MLM Advantages

Today, I’m going to discuss the most common MLM Advantages. While the network marketing industry is far from perfect, I think it’s amazing. It offers many advantages compared to owning a traditional business. Here are some of the first things that come to mind.

Top 17 MLM Advantages

# 1: Low Start Up Cost

Compared to a traditional business, the start-up cost with network marketing is microscopic. If you think $200 to $500 is too much money to start a business, you probably shouldn’t be an entrepreneur. I have friends who have started traditional businesses and paid anywhere from ,000 to 0,000 or more, just to get started. Network marketing offers something for the average person who wants a business, but can’t afford to start a traditional business.

# 2: No Inventory

Most traditional businesses need to carry an inventory. For example, restaurants much purchase their food BEFORE they can sell it. Retail stores must must pay for their merchandise before they sell it. With network marketing, the parent company handles the inventory. You simply send people to your website to shop and the company takes care of everything for you, including shipping, payment process, returns, customer service, etc.

# 3: No Need to Source Products

When you start a traditional business, you need to find a product or service to sell. In our industry, the parent company takes care of that for you. They offer a varying product line and most companies typically add new products each year. Plus, the network marketing products are normally out of this world.

# 4: Low Monthly Overhead

With most network marketing companies, the only ongoing costs you have are your monthly auto-ship and any website fees. That normally amounts to less than $200. Folks, that is chump change when compared to the monthly overhead for a traditional businesses. When you factor in payroll, inventory and a large monthly rent for many traditional businesses, they have tens of thousands of dollars in ongoing monthly costs. This is money that must be paid each month BEFORE they can make their first penny of profit.

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# 5: Leverage

Network marketing gives you leverage without needing employees. With most businesses, you get leverage by investing large amounts of money or by hiring employees. With network marketing you don’t need either of those things to get leverage. You simply build up your own network of people and you earn a small override or commission from each person on your team.

# 6: No Employees

If you’ve ever had employees, you probably don’t want them again. Employees are expensive and create a ton of headaches. With our industry, you don’t need any employees. Each person on your team is their own independent contractor.

# 7: No Territories

With network marketing there are no territories. You can build your business in any country your company does business in. Even better, you aren’t limited to a specific location, such as a physical store.

# 8: Work from Anywhere in the World

When you own a network marketing business, especially in today’s internet age, you can work from anywhere in the world. You can work from the beach, a cruise ship, while on vacation, at home in your pajamas, at the local Starbucks or wherever you see fit. You are not restricted to a specific location like most entrepreneurs. As long as you have your phone and an internet connection, you are good to go.

# 9: Free Mentor

When you join network marketing you get a free mentor. Typically, your first mentor will be your sponsor. In other cases, it might be someone else in your upline. This person will coach and assist you free of charge because the only way they make money is if they help you succeed.

# 10: Free Training

When you start a traditional business, you have to figure out everything on your own (unless you buy a franchise). If you want a coach or mentor, you must hire one, and normally at a very expensive cost. With network marketing, you receive FREE TRAINING from someone in your upline who has proven success and is willing to help you. Plus, they have a VESTED interest in helping you succeed.

# 11: Set Your Own Hours

We are a very flexible industry. You can work as much or as little as you see fit. You can work in the mornings, or in the evening, or on the weekends. You simply choose what is best for you. You can also work 10-minutes here, 15-minutes there, and 20-minutes before you go to bed.

# 12: Start Part-Time

Many businesses require a full-time commitment, especially when you have a lot of money invested. The beauty of network marketing is that it is designed to do part-time. You work your business part-time for a few years until it creates a full-time income. At that point, you can stay part-time or go full-time. You choose what is best for you. This also means you can keep your day job while you build your business, so your spouse is happy and your bills are paid.

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# 13: Tax Advantages

Owning a MLM Business offers the exact same tax benefits that own a traditional business offers.

# 14: Personal Development

One of my favorite MLM Advantages in the personal development. We are one of the only industries I know of where personal development is taught and encouraged. You are encouraged to become the best version of you possible.

# 15: Residual Income

Network marketing offers you the ability to earn a residual income. If you can find the right company, with a great product or service, and the company is positioned for long-term growth, you can build something that will be around many years. Just think of all the Amway, Herbalife, Forever Living, Mary Kay and Nu Skin reps who have collected monthly commission checks from the same company for DECADES. That’s residual income!

# 16: Willable Asset

In most network marketing companies, but not all companies, your business is a willable asset. That means you can leave it to your family, so they continue to have an ongoing income long after you pass away. This is very important. Even in 2020, there are many second generation and third generation family members in our industry who have inherited businesses from their parents or grandparents.

# 17: The People

The people are my favorite thing about this industry. You meet so many amazing people who are encouraging and uplifting. You meet other people who are pursuing their dreams and working on improving themselves.

Final Thoughts

To be quite frank with you, these are just some of the most common MLM Advantages I can think of. I’m sure there are many more as well. What are your thoughts? What are the most common MLM Advantages you can think of? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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2 thoughts on “MLM Advantages”

  1. It blows my mind about the misconception of the MLM community! There are so many people that are against it I feel because they aren’t aware of all the benefits. With all the points that were touched on alone in this article is a no brainier! Create your own schedule, decide your worth, build your future & not someone else’s, you don’t need to pay employees & get help/advise from a mentor. Why would anyone not want an MLM??? There is so much money that goes into a traditional business in which if you borrowed the money or took out a loan, you would still have to pay that back if for some reason the business fails.

    1. Yes, Kara, MLM has tons of advantages. No, it’s not for everyone, but when you compare it to the headaches that come with owning a traditional business, it is a complete no-brainer.

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