MLM Business Cards: What You Should Know

Today, we’re going to discuss MLM Business Cards. This is a topic I am passionate and knowledgeable about. I hope to drop some wisdom and enlighten you.

One of the first things new entrepreneurs do is order business cards. They’re excited about their new business venture, so they visit a local print shop or an online printer and order some business cards.

Most new network marketers do the same thing. They join a company and then the first thing they do is order some business cards. It makes sense right? You’re in business, so why wouldn’t you have your own business card?

While I respect their initiative, I also realize that most new network marketers don’t know what they don’t know. They think someone will join their business because of their business card. Keep in mind, most people joining our industry have very LITTLE marketing experience. In fact, most traditional business owners have little marketing experience. As a result, they will create a very BORING and TRADITIONAL business card.

It might include a photo of them, their phone number, their email, title, the name of their MLM Company, their URL, etc.

Business cards don't work

Why Business Cards Don’t Work

I want to tell you why most business cards don’t work. Once I explain it, you should have an AH HA moment.

Business cards don’t work because they are about YOU and YOUR BUSINESS, not your prospect’s interests.

Your prospect does not care about you. They probably don’t even know you. Instead, they care about themselves. They care about their own problems and are looking for ways to solve their problems. Unless your business card addresses your prospect’s problems, it is useless and ineffective. I think so anyway.

The Purpose of a Business Card

Most people think the purpose of a business card is to hand it to someone else in hopes they will do business with you at some point in the future. Personally, I think that is very risky.

Why? Because most people you give your business card to will never CALL YOU BACK, visit your website, or get in touch with you.

Think about it for a minute. How many people have ever handed you their business card? And how many of those people did you actually call back, email, visit their website or do business with? In most cases, the answer is a BIG FAT ZERO!

The real purpose of a business card is to get the other person’s contact information so you can follow-up with them at your own leisure.

Let me say that again so it sinks in.

The real purpose of a business card is to get the other person’s contact information so you can follow-up with them at your own leisure.

The only time I would ever give someone a business card is if they gave me theirs first. And if they gave me their business card, there is no reason to give them mine!

the purpose of a business card

If You’re Set On Having a MLM Business Card

If you’re set on having a MLM Business Card, you must take a different approach. Do not put the name of your company on your business card. Do not include a photo of yourself. Do not say you are an independent distributor.

Instead, make your business card look like a drop card. It should have a headline, a few benefit statements, and a call to action. Basically, your MLM Business Card is a marketing message.

It is designed to pique your prospect’s curiosity about what you do, tell them the benefits of your product and/or opportunity, and let them know how to get more information, so they can make an intelligent decision. You can send people to your capture page or sizzle call.

Collecting Business Cards for Lead Generation

Rather than hand out hundreds of business cards each month, a much better strategy would be to collect business cards.

Ask everyone you meet for their business card. Pick up business cards from local bulletin boards at gas stations, the post office, the library, and the grocery store. Always keep your eyes and ears open for business cards.

As you collect business cards, CONTACT each person. Tell them how you got their business card. Ask them if they are open to additional income streams or if they have an exit plan for their business. Ask questions to see if they might be interested in your product line or if they are interested in a new career.

Anyone with a business card is a good prospect, especially if they own their own business.

Additional Tips

I hope you will follow the advice I mentioned above and use a drop card instead of MLM Business Cards. That being said, I know most people are still set in their ways. If you are set on having your own business card, here are a few tips I suggest.

# 1: High Quality

Do not print your MLM Business Card on your inkjet printer. INVEST in a high quality business card. Spend the extra money. It is worth it. It should be thick, professional looking and present the right image.

Unless you have commercial printing capabilities, do-it-yourself business cards often come across as cheap or second-rate, and that’s not the impression you want to give recipients. You may be able to save a moderate amount of money and update your information more easily if you print them yourself, but the impact of handing over a homemade business card isn’t the same as cards that are printed professionally. ~

# 2: Simple

Simple is better than fancy. Make sure the layout is not cluttered. Make sure it is easy to read. Less is more. Have plenty of white space on it. Use big font. Keep images to a minimum.

# 3: Do Not Say Your Company Name

DO NOT, under any circumstance, say your company name on your business card. EVER. Why? Because once your prospect knows what you do, before they’ve seen a complete presentation, they will run to mother Google and do a search for your company. If they like what they see, they’ll probably end up joining someone who has a solid online presence, not you! The bottom line is this:

You want your business card to be generic, interesting, and pique your prospect’s curiosity so they visit your website or call your sizzle number. That’s it. 

# 4: Have Multiple Ways to Contact You

Make sure you have multiple ways for people to contact you. Offer at least two different ways to get in touch with you. Remember, not everyone is computer savvy. People might want to call you, so make sure you include your email, website, and phone number.

# 5: Be Different & Don’t be Boring

Boring business cards are BORING. You want to be different and stand out from the competition as much as possible.

