MLM Business Plan: How to Create Your Own

Today, I want to educate you about creating a MLM Business Plan.

Most network marketers do not have a written business plan for their business. Personally, I think that’s a huge mistake.  Ask any 100 network marketers to show you their written MLM Business Plan and they will look at you like a deer staring in the headlights.

I’m not sure why people don’t do it. Maybe it’s because they haven’t been taught how to write a business plan before.  Or, maybe they don’t understand how important business plans are.

Truth be told, all businesses need a written business plan.  I’ve never met a successful business owner in any industry that did not have a written business plan.  Sure, there might be a few successful business owners out there without a business plan, but they are few and far between.

I learned in the Army that failing to plan is planning to fail.

Whenever you want to accomplish ANYTHING you need a game-plan.  Even if you have to deviate from your plan in the future, the most important part of having a plan is the THINKING and PLANNING you put into it when you created it.

Business plans are no different.

always have a planRemember, your business plan is your road-map.  It will help keep you focused and on point. It will show you where you want to go and how you will get there.

A business plan does not have to be long or overly complicated, nor should it be.  In fact, something short and sweet is much better than having a twenty or thirty page business plan that sits on the shelf and collects dust.

I like to keep my business plan to one or two pages because it keeps things simple and easy to understand.  One page is ideal.  

How to Create Your Own MLM Business Plan

My goal today is to help you create your own MLM Business Plan. I’m going to go through the step-by-step process that I use to create my own MLM Business Plan. I encourage you to follow these steps in order and to use this as a template to create your own custom business plan.

Step # 1: Write Down Your Why & Goals

Your first step to creating your own MLM Business Plan is to determine your why.  Ultimately, you want a why that makes you cry.  You need something that moves you to do take massive action, even when you don’t feel like it.

It should be one or two sentences and clearly identify WHY you are doing the business. If you think your why is just to make extra money, that won’t work. It’s what you would do with the money that matters.  That is your why.

Next, you need to to write down your five year, one year, six month, 90-day and one month goals. These goals are the destinations you want to arrive at in the future. These short-term goals are stepping stones toward your long-term goals.

Please keep in mind that your goals must be very specific. They should discuss how many people you want to sponsor, how big you want your team to be, what titles you want to achieve in your company and how much money you want to make.  Here is an example:

Five Year Goals: In five years from now (date) I will have a team of 2,000 distributors on auto-ship.  I will personally sponsor 200 people. I will be an Emerald with my company and I will have an $8,000 per month residual check.

One Year Goals: In one year from now (date) I will have a team of 200 distributors on auto-ship. I will personally sponsor 40 people.  I will be a Platinum with my company and I will have a $1,000 per month residual check.

Six Month Goals: In six months from now (date) I will have a team of 100 distributors on auto-ship.  I will personally sponsor 20 people. I will be a Ruby with my company and I will have a $400 per month residual check.

90 Day Goals: In three months from now (date) I will have a team of 50 distributors on auto-ship.  I will personally sponsor 10 people.  I will be a Sapphire with my company and I will have a $200 per month residual check.

One Month Goals: In one month from now (date) I will have a team of 15 distributors on auto-ship.  I will personally sponsor 10 people.  I will be a Onyx with company and I will have a $100 per month residual check.

These are just examples, but you can see how specific they are. Please note how each one is a stepping stone for the next goal. What I did was start with the big goal (five year goal) and then work backwards, identifying what I would need to do each month to get to my big goal.  I hope that makes sense.

Also, keep in mind that I wrote all of these goals in the PRESENT tense.  Make sure you do the same thing.

Step # 2: Develop Your Own Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Your USP is a short one or two sentence statement that clearly identifies what makes you different from the competition and why people should do business with you, and not someone else.  Here is an example USP.

What makes me different from my competition is that I educate other network marketers about the industry.  I don’t use hype or pressure.  I am always honest and to the point.  My primary goal is to educate network marketers about how to be successful in the industry, to be an ambassador to the industry and to give our industry a good reputation.  Building my team is a byproduct of me doing that.

Step # 3: Identify Your Overall Business Building Strategy

All businesses have some type of overall strategy.  Let’s face it, there are many ways to build a successful network marketing business.

Ideally, you need to identify what strategy makes sense to you and determine what you are good at. You might want to build your business online.  You might want to build your business via home parties, trade shows, events, or one-on-one presentations.

The strategy you choose is totally up to you.  Don’t think you have to use your upline’s system.  Here’s my strategy for building my MLM Business (as an example).

My Business Building Strategy: I build my MLM Business by blogging.  I will create a blog for other network marketers (my target market). I will blog three times per week and provide lots of valuable content to help other network marketers solve their problems.  I will share my knowledge with others by writing educational blog posts. My blog will build my email list and will also introduce people to my business opportunity.  My blog will also provide multiple streams of income.

