Top 10 MLM Companies In Puerto Rico

As a resident of beautiful Puerto Rico for the past 8 years, I can tell you that MLM businesses are quite popular here.

Puerto Rico has a strong entrepreneur community. We see individuals selling homemade items, fruits and vegetables, and even water to passing motorists. So the ability to start a home based business with a low investment has been well accepted. And I see it even more so since hurricane Maria decimated the island.

In today’s post, I am going to tell you the top 10 MLM companies in Puerto Rico. I will start at #10 and work up to the #1 company here.

If any of these companies interest you, I am putting their website links in the reference section at the end.

#10: Tupperware

There is a strong desire for housewives to keep leftover Mofongo or rice and beans and that is why Tupperware is so popular here.

Tupperware was founded in 1948 by Earl Tupper and the company is now headquartered in Orlando, Florida.


USANA was founded by Dr Myron Wentz back in 1992. This publicly listed MLM company manufactures, markets and sells various dietary supplements and skin care products.

USANA Health Sciences has a large following in Puerto Rico with several “Boricua” sport’s personalities supporting the brand.

USANA is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

#8: Youngevity

Over 20 years old, Youngevity was founded by Dr Joel Wallach. The company has a huge variety of products geared toward health and wellness.

There are many Puerto Rican Youngevity representatives. The company continues to expand on the island.

Youngevity’s headquarters are in Chula Vista, California.

#7: LifeVantage

Based in Sandy, Utah and founded in 1988, LifeVantage is a wellness and personal care MLM company.

It seems that being on Facebook and living in Puerto Rico, I am seeing so many posts from LifeVantage representatives here on the island.

#6: Scentsy

This Idaho based candle warmer MLM company has a strong following here in the land of bananas, mangoes and coqui.

I know because Maggie just received her Scentsy order a few days ago. And wow, the house smells good!

Scentsy was founded in 2003 when Orville Thompson purchased the business from 2 amazing women… Colette Gunnel and Kara Egan.

#5: Shaklee

Dr Forrest Shaklee started the company in 1915 when he created Shaklee’s Vitalized Minerals. The company has had major growth using the MLM format and now offering a huge range of products in nutrition, weight loss, beauty and household care.

Shaklee is headquartered in Pleasanton, California and has many representatives here in Puerto Rico.

#4: Forever Living Products

The fact that Aloe Vera grows wild here in Puerto Rico allows people here to have knowledge how beneficial it is for health and wellness.

Forever Living Products has both Aloe and Bee derived products that are wonderful and loved here.

The company is located in Scottsdale, Arizona where Rex Maughan founded it in 1978.

#3: Herbalife

I know for a fact that Herbalife is huge in Puerto Rico. I would say that every day that I drive, I will see at least 1 vehicle with Herbalife marketing words in the window. Plus, there is an Herbalife warehouse we see near the airport.

The company was founded in 1980 and sells various weight management and dietary supplements as well as personal care items.

Herbalife is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

#2: Avon

Just take a look around our home and you will see that Avon is found here. No, we don’t sell them, but we know several Avon representatives and we support each of them.

Founded in 1886, the primary Avon is headquartered in London, but here in Puerto Rico and the United States, it is New Avon LLC.

I have to say it… Ding, Dong… Avon Calling.

#1: Amway

Easily #1!

Amway is hugely popular in Puerto Rico. Our dish soap and our laundry detergent is Amway. I also love the energy drinks.

Amway even has a store in Bayamon, Puerto Rico.

Founded in 1959 and based in Michigan, I would say that in the aspect of MLM, Amway rules the world. Well, Puerto Rico anyway.

Final Thoughts

There you have the top 10 MLM companies in Puerto Rico.

Hey, you should come visit this beautiful island. Much has been restored since that devastating hurricane and you don’t need a passport to visit.

Thank you for stopping in and leave all comments below.

Disclaimer: Neither Online MLM Community nor I are affiliated with these MLM companies. This information is provided as a service for your education.

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