MLM Car Magnet Tips for Network Marketers

Today, I’m going to discuss different ways you can use a MLM Car Magnet to get more local leads for your business.

I will cover reasons to use a car magnet, where to get one, and simple tips on how to design one that produces the best results. Enjoy the info.

Reasons to Use a MLM Car Magnet

Here are some good reasons you should use a MLM Car Magnet.

# 1: It’s a passive recruiting strategy. This is a set it and forget it strategy. Once you put the MLM Car Magnet on your vehicle there is nothing else for you to do, except follow-up with people who contact you to learn more.

# 2: It’s inexpensive. You can have a MLM Car Magnet made for about $30 to $50, depending on where you buy it from online. This is definitely inexpensive, considering you can use the car magnet as long as you are in the business.

# 3: People contact you first. It’s great having people contact you first! That is every network marketers dream. Be the hunted, not the hunter!

# 4: It’s simple to do. This lead generation strategy would pass the 8-year old test. It’s so simple, even and eight year old could do it.

Every marketer’s top priority is showing their company’s brand, name, and message to all potential customers. The more eyes on their ad the better! With magnetic car signs, your advertisement is always on the go. Your business will be seen by hundreds to thousands of people, from drivers to pedestrians and neighbors! ~ Custom Signs

mlm car magnet

Where to Buy a Car Magnet

There are several places you could purchase a car magnet or sticker to promote your MLM Business. Here are the first few places that come to mind.

# 1: Your MLM Company

Check out your back office and see what is available from your MLM Company. Some companies offer these, some don’t. If your company offers one, and you like it, and it is at a fair price, order it from your company.

# 2: Vistaprint

This is probably the best and most inexpensive places to purchase your MLM Car Magnet. always has some type of special going on. Plus, it’s easy to customize your own product, and shipping is normally fast and inexpensive.

# 3: eBay

There are more deals on eBay than you could ever imagine. Just do a quick search for “custom car magnet” and see what comes up. You can then sort your results from lowest to highest price to find the best deals first. This is my suggested place to buy your car magnet.

# 4: Your Local Print Shop

This will probably be your most expensive option, but also the most convenient. Visit your local printer or big chain office supply store and see what they have available.

car magnets

Success Tips with Car Magnets

Here are some simple success tips for designing your MLM Car Magnet.

1. Keep it Simple

Keep it simple stupid! You’ve probably heard that phrase before. You don’t want your car magnet to have tons of graphics and text that is difficult to see or read.

You should use large font, a white background, no more than one picture, and as few words as possible. Looking pretty or fancy won’t get the job done. Ugly is good!

Stuffing too much information on magnets could be a deadly marketing sin. It will make your car magnet difficult to read and your prospects are less likely to read it.  So, make sure to keep it simple. Just add your company’s name, phone number and an interesting tagline or artwork to pique interest. Customers will find out more about your company from search engines later on. ~ Custom Magnets Direct

2. Use a Catchy Headline

On your MLM Car Magnet, use a catchy headline.  

Here are a few sample headlines.

  • Burn Fat & Get Paid!
  • Get Healthy & Wealthy!
  • Fire Your Boss Today!
  • Work from Home!

You want a headline that captivates the prospect and motivates them to take action and contact you. Keep your headline to about five words or less and make sure it is in BIG font.

3. Use a Strong Call to Action

Your MLM Car Magnet needs a strong call to action telling the prospect what to do next.

Here are a few example calls to action:

  • Call Me for INFO
  • Call My 24/7 Recorded Message to Learn More
  • Call me for a FREE Sample
  • Visit My Website for Details

If you don’t tell you prospect what to do next, they won’t do anything!

4. Get a Sizzle Number

Ideally, you want a voice mail service so people don’t call you directly. You can record a two to five-minute message that explains what you do and have interested people leave a message.

You can follow-up with people who leave a message. This prevents people from calling your home phone or cell phone 24/7.

Make sure your car magnet provides a phone number, not just an email or website. People are “more likely” to call a pre-recorded 24/7 voice-mail than they are to call you direct or go to a website.

5. Use Two or More Car Magnets

Depending upon what type of vehicle you have, I would suggest using two car magnets. If your vehicle has room for a car magnet on back, that would be enough.

If it doesn’t, I suggest you have a car magnet on your driver’s door and passenger’s door.

6. Stay Generic

Whatever you do, don’t mention the name of your MLM Company on the car magnet.

No one cares about your MLM Company! The sooner you realize that the better. Instead, use the headline, a few bullet points, a nice simple graphic, and your phone number or website.

Keep it generic. You will get more leads if you use this approach. You want to keep what you do a mystery initially, so it sparks people’s curiosity and gets them to contact you.

7. Get Your Team Doing It

Try to get everyone on your team to use a MLM Car Magnet. Have everyone start building their MLM Business locally.

