MLM Advertising Tips: 14 Things You Must Do

In today’s post, I’d like to share my top 14 MLM Advertising Tips. These tips are designed to help serious network marketers develop an effective advertising campaign. These tips are from personal experience over the past 19+ years. Of course, individual results will vary.

Let’s keep it real for a moment. Advertising works. Just about every business in the real world advertises. Shouldn’t you? If you’re truly serious about building a big network marketing business, you should at least consider it.

I understand our industry is historically a warm market business. That’s great. Those strategies work for lots of people, but there are also many distributors who don’t want to work their warm market or approach strangers. Many of these people are willing to invest time and money to build their business via paid advertising. This article is designed for those people.

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Top 14 MLM Advertising Tips

Here are my top 14 MLM Advertising Tips. Enjoy.

# 1: Use Other Strategies First

Historically, we are a warm market business. I am not a fan of teaching paid advertising to everyone and anyone in our team for several reasons. First off, most people joining our industry do not want to invest money in their business. If you tell people they must advertise, you will scare them off.

Advertising effectively requires skills, patience, and money, something most new reps don’t have much of. Plus, if you expect your team members to “close” the leads they generate from their paid ads, and they aren’t highly skilled on the phone, they won’t do well. That means that all the money they spend on advertising to generate leads will be money wasted.

I recommend EVERY new MLM Rep start with the people they know first. This is something ANYONE can do. Plus, it helps TEACH THE SKILLS people will need to start working in the cold market.

# 2: Identify a Target Market

My next MLM Advertising tip is to identify a specific target market. In other words, who are you trying to reach? What do you know about them? Be specific. The more you can learn about your “ideal prospect” the more effective your advertising campaign will be.

Also, if everyone is a prospect, no one is a prospect. Have a laser like focus with your paid advertising.

# 3: Develop a Written Plan

You need a written advertising plan. Some people might call this a marketing plan. This should identify your target market, unique selling proposition, your budget, your goals, and your daily action guide. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail. Write down your plan AHEAD of time.

# 4: Use a Two-Step Selling Process

The best type of MLM Ad offers free information. People respond to your ad and request more information. You advertise the “free information” and then the “information” sells your prospects on what you have to offer them. Basically, you sell the sizzle, and the sizzle sells the steak. Your free information is your sizzle and your business opportunity is your steak. 

# 5: Don’t Mention Your Company Name

Whatever you do, do not mention the name of your network marketing company or its products in your ad. People will just run to Google and search for more information about your company. Keep it generic and remember that curiosity is what sells.

# 6: Capture Leads

Never send someone directly to a sales page on the initial ad. Your goal with advertising is to capture leads, not sell something. You generate a lead, and then you have a sequential follow-up and selling process to convert those prospects into buyers.

You must BUILD YOUR LIST. Keep in mind the average prospect needs to hear from you minimum 7 to 20 times before they buy or join. Generate a lead, follow up consistently, and close the sale. That is the selling process.

# 7: Track Your Advertising

You need a tracking code for each ad that you place. That way you know what ads work well and which ones don’t. You can use a short code with each ad so you can identify where each lead comes from. Do not spend even one dollar on advertising if you aren’t going to track it.

# 8: Advertise Consistently

You can’t advertise one or two times and expect much good to happen. You need to make a minimum ONE YEAR commitment to your advertising efforts. Also, you want to run the same ads several times, before you give up. Most people need to see your ad several times before they will ever respond to it.

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# 9: Short and Sweet

A good ad is short and sweet and to the point. Everything starts with a good headline. This should “capture” your prospect’s attention. You also want a few bullet points telling the person what’s in it for them. And then you want a call to action to tell the person what to do next.

# 10: Be Different

Look at what most network marketers do and be different. Stand out in the crowd. Develop your Unique Selling Proposition and focus on that. If you just advertise your business opportunity the same way that others do, you won’t get good results.

# 11: Study Other Niches

Study other industries and niches outside of network marketing. Look at their ads. Which ones captivate you and get your attention? Keep a swipe file of good ads you find so you can use them for brainstorming. In addition, be a student of paid advertising. Read books, attend events, and watch training videos to sharpen your skills.

# 12: Don’t Neglect Offline Strategies

While I do suggest you advertise on the internet, don’t forget to place some offline ads too. You should consider newspapers, postcards, magazines, ad decks, and other strategies. These are often untapped gold mines.

# 13: Consider an Advertising CO-OP

An advertising CO-OP is when a group of people pool their money together to buy bulk advertising. One person normally runs the CO-OP, and everyone splits the leads based upon the number of shares they purchased. This is a good option if you have someone in your team who is good at advertising.

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# 14: Retargeting

Retargeting is a little bit confusing for the average person to understand, but it’s extremely effective. Basically, it targets people who visited your website once, but left without “becoming a lead” or purchasing something. Make sure to include this as part of your overall paid advertising strategy.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are 14 of my best MLM Advertising Tips. None of this is rocket science. These things are easy to do and easy not to do.

I hope you will consider advertising your business. It’s a great way to get your name out there and generate more leads, customers, and distributors. What are your thoughts? What are your best MLM Advertising Tips? Leave a comment below to share your opinion. I look forward to hearing from you.

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