MLM Coaching: Reasons to Hire a MLM Coach

What is MLM Coaching and what do you need to know about it? A MLM Coach is someone with proven experience in the network marketing industry, who offers their coaching services for a fee. In some respects, a MLM Coach is similar to a Business Coach, except they typically provide “niche specific” advice pertaining to network marketing. There are many reasons you should hire a MLM Coach. Here are my top reasons to get MLM Coaching:

1. To Learn New Ideas – Most coaches have a lot of experience and can offer you different tips and techniques to build your business.  Maybe they have a good way at getting leads, a better way to show the plan, or a secret tip on getting your new distributors started out right.

2. To Gain a New Perspective – Typically, you look at the world from your own point of view. And you don’t know what you don’t know.  Since most coaches are already successful in their own right, it would be a good idea to learn from them, and see what their perspective on certain issues is like.  There are always at least three sides to every story, so it would be beneficial to get other perspectives.

3. To Get Motivation – Most successful people are already self-motivated.  But we can all use a little extra motivation from time to time.  Talking with a coach can give you that extra motivation.  They can do this in two ways.  First of all, they could just hype you up.  That’s better than nothing.  But the best best way they can motivate you is to give you the knowledge you need to succeed.

4. To Overcome Specific Obstacles – If you are struggling with certain aspects of your network marketing business, a coach can give you a game plan to follow to overcome your challenges.  They might have a simple technique or strategy you can follow to overcome your challenges.

5. To Develop a New Skill – No one is good at everything.  Even if you are good at building a team, there are always areas you can improve upon.  Working with a MLM Coach to develop a new skill can be worth thousands of dollars to you in the long run, maybe more.

Before You Hire a MLM Coach

Before you hire a MLM Coach, you should check their credentials, to make sure they are qualified to give you advice. It would probably be in your best interest to shop around and get a few comparisons, before you hire someone. I can’t say that the “cheapest” coach is always the best, but you should have a ball park idea about typical costs. If you shop around, you will find the going rates.

Additionally, you should make a list of questions to ask your MLM Coach, ahead of time. Send them this list of questions before the session, so they can review it. During the call, LISTEN. Don’t be a hot shot. Since the coach already has your questions, you will be able to get answers to your questions/concerns. Obviously, you will have to APPLY what you learn. You can pay for coaching until the cows come home, but ultimately you need to take your new skills and apply them in your business.

The Benefits of MLM Coaching

It’s a proven fact that most successful athletes and entrepreneurs have a personal coach. If they do, so should you! If you are serious about your MLM business, you should consider paying for MLM Coaching from a top distributor. This can help shorten your learning curve and help you get better results. If you are on a shoe-string budget, you can find someone in your upline to coach you for free. This is what I recommend for all new distributors. However, as your business grows you might want to seek out paid MLM Coaching.

On the other hand, if you are already a successful distributor, you might want to consider starting a MLM Coaching business of your own, in addition to your MLM Business. This can provide a wonderful second income stream, in addition to your monthly check from your MLM Company. In addition, you can also turn your MLM Coaching sessions into information products, such as DVDs and CDs. This can help you create multiple streams of income in your network marketing business. Simply put, the options are endless.

Final Thoughts

In summary, MLM Coaching is a hot trend in the MLM Industry right now. Hiring a MLM Coach is a great way to learn new skills, gain a new perspective and help get you over the hump. And working as a MLM Coach is a great way to create multiple streams of income, and give you additional profits. Before, you hire a MLM Coach make sure you check their credentials and shop around a little bit to find out their qualifications, rates, and testimonials. I hope that helps.

What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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5 thoughts on “MLM Coaching: Reasons to Hire a MLM Coach”

  1. I’ve looked into hiring a business coach on numerous occasions. They usually offer a free call or video presentation that you can attend and get lots of good advice. Many of them have books and training DVDs that you can buy at a reasonable price. Joining a mastermind group can be beneficial as well. Coaching is expensive and so I agree that you should sit down and figure out what you need help with and write out a list of questions that you really need answered before you go into the session. I haven’t hired a coach yet but I’m on several mailing lists of the most popular coaches and I take advantage of every freebee and reasonably priced product.

    1. Hiring a coach can be beneficial, but it’s not for everyone. There are plenty of other resources online that people can access to learn a new skill. You can become a master at almost anything just on YouTube alone.

  2. I laughed as I read this! Why hire an MLM coach when we have you? I’m just kidding. It’s just that I’ve found your blog to be incredibly informative. Through your blog I’ve learned about auto-responders (something I really want to try), network marketing, and target marketing. I’ve come up with so many ideas for my little site and marketing that I can’t wait to get started. Thanks for the great information!

    1. I must admit I was giggling about this comment too. Maybe you should start charging to enter this website Chuck….Lol.

      It is true, this blog has a lot to offer, but having a personal coach can create an even bigger stir in your network marketing business. Sometimes it is the voice and the timing. In some cases, a person needs to hear the answer to an issue right when it is happening. You can receive that with a personal coach, whereas searching the internet for the answer may not be easy in the location you are at at the time. In most cases, you can just dial the coach on your phone.

      Great post Chuck.

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