Put some thought into your strategy.  Come up with something that works for you.

Step # 4: Your Action Plan

Other than your why and goals, this is the most important part of your MLM Business Plan.  It’s where the rubber meets the road.  Your action plan will identify what you must do each month, each week and each day to grow your MLM Business.  Here is an example action plan.


  • Publish 15 blog posts
  • Publish 12 videos on YouTube
  • Publish 12 podcasts
  • Enroll 8 new distributors
  • Leave 30 blog comments
  • Send 30 handwritten notes
  • Send out 8 solo ads


  • Publish 3 blog posts
  • Publish 3 videos on YouTube
  • Publish 3 podcasts
  • Enroll 2 new distributors
  • Leave 7 blog comments
  • Send 7 handwritten notes
  • Send out 2 solo ads
  • Email team 3x week
  • Conduct weekly training webinar


  • Publish 1 blog post (every Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
  • Publish 1 video on YouTube (every Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
  • Publish 1 podcast (every Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
  • Leave 1 blog comment
  • Send 1 handwritten note
  • Send out solo ad (every Tuesday and Friday)

What’s great about this action plan is that I can look at it every day and know exactly what I need to do to grow my network marketing business.  Best of all, I can do this in about two hours per day.  It helps keep me focused and on point, so I do the MOST important things to grow my business.

Sample MLM Business Plan

If you’re looking for a sample MLM Business Plan you can purchase, I have one you can purchase for just $5. This is a two-page document that comes in MS Word Format. All you need to do is modify the content for your network marketing business. Using this template will save you a lot of time. Once you make your purchase via PayPal, you can download it immediately.  Just $5.

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Putting It All Together

Once you finish these four steps you will have your own written MLM Business Plan. Please keep in mind that this is a living, breathing document.  You should review it daily and update it once a month, at least to update your one-month goals.

You should also print out your daily, weekly and monthly action plan and keep it by your computer, or in your day-planner, so you can make sure you are being productive each day.

MLM Business PlanWhenever you don’t know what to do in your business, you should review your MLM Business Plan to get back on track. If you have your own team of distributors you should also do the same thing with them. Help them create their own business plan so they can be focused and productive.

What are your thoughts?  What do you think about having a business plan for your MLM Business?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Special Offer

If you want help creating your own MLM Business Plan, check out my services page.  I offer a service where I will help you create your own business plan.  I will have a phone conversation with you, then I will write up your business plan for you.  Finally, we will have a final phone conversation to review it and make any final changes.


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11 thoughts on “MLM Business Plan: How to Create Your Own

  1. What you posted here should be common sense, but so many people neglect to make a business plan. You provided a simple way to do it. I like how you explained that it needs to be short and too the point. By doing that, you will be willing to read it often. If you make a long and hard-to-read business plan, the odds of you following it are low.

    Having your goals broke down is important. By knowing what you need to do daily, you will have the inspiration to do it.

    • Every business owner needs a business plan. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

  2. I am currently taking a business and management course and we recently highlighted the importance of planning. Planning is the foundation upon which everything else will grow. If you have no plan or a weak plan, you can expect the rest of the process to be pretty rocky. Plans help you to clarify your goals and create a step-by-step guide that you can later reference for how you will achieve them.

    • I agree. Having a written business plan is vital for any business. It’s not the plan itself that is all the that important. What really matters is that you “thought through” your business and brainstormed different courses of action and different alternatives.

      • You said a mouthful in this response to a comment. So many people try to manage their business without any kind of plan. They fly haphazardly and wonder why they have so many difficulties. When you just sit down to develop a plan, you are considering the what ifs and what fors that some people do not look at. The creation of a business plan helps you to see the bigger picture.

        You are providing a great service here Chuck. If planning is not your Forte, I strongly recommend that you visit his services page, and Chuck can create the plan for you at a reasonable cost.

  3. I think that a plan/strategy is essential to any endeavor that has the potential for failure, i.e. everything! If there is possibility of failure, you should do everything you can to preempt it. Sports, military, business, academics, relationships…all of these things have the potential to fail, which is why all of them require some kind of strategy, tactics, or plan to keep your aspirations from disappearing before your eyes. What do you hope to accomplish? What numbers do you hope to attain? How are you going to strive for these goals? Who is going to help you? What will you do when confronted with obstacles? A quality business plan will help you answer all these questions.

    • As I learned in the Army, failing to plan is planning to fail. All businesses need some type of plan.

  4. Your point-by-point tasks list is very helpful and easily accomplished by even the most novice marketer. Many network marketers rely on the marketing plans provided by bigger MLM companies and fail to branch out and set their own business goals. Investing time and funds into long term goals is never wasted.

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