Whatever you do, you will want to make your business card memorable by including an extra something with it or telling a short significant story when you introduce your business. Stories and a nice attitude are much more likely to be remembered. ~

MLM Business Cards

100 Places to Hand Out Your MLM Business Cards

Giving out your MLM Business Cards is an effective way to network and promote your business. Here’s a comprehensive list of 100 places and situations where you can distribute your business cards:

  1. Business Conferences
  2. Networking Events
  3. Trade Shows
  4. Expos
  5. Job Fairs
  6. Community Events
  7. Chamber of Commerce Meetings
  8. Local Business Associations
  9. Professional Associations
  10. Workshops and Seminars
  11. Industry Meetups
  12. Networking Breakfasts
  13. Networking Lunches
  14. Networking Dinners
  15. Charity Events
  16. Fundraisers
  17. Volunteer Events
  18. Career Days
  19. Client Meetings
  20. Sales Presentations
  21. Product Launches
  22. Grand Openings
  23. Corporate Events
  24. Company Parties
  25. Holiday Parties
  26. Business Mixers
  27. Speed Networking Events
  28. Real Estate Open Houses
  29. Art Exhibitions
  30. Craft Fairs
  31. Farmers Markets
  32. Flea Markets
  33. Pop-Up Shops
  34. Street Fairs
  35. Festivals
  36. Parades
  37. Concerts
  38. Sporting Events
  39. Fitness Classes
  40. Yoga Studios
  41. Gyms
  42. Health Fairs
  43. Medical Offices
  44. Waiting Rooms
  45. Coffee Shops
  46. Cafés
  47. Restaurants
  48. Bars
  49. Nightclubs
  50. Hotel Lobbies
  51. Conference Centers
  52. Airports
  53. Train Stations
  54. Bus Terminals
  55. Tourist Attractions
  56. Museums
  57. Libraries
  58. Bookstores
  59. Community Centers
  60. Parks
  61. Beaches
  62. Schools
  63. Colleges
  64. Universities
  65. Alumni Events
  66. School Reunions
  67. Churches
  68. Religious Gatherings
  69. Spiritual Retreats
  70. Wellness Centers
  71. Spas
  72. Hair Salons
  73. Barbershops
  74. Nail Salons
  75. Massage Parlors
  76. Beauty Clinics
  77. Tattoo Parlors
  78. Pet Groomers
  79. Dog Parks
  80. Veterinarian Offices
  81. Pet Stores
  82. Dry Cleaners
  83. Car Washes
  84. Auto Repair Shops
  85. Gas Stations
  86. Convenience Stores
  87. Supermarkets
  88. Malls
  89. Department Stores
  90. Retail Shops
  91. Bank Lobbies
  92. Post Offices
  93. Government Buildings
  94. Court Houses
  95. Law Offices
  96. Doctor’s Offices
  97. Dentist’s Offices
  98. Real Estate Offices
  99. Hotel Front Desks
  100. Community Bulletin Boards

Remember to always carry a stack of business cards with you, so you are prepared to hand them out whenever an opportunity arises.

Ordering MLM Business Cards

When it comes to ordering MLM Business Cards, there are several excellent venues to consider, each offering unique benefits. Vistaprint is a popular online print shop known for its extensive range of customizable templates and user-friendly design tools. This platform allows you to easily add your company logo, personal details, and other branding elements to create professional and eye-catching business cards. Vistaprint also frequently offers discounts on bulk orders, making it a cost-effective choice for MLM distributors who need to distribute cards widely.

In addition to Vistaprint, eBay can be a surprising yet effective option for ordering business cards. Many sellers on eBay offer custom printing services at competitive prices, and you can often find deals that include unique design features or bulk discounts.

Your local office supply store, such as Staples or Office Depot, is another reliable venue. These stores typically offer in-house printing services, which can be convenient for last-minute needs and allow you to see and feel the paper quality before purchasing. Furthermore, local print shops often provide personalized service and may offer quicker turnaround times. Other venues like Moo and GotPrint are also worth considering for their high-quality finishes and innovative design options, ensuring your MLM Business Cards make a lasting impression.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks. These are my best tips on MLM Business Cards. I really hope you will take note of what I said in this article. Do not do what most network marketers do. Follow the advice in this article and you will do much better. You will get more leads and present yourself the right way.

What are your thoughts about MLM Business Cards? Do you agree or disagree with what I wrote in this post? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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2 thoughts on “MLM Business Cards: What You Should Know”

  1. I do love a pretty, glossy, colorful business card, but I agree – with business cards, it is better to receive than to give! I know that a very small percentage of people that I give my business card to will do anything more than stick it in a pocket and forget about it. I also know that I receive a business card myself, I will catalog the contact information, and then follow up each and every means of contact that the card provides. Also, little makes me want a professional’s contact card more than watching them pat their pockets and shrug and say “I must have given my last one away”! Be that person.

    1. Yes, you definitely want to focus on collecting other people’s business cards. This is much better than just handing out a bunch of your own business cards. As you collect cards, have some type of simple filing and follow-up system you can use. Follow-up with each person, preferably with a handwritten note and start to build a relationship with them. It’s time and money well spent.

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