have more than one million distributors worldwide. To clarify, I am NOT affiliated with either of these two companies.

A lot of people visit my website and tell me that Primerica has more six figure earners than any other direct sales company in the world. They say this because Primerica publishes their top earners. I think that is a good thing, but most companies don’t publicly share that info. And just because they don’t share the information publicly, doesn’t mean they have fewer success stories.

If all companies posted how many people earned what amount, this would be a very easy question to answer.

MLM Company with the Most Six Figure Earners

Here are some comments my recent website visitors posted. Keep in mind, these are just their opinions, not necessarily facts.

“Large distribution does not guarantee big earnings. I do not see how selling Mary Kay or Amway products will earn  a lot of people a six figure income. The percentage received is too negligible. One needs to have big volume of sales, which make it harder compare to a company like Primerica where you can make residual income in addition to building a base shop.” ~ Anonymous

My Response: Just become someone earns smaller commissions per sale does not mean there are fewer successful people in the company earning a great income, when compared to a company that sells high ticket items. Successful distributors in these large companies make most of their money from their team’s total sales, not just their personal sales.

“Whether you like it or not Primerica does have the most 100k a year earners {2,600 plus}. That is the most any company has. Look it up. They also have the most 50k earners, and most million dollar earners yearly. Maybe because their intentions are actually to help their clients {thus they ONLY sell term} when they could actually make more commissions selling the other crap other insurance agencies sell. God rewards those who do good for people.” ~ Truth Giver

My Response: Are those 2,600 six figure earners CURRENTLY earning six figure incomes annually with the company, or is it cumulative since the company first started? If it’s cumulative, which I think it is, it’s impressive, but I doubt it’s the top company.MLM Companies doing one billion or more in sales will always have more six figure earners than the smaller companies ~ Chuck Holmes

“I was told by a Mary Kay rep that they had the most $100k earners in their company so I started looking into it.  I found that the Primerica people are the most vocal about being the company with the most, but from what I have seen I’m not so sure about that. The DSA math cracks me up since Primerica is one of two financial institutions listed.  When you consider how many tubes of lipstick or how much soap you would have to sell to make $100k per year, well that just does not sound appealing to me, although I’m sure the work environment and leadership makes it better. The company I work with has over 20,000 fully licensed agents (life, series 6 and 63) with an average income of about $250k per year. I appreciate the hearts of Primerica people and I appreciate what they stand for, but I think their opinions get in the way of logic sometimes. Who knows maybe they are King but the way they are always in your face about it makes me think they are trying to make up for something.” ~ Truth Seeker

My Response: Once again, network marketing is not about personal selling. It’s about leverage through a team.  It’s about a lot of people doing a little bit, not one person doing a lot. There is a HUGE difference between direct selling and network marketing.

“Tell them big D!!!! Not only that, but Primerica pays more money per representative then any other company. We are a wealth building machine. There will always be money in the money business. Attach that to doing right by people and less the 2% market penetration and you have the greatest company in the world!” ~ Future Ring Wearer

My Response: Your company is a great company, but please cite a source where it pays more per representative than any other company in our industry.

“You’d be wrong on Amway or Herbalife. The answer is Primerica, with over 2,600 individuals with cash-flows in excess of $100,000, 68 of which boast annual incomes over 7-figures. At any given time there are approximately 10,000,000 members in the DSA (Direct Selling Association), and only 6,000-7,000 of those 10 million make a 6-figure income.”

My Response: Please show some type of proof that these 2,600 people are CURRENT six figure earners, not one-time, or past six figure earners.Most six figure earners in most MLM Companies joined the company before it hit momentum and critical mass ~ Chuck Holmes

“Primerica typically has around 100,000 licensed agents, which makes up approx. 1% of the DSA, yet we have over 40% OF ALL $100,000+!!! I hear people from other companies (like Amway) bragging about their “sales volume”; and??? The success of YOUR company is measured in CASH-FLOW, end of story! And when it comes to that, in Direct Selling, Primerica is KING!” ~ Big D

My Response: Please cite your source where your company makes up more than 40% of all six figure earners in our industry.

