MLM Company Convention: 10 Reasons to Attend

Guest Post by Kathy Marie Howell

Andrew Carnegie, one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time talks about the importance of teamwork.  He said, “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

In the past, if given the opportunity, I would always choose to work by myself or only work with a select few people. Then I was introduced to network marketing and my whole world changed. I have been with my current company for almost 6 years and have attended 6 conventions.

Each of them have been fabulous and all of them have been a little bit different. I remember the first one I attended my senses were on overdrive and I could barely contain my excitement. It was then that I committed to attending every corporate event possible and encouraged my team to do the same.

These are the top 10 reasons why you should attend your company convention, as I see it. I welcome any comments you have and I would love to hear your top reason for attending your convention!

#1 Connect With Others In Your Organization

This is a great time to bond with your teammates. It may be the first time you’ve met some of your team in person, which is always fun. I like to host a dinner for my team if possible and join in any extra activity that is being offered.

#2 Get Recognized for Your Accomplishments

Every company has a rank recognition program that you should be a part of. Many companies have corporate contests for added fun and recognition as well. This is also a good time for team leaders to give recognition to the top people in their own groups.

#3 Attend Workshops

Most companies have breakout sessions or workshops where you can get detailed training on the how to of network marketing by the top leaders in the company. The workshops are often smaller groups of people and you normally get a chance to ask questions. It’s a great way to learn more about marketing your product from people that have already been successful doing it.

#4 See and Hear the Latest Information

There is always some BIG news revealed at convention. It’s a great way to launch a new promotion, product or product line and have everyone talking about it at once. In the age of social media it’s even more exciting to be there in person and be the one to bring the news to others.

#5 Meet the Corporate Team

I feel like you can get to know a lot about a company by attending the convention. I think it is important for the corporate team to be present and approachable at these events. They should create an environment of inclusion where everyone feels welcome.

#6 Energy Boost

The annual convention is a great way to get a boost in your business. In the weeks leading up to it your excitement grows, causing you to want to talk about the convention more, which often creates curiosity with others. They might want to know why you’re so excited and how they can get that excitement in their life too. Even if you weren’t excited before you arrived at convention, when you feel the energy that is created at the event, you will be excited by the time you leave!

#7 Mastermind with Other Leaders

By attending the convention, it often creates the atmosphere to network and mastermind with leaders in your company.  Don’t get caught up with the day-to-day workings of your own teams and business that you are too busy to connect with others. The energy is high and the ideas are flowing…use that to your advantage!

#8 Travel

I never really liked to travel until I started attending my company’s events. I know that may seem silly to some of you but it’s just the way it was. Now I look forward to attending the convention before it is even announced! For some people, the tax advantages while traveling to the big event is important.

#9 Obtaining Company Swag

This is something else I always look forward to. I love checking in and seeing what they have special for us each year. It’s usually something that is not offered in the company store and can only be obtained by attending the event. It’s like a badge of honor among the ranks when we return home.

#10 Be a Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself

It’s easy to feel like you are all alone when you don’t attend events. By attending your company’s convention you are able to see in person, just how big the movement is that you have joined. It’s a chance to look around the room and see others that have a similar mindset.

The Essentials

There are a few things you can do to make your trip more enjoyable. Here is a list of what I have found to be helpful.

  • Hotel and flight confirmations.
  • Camera (you can use your phone’s camera but I highly encourage taking pictures at the event).
  • External battery charger (you don’t want to have to leave the event to charge your devices).
  • Comfortable clothes, preferably layers (hotels or convention centers are often cold and you may be sitting more that usual).
  • Party attire (there is always an event that you will want to dress up for, some even have themes).
  • Bathing suit (the hotel usually has a nice pool or hot tub and you don’t want to miss out).
  • Workout clothes (even a quick workout can be beneficial).
  • Earplugs or noise canceling device (this can come in handy if you are sharing a room with someone or you’re a light sleeper).

Final Thoughts

I can’t stress enough how important I think it is to attend your company’s convention. It is the one event where they have put the most time and effort into planning, often investing hundreds of thousands of dollars if not more, just for you. If you are new to the company, it’s a great way to solidify your belief in the company as well as the industry. If you’ve been around a while, this is your time to shine. Everyone will know your name and want to know your secret to success. I encourage you to attend and to go with an open mind to experience all that is offered! You are making memories that will last a lifetime.

About the Author

kathy howellKathy Marie Howell, 49 year old mother of three married to the man of my dreams. My story just goes to show you that when you seek passion in your life, you often find solutions to help your dreams become reality. I got into the beauty industry to develop my talents and to serve others never realizing the profound effect it would have on my future.

I have found my experience as a Master Cosmetologist, specializing in health and wellness and coaching over the past 25+ years, has well prepared me to help others find their passion as well. My intuition and deep spirituality have led me to where I am today… living a life of purpose and joy.

I AM a MOMpreneur and blessed to be one.  I AM a coach and a cheerleader and will be your biggest supporter.  I AM here to help you navigate through our changing world with confidence. I AM here to bring innovative and new solutions to the world and it starts with an open heart and mind.  I AM here for you.

To learn more, you can call or text me at (859) 494-4802 (eastern time).  You can order the products on my website or you can get my free report for MOMpreneurs.

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6 thoughts on “MLM Company Convention: 10 Reasons to Attend”

  1. I think that you will find mix reactions when it comes to going to company conventions. Some people look forward to it all year while others do what they can to get out of it because they either don’t like to listen to the information or they don’t like to socialize. I normally get uncomfortable around a bunch of people that I don’t know however at out last retreat with my new forever company that I have been with for over 4 months, I immediately felt welcomed and comfortable. I learned so much about the company, products, and comp plan. I was also able to meet really great people that I can now call family. I feel blessed that I was able to attend.

    1. Good points. Extroverts typically love events. I’m an introvert like you and would rather be alone than socialize with hundreds of people. That being said, there is something very powerful about getting a lot of people together to mingle, get to know each other, and learn new things.

  2. Thanks chuck, still waiting to attend an event. I get a really intimidated around crowds since I’m such an introvert, but I have a feeling it will greatly impact my business for the better. Thanks again! Keep rockin’, you’re an awesome writer.

  3. I believe many people have that same first reaction to events such as these: we don’t like crowds, or I am good doing it on my own, but you made some great points here. These types of events can empower us. We can learn tips from other like-minded individuals. We can get the advantage of networking with others and sharing our experiences. Most people who attend these had that same original mindset, but after attending, they are happy they did.

    Very good post Kathy/

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