MLM Company with Most Seven Figure Earners $1,000,000 +

I have another blog post on this site about “which company has the most six figure earners.” Due to its popularity with my website visitors, I decided to create this post.

There are more than 1,000 network marketing companies in our industry.  Many of these companies come and go and most don’t make it to the five year mark.  For every one that closes down, two new ones open up (it seems that way anyway)!

There are also the industry leaders, companies that have been around 20+ years.  These are the pioneers and leaders in our industry such as Amway, Avon, Nu Skin, Primerica, etc.

Most MLM Companies (nearly 90%) do less than $100 million in annual sales.  About 75 to 100 network marketing companies are in the $100 million to $999 million annual sales range . And there are only about ten to fifteen MLM Companies that have made it to the BILLION dollar mark in annual sales.  Some of those billion dollar companies include:

Once again, these are the industry leaders!

If I had to personally choose which network marketing company has the most seven figure earners, I would say that it probably comes from one of the companies in the BILLION dollar annual sales category.

Why do I think this?  Because they have more volume, more revenue, more distributors, and more top earners. It’s just a game of numbers.  In most cases, a company with 2 million distributors is going to have more seven figure earners than a company with 50,000 distributors.  Does that make sense?

Although I am not affiliated with any of the companies on this list, my best guess would tell me that Amway has the most seven figure earners (once again, I am NOT an Amway rep).  My argument to justify this decision would be (1) they have millions of distributors, and (2) their annual sales is more than triple most other BILLION dollar MLM Companies (other than Avon).

Of course, there is no way to really know the answer.  Most network marketing companies won’t tell you how many seven figure earners they have.  It’s not published anywhere.  So, it’s really a game of speculation.

In my other post, most of my website visitors argued that Primerica had the most six figure earners.  They explained that Primerica publishes a book with all of their six figure earners (and above).  If that’s the case, that’s pretty neat.  I wish more companies did that.

Although there is no way to confirm how many seven figure earners each company has, I do believe Primerica is in the running, and very close to the top, right behind Amway.

What do you think?  Which MLM Company do you think has the most seven figure earners. More importantly, why?  Please don’t just say the name of your MLM Company without giving any justification.

I’d love to turn this in a debate.  Do your research.  Find some facts.  And leave a comment below to strike up a conversation with others.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Have a great day.


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4 thoughts on “MLM Company with Most Seven Figure Earners $1,000,000 +”

  1. I would have to agree with the Amway thought. First off, Amway has been the longest running company. I also believe Amway has the largest amount of distributors. As you said Chuck, it is a game of numbers.

    I am hoping someone from Primeamerica will step in with that list. Being from Missouri, I have always been a “show me” person.

    It is interesting in trying to discover which company has the most seven figure earners. Thanks for this debatable post.

    1. Google which company has the most $100,000 earners. Primerica is at the top. I don’t know the exact number because I haven’t counted in the book but I think if I from the last time they mentioned it that we were sitting around six thousand people at $100,000 more a year and 82 people over 1 million dollars a year. My friend is an Amway distributor. I’ve discussed this with him several times because I found it interesting that Amway doesn’t publicize the numbers. He told me he was only aware of 11 people in Amway who make more than a million dollars a year. And he has been doing Amway for nearly thirty years.

      1. The book mentions all of the past and previous six figure earners. Not all are current or active. Very few companies publish this, but it would be interesting to see which company shows up on top.

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