My Analysis

As you can tell from these comments, there is a lot of hype out there about which MLM Company has the most six figure income earners.

Everyone who responds simply says the name of their company as the leader. I don’t see how responses like that can be objective, especially without providing any type of source or documentation.

We probably will never REALLY know the answer to this question, but it would be fun to find out.

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Final Thoughts

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please tell me what you think is the MLM Company with the most six figure earners.

Leave a comment below to do so. I look forward to hearing from you.

chuck holmes


Chuck Holmes
Network Marketing Professional (since 2002)
Author, Blogger, & Entrepreneur

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37 thoughts on “MLM Company with the Most Six Figure Earners”

  1. I think it would be extremely difficult to find out which companies have the most six figure earners. Not all network marketing companies have this displayed on their websites and it’s hard to find this data anywhere online. We can all just guess where the most big earners are (probably Amway) but who knows what the truth is? I liked how you chose some comments and replied to them in this post. Most people involved in MLM love to brag about their company being the best but they don’t have real proof of that or hard numbers to back up their claims.

    1. One of A.L. Williams key players was Hubert Humphrey (no, not the politician). From his Amway days, he introduced the MLM system into the company without the knowledge of Al himself, but being so successful, Al decided to run with it too. Hubert was the most successful rep with A.L., earning over $3M/yr at his peak. He had a downline of 50,000 reps (contrast this to Hector’s 10,000). When Primerica took over, they tried reducing Hubert’s commission levels, so he left, with several of his big earning hierarchy, and founded WFG. To this day, Hubert and his senior team’s large incomes are still included on Primerica’s Accumulated Earners list. They have been gone since 1991! So just because people show up on the current list, it doesnt mean theyre currently those figures or are even with the company! In fact, it says it in the fine print directly under that list.

  2. I am learning more lately about passive or residual income. Thank you for this post as it provides some insight into how that works. Building the network is always a great challenge in some respects. I started my own personal journey by reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” followed by every other book on finances I could find. They all point to passive income as a major step towards financial freedom.

  3. Interesting subject.

    Which company has the most 6-figure income earners has never come to mind, but I wouldn’t make a decision on joining the company on that fact. So many factors enter into the equation of searching for a company with great potential for personal earnings. If I were to look into it, I would want to know the year the 6-figure earners joined the company, what their products or services line up were at the time and what shape the market was in. Companies that Chuck mentioned; Amway, Herbalife, Mary and Nu Skin are good solid companies. I believe there is still great potential with these companies, especially due to their high quality products and the repeat orders. If a company keeps up with market trends, I believe that many more 6-figure earners can be made.

    1. Absolutely. I’d be willing to bet that Amway probably has the most six figure earners. They are a HUGE, multi BILLION dollar company. No, I am not a rep. But with that many distributors you know there are a lot of folks earning good money.

  4. you repeatedly say there is no way to confirm which company has the most six figure earners but constantly you hear that PRIMERICA publishes the amount they have. in a book the size of a telephone book with pictures, former and current incomes and names. you repeatedly hear that it is upward of 2600+ in number. and it is clearly stated on all of its presentations…. company issued. this from a publicly traded company where lying about such a fact would be ruinous.
    but the biggest challenge I have is with all the responses of other companies the NUMBER of six figure earners is never mentioned. no doubt there are some, but what is some? so surely if ‘some’ were larger than 2600+ then we could have a serious conversation about the topic and then engage in a friendly competition about it. when the tide swells all the boats rise!
    prompted to respond because people always want to “do there research”, but as mentioned earlier…. facts are facts and unsubstantiated rants are just that. sadly people form opinions often on the later.

    1. Just because people “tell you” one company has the most six figure earners means nothing. Everyone saying that Primerica has the most top earners is in PRIMERICA. I agree that it’s a great company, but just because a company doesn’t publish a list of their six figure earners doesn’t mean they don’t have a lot of them! Truth be told, I have no idea which company has the most top earners. If I had to take a guess, I would say it is probably Amway (no I am not in Amway) since they are an $11 BILLION plus company, the biggest in the industry.

