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I’d like to share some helpful tips with you today about MLM Address Labels. This will be a short post, but the information will be very beneficial if you apply it in your business.

First off, let me begin by telling you that I am a big fan of direct mail. I’ve used it successfully for many years and it’s a big part of my overall marketing strategy.

Even if you don’t mail out postcards or paid direct mail campaigns like I do, I know you still send out SOME mail. This might include your bills, Christmas cards, notes to people, etc.

One simple thing you can do to make more exposures about your products and business opportunity is to have your own custom MLM Address Labels made up. It doesn’t have to to be anything fancy, nor should it be. You can use an ink stamp of have a custom label made.

Whenever you send an outgoing piece of mail, attach one of your address labels to it in the return address section. If you send out even 20 pieces of mail a month, that is 20 exposures done for you on complete autopilot.MLM Address Labels

Where to Purchase MLM Address Labels

I personally order my address labels on eBay. I used to order them on VistaPrint, but I have found even better deals on eBay. You can also visit your local office supply store or print shop.

How Much Do They Cost?

I searched on eBay today and found where I could order 300 for $12.84 with free shipping. Each label was 1 x 2 5/8 inches, featured 5 lines of text, color font, and you could include your own picture. If you do the math, this breaks down to about 4 cents per label. Not bad!

How to Use Them

Whenever you send out a piece of mail, simply attach one of your custom MLM Address Labels to it in the return address section. That’s  it. The person receiving your mail will at least see your address label and marketing message, and if it piques their curiosity they will check out your website.

Tips for Success

Here are a few simple tips for success when using MLM Address Labels.

  1. Include your photo. This really makes your address label stand out.
  2. Include your URL. Purchase your own vanity URL and have it forwarded to whatever website of your choice, but ideally a capture page.
  3. Include a call to action such as “check out my website to learn more”.
  4. You should use a tracking link, so you can see how many leads you have got from your mailings.
  5. Do not say the name of your company, or the words “independent rep” anywhere on your address label.

example mlm address labels

One More Thing

Obviously, this will not be your primary recruiting strategy. I like to think of it as one more thing you can add to your “lead generation” toolbox. Doing this, combined with everything else you are doing to find leads, can really add up.

Suggested Tools & Labels

Avery 8160 labels: These are the labels I use myself. They are easy to print on your personal computer and are priced right.

Excel Personalized Address Label Stamp: This simple item lets you stamp your return address on your envelopes with ease.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are my thoughts on MLM Address Labels. As I see it, every serious network marketer should have their own, so they can generate passive leads. What are your thoughts? Have you had your own custom MLM Address Labels made up before. If so, leave a comment below to share your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.

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