MLM Clothing: Wear Shirts, Hoodies and Hats to Promote Your MLM Business

Today’s short post is about MLM Clothing.  I want to talk to you about wearing clothing such as hoodies, polo shirts and t-shirts with your company’s name or logo on it as a way to promote your network marketing business.

I look at clothing as free advertising.  We all have to wear clothes every day (most of us anyway) so why not wear something that can help you promote your business?

What’s great about wearing MLM Clothing is that some people will look at what you are wearing and ask you questions about it.  I’m not saying everyone will, but some folks will.

mlm clothingI had some polo shirts made up with my company logo and name on one side and my name on the other side.  Most people have never heard of my company before so it’s a great way to start a conversation with folks. I can’t tell you how many people have asked me “what is that company?” or “is that where you work?”

This has led to natural conversations about my products and business.  Some of these folks have even become customers!

Most network marketing companies offer clothing and apparel for sale on their website.  I suggest you order a few things so you can be a walking billboard.

If your company doesn’t offer these things for sale, check for printers, embroiderers and silk-screen designers on eBay, online or in your local area. There are plenty of businesses that can make you a custom order.

In most cases you can have a t-shirt made up for less than $15 and a nice polo shirt done for about $30.  You can even have windbreakers, dress shirts, coats, hats and gloves done!

Ask people on your team if they want one.  Pool your money together with your team members so you can get a “large order” discount.   Buy a few extra pieces so you can hand them out as prizes.  Even better, give every new distributor on your team a piece of customized clothing.

This simple concept works. Why do you think so many local businesses have polo shirts made up with their business logo on it for each of their employees?  They know these shirts help get their name out and can even lead to new customers!

Do the same thing for your MLM Business.  Be a walking billboard.  Buy two or three pieces of MLM Clothing and wear it each week.  You never know who you will meet because of it.

What are your thoughts about this subject? Do you ever wear t-shirts or polo shirts with your network marketing company‘s logo on it?  If so, leave a comment below.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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8 thoughts on “MLM Clothing: Wear Shirts, Hoodies and Hats to Promote Your MLM Business

  1. There is nothing wrong with wearing a company polo shirt. We’ve been marketing for Nike and other such companies for years and years. Why not promote your own company by wearing shirts, hats, etc.

    It also shows that you have allegiance to what you promote. You should be a product of the product.

    • Yes, wearing clothing is a great way to get your name out there and show people what you do.

  2. I believe this is a great idea, and I think you could even go further and offer certain customers that “buy” a certain amount a free t-shirt or hat. This will create 2 wonderful things. Your customer will be happy and they will be advertising the company also.

    I also think that advertising on your vehicle is another great idea. I see some people put simple decals on their vehicle with the name and their contact.

    These are some great ways to advertise and attain leads.

    Great post.

    • Yes, shirts and hats are great free advertising.

  3. Ya, t-shirt marketing is one of the advertising techniques that even traditional businesses use. It doesn’t cost you much to have t-shirts made for you with your MLM company logo on it. Giving distributors on your team is also another tip you can use to help them sponsor more people. At least, it leads to a conversation, and that’s the first step to sponsoring.

    • I agree. Using custom clothing is a great way to initiate conversations with people.

  4. Talk about an easy way to get people to come to you! I used to think wearing clothing and accessories to promote your business was corny, but it works. Not only have I been able to generate conversations with people in person about the business and product, but I have also had people contact me via e-mail (I have wristbands with my email on them). Literally generating business by getting dressed. What is better than that?

    • I love the idea of wearing clothes with your company’s name and logo on it. It’s one of the easiest ways to strike up a conversation.

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