    2. You realize that list is cumulative, and not annual? 64% of those on that list made that money before 2000. Only 36% have been added since. And its only for their best 12 month rolling period, and they may not have achieved those levels ever again since. If some rep made $100k in 1978, but only made $20k ever since, he’ll still be on that list!

  5. I believe if you follow the system set before you, with any company the ability to make loads of money is achievable. It takes persistence, a good attitude, and the willingness to follow directions.

  6. The difference between Primerica and some of these companies, though we have an MLM style business, we are probably one of the few companies that are actually PUBLICLY traded. I think that’s something to consider, I’ve been licensed in the business now for 2 months and I’ve made $5,500 in AUGUST earnings, which is good considering it would have taken me working forever at a different company to make this kind of money. Yeah I bust my ass off but it’s worth it the fact I get paid for what I do not what the job title requires. Also note, there are a lot of people that got REALLY WEALTHY when PRIMERICA went public in 2010.

    1. Primerica is a good company. I agree. And yes, you can make good money without recruiting anyone. If you are good at sales, they offer a lucrative opportunity. In response to it being a publicly trade company, my response is there are a lot of publicly traded MLM Companies. I wish you all the best.

      1. If you are listed on the NYSE and you are MLM it is a law that the company be listed as MLM on the exchange. Primerica is not listed as MLM on the stock exchange, but are categorized as a “distribution company”. All I did was look up PRI on, wasn’t hard to find…

  7. Primerica actually publishes all their leader’s income! They have a whole book showing everybody earning over $100,000 yr and $1,000,000 per year! Once you join Primerica they actually show you all the leaders and reps monthly production, cash flow etc! Not every company has a lot of $100,000 a year earners because most companies are cutting back and firing people making over 6 figures unless you are really valuable to the company!

    1. I know that they publish their top earner’s yearly incomes. I think that is a good thing. It lets everyone know there is an opportunity to make a lot of money with the company if you get out there and hustle. Once again, I just can’t validate which company has the most top earners or six figure earners. It sure would be fun to see though.

    2. Primericas list of top earners is not annually based, but cumulative. If a rep made $100k 15 yrs ago during a 12 month rolling period, Primerica shows him on their current list. Even he’s made $5 since, he made the list. Be sure to check out the fine print at the bottom of the 2nd last page;

      1. And secondly, that “Big Earners” list is cumulative by level. That means, for the extremely rare few that made $1M, they are also counted at the $100k and $50k level during that same period. As of 12/31/14, these are the actual individual counts by level;
        $50k+ earners- 3067
        $100k+ earners- 2845
        $1M+ earners- 51
        $2M+ earners- 16
        $5M+ earners- 1

        They represent only 5,980 reps out of the 100’s of thousands of reps that ever worked there since 1977. and is not annual income, but rather a highlite of their “Best 12 Month Period” during an entire career to date. Many never repeated that level again.

  8. Ty Ross you would be crazy not to! From your comment it seemed like you had a pretty good experience with the company. People come and go often but the ones who stick around and work end up being ring wearers! Come on back we’d love to have you. 🙂

    1. The people who do the work and stick around are the ones that ultimately make it. That’s why there are so few success stories in our industry. Few people are willing to do those two things for any period of time. Most want instant gratification.

  9. I must admit, in reading some of these comments, I had to chuckle. People are claiming that Primerica is the one, but there is no proof. I am not trying to start an argument, but it reminds me of a gambler at a racetrack that claims he has won $7,000 that evening. When his wife speaks, she tells the truth. Yes he won $7,000, but spent $9,000 to do so.

    I like to see figures in writing. Graphs, charts and proof. I would be willing to say there are others who are up in the running on those figures. Has anyone considered one of the oldest? Avon may have a run on this too. I also predict Herbalife to be up in the running.

