MLM Business Goals: Tips for Success

Today, I’d like to talk to you about MLM Business Goals.

I am a big believe in having written goals for your personal life and business. Setting goals has changed my life and business for the better.

In fact, every successful person I personally know has written goals. They know exactly what they want to achieve, and they have a simple game-plan to follow.MLM Business Goals

What is a Goal?

There are dreams and goals. Just about everyone has dreams, but very few people have specific goals.

Here’s an example. When you ask a team member what their goals are, you’ll probably here something like this.

  1. To be financially free
  2. To fire my boss
  3. To earn a full-time income

These folks do not understand goal setting, or they would have a different response. On the other hand, when you ask a serious distributor who understands goal setting what their goals are, they might respond with something like this.

  1. I will earn $100,000 in the next 12-months with my business, so I can bring my wife home from her job.
  2. I will personally sponsor 100 people in the next 12 months.
  3. I will prospect 10 people per day, every day, for the next 90-days.

A dream is something you want; something in your mind. It’s something you hope for, but it’s not something you have written down and developed a plan to attain.

A goal is something specific. It’s written down on paper and it’s given a deadline of WHEN you want to accomplish it. It also includes a PLAN of WHAT you will do to achieve it.

Goals are specific, articulated, and focused. Dreams are in your head. Big difference.

Example MLM Business Goals

Here are some example MLM Business Goals:

  • I will sponsor 2 people this month.
  • I will hit the rank of Ruby this month.
  • I will add 200 people to my team this month.
  • I will sell $500 in products this month.
  • I will earn $1,000 in commissions this month.
  • I will prospect 200 people this month.

Personally, I only like one of these goals. Which one do you think is the best, most realistic goal?

The Best MLM Goals

The best MLM Goals are goals you can control. You see, you can’t control what others do. I wish you could, but you can’t.

Out of the example goals I listed above, the only realistic goal on that list is the last one.

I will prospect 200 people this month.

The other goals are dictated by what other people say and do, which you have zero control over.

If you are determined to set goals, the ONLY types of goals you should choose is something you can control. Otherwise, you will end up frustrated and disappointed.example mlm goals

A Common Mistake

When it comes to goal setting, network marketers make a lot of mistakes. The biggest mistake is setting one year, two-year, five year and ten-year goals. The best types of goals are daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

If you do have a big goal in mind, something for the long range, the best thing you can do is break it down and determine what you must do each day, week, and month to hit that goal. And then focus on THOSE goals. By doing that, assuming you stay persistent and consistent, you will reach your long-term goals.

How to Set MLM Business Goals

There are few simple steps you should follow if you want to set MLM Business Goals.

First and foremost, you go somewhere quiet, without interruptions. This will help clear your mind and help you think.

Next, take out a pen and a piece of paper to brainstorm ideas. Spend an hour or two and write down everything that comes to mind.

Once you’ve done that, prioritize your goals. Which goals are MOST important to you? Ultimately you want to whittle your list down to 3-5 goals.

After that step is complete, the next step is to determine what you must do each day, week, and month to hit those goals. Basically, this will help you come up with a daily checklist you can follow.

Finally, share you results with your successful, plugged in upline and seek their input.

Now that you have your goals written down, you should review them daily, and NEVER let a day go by where you don’t do everything on your daily checklist.

Do that and there is a HIGH likelihood you will hit your goals!

What Others Are Saying?

Many people feel as if they are drifting around in the world. They work hard, they are always busy but they don’t seem to get anywhere. One of the main reasons why they feel this way is that they haven’t spent time thinking about what they really want out of their life. Unfortunately the same is true for a network marketing business.

When you don’t know where you are going, it is really hard to get anywhere. Unconsciously many people set themselves up for failure because they have either no goals or very unclear and vague goals. “I want to lose weight” sounds like a great plan but if there is no number and timeframe in place, the people who set this kind of goal will never reach it. Do you want to lose 2 kg or 8 kg? How long will it take to achieve it? Will it take 4 weeks or 4 months?

Goals are what take us forward in life. They are the first steps on every journey. It’s very important that you realize the importance of goal setting and apply this knowledge in life and in business.

~ Peter Deth

Peter makes some great points here. If your goal is not specific and does not have a deadline, it is a dream, not a goal. Take the time and decide what you want to achieve with your business. Set milestones, dates, earnings goals, ranks you want to hit and when, team size, etc. This will give you some specific to aim for.

The first step is obvious choose a goal that will help you grow your network marketing business. Make the first goal an easy one to achieve, as this will build confidence and help attain your more difficult goals. Choose a goal that you can control. An example of this would be…I want to sponsor 3 consultants this month. We can’t control when and if people will join us. However, we can control the goal of talking to 20 prospects this month. This is where we make it a challenge to “GO for NO” and see how many people we can talk to each month. Ultimately, each no brings us that much closer to the YES we are looking for.