Car magnets are one of the best and cheapest ways to generate local leads. A good magnet should cost you $30 to $50, maybe even less than that.

If you drive around town a lot, you should get at least three to five calls a week from it. Over the course of a year, a good MLM Car Magnet could generate several hundred leads for your business, so it will more than pay for itself.

low cost car magnet

Final Thoughts

Every serious network marketer should use a MLM Car Magnet to grow their MLM Business. It’s simple, effective, and easy to do.

It’s a passive lead generation strategy because you can do it once and keep generating leads forever. By following the advice listed above, you should be able to create a car magnet that works well for you.

What are your thoughts? What experience have you had using MLM Car Magnets? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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21 thoughts on “MLM Car Magnet Tips for Network Marketers”

  1. I’ve had magnets and also the window clings and that is a safe bet. I had magnets for my driver and passenger side and while on the turnpike they blew off. I won’t get magnets again and it ruins the paint. I like using the back window.

    1. Sorry to hear that, but thanks for sharing the tips. The back window stickers are also very appealing. I always check one out when I see it. The font just needs to be big and easy to read.

  2. I have found that car magnets work very well. I have also used window clings however they are to hard to get off if you need to change your information or better yet, if you change your vehicle. I have had many people come up to me at gas stations wanting product. I even have had someone leave me a note on my car asking me to call them. Car magnets are definitely a great way to advertise your business.

  3. This is a great way to generate leads, but so many people are putting the name of their MLM on the magnets.

    I have to say that I see at least 3 Herbalife magnets when we are driving in Puerto Rico for a short time. I like how you said to just use a headline and phone number with no company name. That seems like a much better system.

    I also suggest simple decals for the inside back window. They are inexpensive and can do the same trick.

    1. Yes, most reps put the name of their company on the magnet. All their prospects will do is go home and Google the name of the company and buy from someone else. If you keep it generic, they must contact you first, which is exactly what you want to happen. The back window decals also work great. Thanks for the comment.

  4. I never did a car magnet before but I see a lot of businesses doing it now. Some people go bananas for car magnets! Who knew! haha I am going to recommend my friend to this post because she is trying to get her business off the ground and I think car magnets may help her.

  5. I see car magnets every day, and they definitely catch your attention. I have noticed some where the phone number is rather small, so beware of that. The ones that usually get my attention are on the backs of vehicles, usually on the window. I have made purchases off of vehicle magnets, and usually I was able to get the number because they were in front of me, or the rear window magnet was highly visible in a parking lot.

      1. One thing I really like about them, other than the fact that it’s inexpensive advertising, is the fact that they are a great visual tool for branding. People remember logos, and the more they see it (the rule is 7 times for action to be taken), the more likely they will eventually pursue more information about the product. It’s a good idea to have your logo included on vehicle magnets.

          1. Good point. You want to balance the graphics on your car magnet so that people don’t get lost in the logo and never see your phone number. Logos have a place in branding and marketing, but use of them is not exclusive. The visual brand is only one leg of a many legged marketing campaign, and clearly visible contact information is another, just as important, leg. Definitely have your phone number prominently displayed and not overshadowed by anything else. Like you said, keep it simple.

    1. Car magnets can catch your attention. I hate to see car magnets that are too busy because it’s just so distracting. You end up focusing on the colors or the images or the over-crowding of words and you completely miss the name of the company or what it is the company is about. The best magnets that I have seen have a logo that tells you what industry the company is in, the name of the company, and contact info. Straight and to the point often works a lot better when it comes to advertising like this.

      1. Absolutely. Short and sweet and to the point. Some magnets have so much stuff on them they are next to impossible to read. Keep it short, don’t clutter the magnet, and use a large crisp font. Thanks for the comment.

  6. When I was younger, my dad used to own a small business. He used car magnets and as the young kid I was I thought that was silly at first. However, it was pretty amazing to see how much interest in the business that the car magnets generated. There was a magnet on each side of the car (driver’s door and passenger’s door).People would stop us at the store or at stop lights and ask questions. After some that that led to business for the company. It was neat to see how people’s curiosity led to actual business and of course that translated into money. Little lessons that I learned and carried with me as I looked into starting my own business.

  7. In addition to car magnets, I would try bumper stickers. Some people really love reading those. While they aren’t too visible when the vehicle they are attached to is moving, neither are the magnets. Think about it though; while you’re driving around, which side of the cars around you do you most often see? It’s the back.

    1. So true, James. Bumper stickers and car magnets are a great way to promote your network marketing business, or any other business. And they’re cheap.


  8. Thing sounds so simple and easy, Chuck. I wonder why more network marketers don’t use car magnets to promote their business offline. It just sounds like common sense.


    1. It is simple and easy, Dan. And that’s the beauty of using car magnets to find more people to sponsor into your business. Even a cave man could do it!

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