      1. My SR VP’s published income of $1million was made in one year, not cumulative. Every 2 years a new book is published. Yes it’s the highest of those 2 year. The top guy earns over $5million per year. I’m not so concerned about what they make, though it’s good, but as a woman having been kept done in pay. I like the fact that in this company I’m able to do the same work they’ve done and am paid equally as well as having the same opportunity to grow a business like they did. Corporate keeps people down and dangles money and promotion for the select few over your head to convince you to stay. In Primerica, I know if I do the work my rewards are assured if I help enough people.

    1. I was an ENVP with Arbonne. Because it’s a product driven company and retention is low, it’s a business that does not become passive and requires A LOT of work. I did make a six figure income working full-time from home and my expenses took off taxes, so it was a great way to support my family both physically by flexing my hours and being at home as well as fiscally. Most moms “play” at their home based business as it is more of a social outing for them and some pocket money. To make a full-time income, you need to work a full-time week. The only advantage is that you chose the 40-50 hours you want to work. I worked 6 hours a day while my kids were in school, and 3 hours a night after they were in bed.

      The issue here is whether it’s “passive” income. The answer is No.

      If you are in the executive hierarchy of an MLM company, it is 100% work.

      I currently am with PFS because it’s really not a MLM. I left Arbonne because I couldn’t have “ownership”. I could not sell my business when I retired. The passive income disappears if the funnel of new sales people and clients is not being filled. To be really successful with these MLMs you need to start very young and grow very wide very quickly or as the VPs drop off (like I did), your leverage dies.

      Then you need to work hard for 30-40 years to achieve a passive sustainable income.

      With PFS, if you work it hard for about 10-15 years, you should (if you’re competent at what you do) own your branch(es) and can sell them for ten times their value. Most agents’ children become VPs before their parents retire though, and take over the branches when their parents retire, keeping the branches active and well managed.

      The true difference is that it is a finance services company. You are required to pass both a provincial/state and federal license to deal with everything from insurance to securities to develop a true GPS / financial service portfolio for your client. If you cannot do this, you cannot work with us. Many people that come to hear an overview sign up to take the classes, cannot pass, then bash us online. Because the product is money, unlike other products that go down the drain, or are consumed, invested money grows. If you wish to truly understand how MLMs work, become a VP… things become crystal clear!

      1. Good points and thanks for the comment. I agree and disagree with some of your points and that is cool with me.

        I agree that most people have done nothing but create a full time job for themselves with their MLM Company. That’s why it is so important to build depth and build leadership.

        I only know a few people who have walkaway income. Some work full time because they choose to. Most have to or their business would fall apart.

        Great comments. I think highly of PFS. Never been affiliated with them myself.

        Different companies work for different people. I wish you huge success.

  10. This is an interesting article. I have never thought about researching the number of 6 figure earners in MLM. Even though we have a lot of of 6 figure earners, I know there is no comparison to the others. I do know that for Mary Kay in their monthly magazine they do show the monthly commissions of their national directors and melaleuca also shows their monthly commissions of their top earners. What I can say about these companies is that the figures they show are well past 6 figure earners. Some of these folks make that almost 6 figures in a month……

    1. Lots of companies publish the average earnings and even provide a by name list of the top earners. And lots of companies do not. Most privately held companies keep this information secretive. Lots of people on this page say that PFS is the one with the most six figure earners. That might be true, but I have no way to validate it. Thanks for the comment.

  11. I think Primerica has the most reps making over $100k. I was a licensed insurance rep through Primerica some years back (I’ve actually thought of reactivating my life and health license). Their commission structure is very generous even for newly licensed agents. You can make a nice living as basically an insurance salesman without even recruiting. You are selling products designed to help people restructure their finances and build for retirement. There are so many upselling capabilities. And they have added auto to their insurance products which means big commissions

    1. Thanks for the comment Ty. Probably the # 1 thing I like about PFS is that you can build a nice income without recruiting. You can’t do that in most companies. As far as PFS having the most six figure earners, I doubt we will ever really know which company has the most. Yes, most companies don’t publish the information so there is a lot of speculation going on here in the comment section. Truth is, no one knows.

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