Second, we suggest picking a penalty that is emotional. Reward motivation is nice, but we feel having to pay a penalty for not achieving our goal is a little more motivational. Sometimes the risk of loosing is greater than the desire to gain.

Last and certainly not least, share your goals with someone that will help hold you accountable. We could easily keep our goals to ourselves, just incase we decided they were too hard. Then, no one would know that we quit and gave up on our goals.

~ Julie LaForte

I love this advice from Julie. Only set goals you can control. Ultimately, you can’t control how many people join, what rank you hit, or how much money you earn in the business. But you can control the number of prospects you approach each day about your products and business. Set goals designed around that and you can’t go wrong.

Write your goal down and keep it in areas where you will see it often: bathroom mirror, computer lock screen, on your phone, in your wallet or purse, in your car, etc.

You’ll be surprised at how powerful this is. Goals become so much more real if you write them down and look at them often.

It’s also important to track your progress along the way. There WILL be ups and downs, but tracking your actions and results is critical to having fast success in network marketing.

~ David Lee

Visualizing your goals is essential. This is where a good vision board will come in handy. Create several vision boards. Post these vision boards in different rooms in your home or where you work. Refer to it often.

Also, when it comes to tracking your stats, this is something smart business owners do. If you don’t track it you can’t improve it. Track everything you do. Once a month, review the numbers and determine areas you can improve upon. Repeat this process monthly and never stop.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are my thoughts on MLM Business Goals. What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with me? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.

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28 thoughts on “MLM Business Goals: Tips for Success”

  1. Jonathan Akindoyin

    Goals, either personal or business, are what propel us to keep going. But for a goal to be effective, one must set a smart goal. A goal must be specific about what do you want to achieve. Measurable, you should be able to track it and make improvements where necessary to achieve it.

    Realistic, your goal must be something you can control, that you can do. Time-bound, there should be a timeframe to achieve your goal. These are what differentiate a goal from a mere dream. Thanks for always dishing out value. Your articles are always value packed; I look forward to reading again from you.

  2. Hafiz Athar Ammar

    This is something we should be taught in school. Setting goals is very powerful, especially if they are written down, specific, and given a deadline. I’ve been doing this for a short time, just a few years, and it has really helped me be more productive.

    1. I agree. I can’t remember the last time I used ANY of the things I learned in high school or college. Goal setting would have been a great course that would benefit EVERYONE.

  3. Procrastination gets the best of me when I think about the future. I believe that issue surrounds so many people.
    When I came across your article, I thought to myself, “That’s not me.” However, as I read further, it became evident why so many successful people believe in listing down their goals. You know what they say, better late than never.
    Come to think of it, goals should be realistic and achievable. So, instead of planning for the next ten years, I’m going to plan out the next month and see where it takes me. Will share with you!

    1. Set small daily goals and never stop. Rinse and repeat day in and day out. Do that for a few years and your life will change. You’ll be amazed at who you become in the process and what you achieve.

  4. Shruti Bhardwaj

    I have never been very fond of setting up business goals from the beginning. I have always liked to handle things as they come and used to go with the flow. However, after reading this article, my perspective towards goal-setting has changed to a considerable extent. Setting business goals is imperative as it helps you take productive steps to achieve that particular goal and enhance the growth of the business along with providing a sense of accomplishment which motivates you to work even harder. I really loved your advice about only focusing on the goals which can be controlled as the failure to achieve a goal due to uncontrollable factors can be frustrating and demotivating.

    1. Yes, the practice of setting goals can be completely life changing. Most people just wander through life, or through their business, and take what they get. It’s better to be deliberate and intentional.

      And yes, only setting goals for things you can control is really important. Otherwise, we get let down.

  5. Shakira Shareef

    This is one of my favorite blogs and I’m going to bookmark it to revisit it whenever I want. Your tips, suggestions, and ideas are practical, so I think I can use them in all kinds of things I do.
    For example, I didn’t have a proper goal/s for a business that I’ve started. Of course, I just started it, so I thought I didn’t need proper goals as of yet. But this blog made me think. I could unlearn and relearn because of your blog so thank you so much!

    As you said, MLM is something anyone can try, but not everyone can succeed unless they have proper goals. Having proper goals doesn’t mean writing a few goals and checking them every now and then. It’s way more than that. Chuck explains it clearly by stating that goals are the ones that we have control of. Actually, it makes sense because we can’t rely on others. After all, it doesn’t always turn out well.

    “Sometimes, the risk of losing is greater than the desire to gain” – I loved this! It’s stuck in my mind. I might as well start using vision boards.

    1. Everyone, and every business, needs written goals. It gives you something to aim for. Goals give you purpose and direction. Without them, you will just wander and not be very productive.

    2. Setting goals changed my life and business. I rarely hit my goals, but I’m always aiming for them. They force me out of my comfort zone. Even if I only accomplish half of what I set out to do, I’m still content and still accomplished much more than I would have if I didn’t have goals.

  6. My perspective about goal setting was totally unrealistic before reading this article. I like the goal ” I will add 200 people to my team this month” the most because even if I add 20 people to my team every month it will reach 240 every year, and so on.

    The exact difference between goals and dreams mentioned in this article applies to everything in life, not just MLM. To have a checklist for daily goals is one of the best ways to set and achieve goals, then dreams.

  7. Setting goals requires settling on extreme decisions and tending to real-time factors. Whenever you have chosen what you need the business to resemble, you can draw a guide and begin setting goals. Goals are the mileposts to direct you and your workers en route to building the business. These goals are significant in light of the fact that they convert dreams into obvious quantifiable targets. With this, you, together with the whole team, are exceptionally clear regarding what they are generally anticipated to accomplish and when.

  8. This post has taught me how to break down big goals into smaller goals so they can be achieved faster. I have always set long-term goals in which I don’t always achieve within the specific time I set. I now see reasons why it is better to break bigger goals down into a bite-sized one. I hope I would read more life-changing articles from you. I agree with you that it is important to set only goals you can control.

  9. In college we learned all about setting goals. More specifically, SMART goals; goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-based. That’s pretty much what you’re talking about here, but you’ve given it a new spin and directed it toward MLM business goals, which I’m sure anyone and everyone reading this article appreciates.

    It can be hard to come up with and realize specific goals but you’ve given us the step-by-step process to doing just that.

    Also, I like what you said about goals and timespans. I agree: goals with shorter time lines are more likely to spur you on, as waiting for long-term goals to be realized can be disheartening when progress can’t be measured within a certain period of time.

  10. Great article as always! Not only did you manage to outline all the tips about setting your MLM business goals, but you did it in a concise and easily digestible manner. Also, the tips you showed us here are great because even though they’re of course applicable to MLM, they’re also applicable in all other aspects of life. I found that verbalizing your goals is very important for thinking clearly, because if you don’t verbalize your goals and ideas, they are always on the tip of your tongue, not precise, not concrete, just generalized… Saying clearly to yourself what you want to do and how you want to do it is the most important thing and I’m glad you touched on that subject as well.

    1. I love to verbalize my goals. I also like affirmations. Once or twice a week, I read my monthly goals out loud to myself. I’m not sure if it makes a huge difference or not, but it feels good, and I am normally very productive every month.

  11. Specificity. Most people are wandering generalities. They don’t accomplish much because they really don’t aim at anything. You have to aim, aim specifically, reverser engineer the most important steps you have to take each day, and get at it without deviating from the end goal.

    But It all starts with knowing where to aim.

    1. You hit the nail on the head. You will never hit the goal you don’t set. We all need something to aim for. Even if plans change, or we stray off course a little bit, we have something we can refocus on and keep us moving.

  12. I agree with the article as setting goals are really important. In the start, I used to believed in go with the flow strategy, but later I realized the importance of setting goals. Setting goals and tracking everything helps us to improve our skills and perform better. You discussed the comparison between goals and dreams. It was a good point as I always confuse these two terms. You said that dreams should be based on our interests and capabilities, and I couldn’t agree more. Now, I’m going to start a habit of writing goals daily, weekly, and monthly. The article was informative. Thanks for sharing it!

    1. There’s nothing wrong with going with the flow. Many people do that with their life. However, I’ve never met one successful person in any endeavor who had that mindset. Goals are what drive us. We need something to aim for. By having goals written down and visualizing them daily, we are much more likely to do great things with our life.

  13. Setting goals is a part of every day life and setting goals in the MLM industry can result in a great company and sales. I have always set goals for myself by the day or more and sometimes even by the year. Making a daily checklist like you suggested sounds like the perfect way to set realistic and achievable goals. I never thought about how making detailed goals instead of just generalizing could make a difference in a company but once you explained these ways it now makes more sense.

    1. Yes, it’s important to make goals. You must be specific. What most people do is set generic goals like, I want to lose weight. In that example, without setting the number of pounds, and the deadline of when you want to achieve it, you will more than likely never hit the goal.

      Also, like you talked about, having your daily mode of operations and then being disciplined enough to follow it every day is what separates the super productive people from the average performer. Learning to set goals changed my life and business for the better.

  14. I think setting goals is a great thing. It is something my younger self used to think was silly. I would not take the time to do that. Now I see when I am consistently setting goals, I am either reaching them, or getting close. It is also nice to be able to actually see what you are achieving with your business on a weekly, or monthly basis. I used to set lofty goals, and put the end date out sometimes 6 months, or a year. I agree that it is better to set clear goals, and shorter time lines.

    1. Hi Jessica,

      Big goals are great, but daily, weekly, and monthly goals are where the magic happens. If you can break a big goal down into bite sized chunks, it’s much more doable. I have daily and monthly goals for my business. I put them in a checklist format. I read it daily and make sure I do something every single day to move me closer to my monthly goals. By doing this every month, my yearly goals normally fall into place. I also like that I can see my progress. It makes me feel productive and keeps me engaged.


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