MLM Accountability Partner: A Simple Way to be More Productive

In today’s post, I’d like to talk to you about working with an MLM Accountability Partner.

Working with an accountability partner is one of the best strategies you can adopt if you are struggling to be persistent and consistent in your network marketing business.

In the paragraphs below, I will cover:

  1. What is an accountability partner?
  2. Why do you need one?
  3. Where to find one?
  4. Tips for success

Let’s get started.

What is an MLM Accountability Partner?

An MLM Accountability Partner is someone you can rub elbows with each day to help you grow your MLM Business. You can share ideas and encourage each other. You can be a sounding board for each other. Think of it as a close relationship with someone else who is working toward a similar goal.

An accountability partner is a person who coaches another person in terms of helping the other person keep a commitment. ~ Wikipedia

Why Do You Need One?

There are many reasons you need an MLM Accountability Partner:

# 1: Two Heads are Better than One

Two heads are better than one. That is a fact. When two people work together toward a common goal, they are much more effective than just one person doing it.

# 2: Accountability

Most people need accountability. Let’s face it, life can get in the way. It’s easy to put your business on the back burner when life gets in the way. When you have someone to be accountable to, you are less likely to do that.

# 3: Encouragement

Everyone experiences disappointment and temporary failure. It’s nice to know you have someone in your corner when you are going through that. You can talk to them and feel better.

An accountability partner is there to give us the encouragement and motivation when we need it the most. They are there to ensure that we complete our set tasks, and do so within the said timeframe. ~

# 4: Motivation

Do you struggle with your self-motivation? Most people do. If so, an accountability partner can help keep you motivated, even during tough times.

Having a cheerleader is a very powerful thing—especially if it’s someone who will encourage you to take risks and do things that are uncomfortable. We’re much more likely to challenge ourselves when we have someone watching from the sidelines. Sometimes we will stumble, but we tend to get up much quicker when there’s somebody saying “Come on, keep trying—I believe in you.” ~

# 5: Sounding Board

One of my favorite things about having an MLM Accountability Partner is that they can be a sounding board for your ideas. You can share your ideas with them and seek their input. You might learn things you had not even considered yourself.

# 6: To Curb Procrastination

Most people tend to procrastinate. We wait until the last minute to do what needs to be done.

Procrastination is the greatest thief of time. It is the act of postponing an action without any good reason. If you walk with the right accountability partner, you will be able to overcome this elephant called procrastination.  A good partner will assist you to meet deadlines and help you overcome obstacles. Procrastination leads to regrets. ~

Where to Find an MLM Accountability Partner

The best MLM Accountability Partner is someone in your UPLINE who has a VESTED interest in your success in the business. It could be your sponsor, their sponsor, or someone else in the upline.

Keep calling different people in your upline UNTIL you find someone you connect with, get along with, and is willing to help you.

If that is not an option, for whatever reason, consider teaming up with someone in your downline or someone crossline. However, only do that if you cannot find someone in your upline.

Tips for Success

Here are a few tips for success when working with an MLM Accountability Partner.

# 1: Establish Rules

It helps to establish some basic rules for your relationship, right out the gate. You should determine how you will communicate, how often you will communicate, what you will discuss, how long you will work together, etc.

# 2: Win-Win

The only way your relationship will work is if it is win-win. Each person must be committed to helping the other person succeed.

# 3: Set a Schedule

It helps if you have a schedule detailing WHEN you will communicate. Will you talk daily, every other day, or weekly?

# 4: Determine Communication Routines

How will you communicate? Will yo use text, email, phone call, or Facebook?

# 5: Stay the Course

Both partners must be equally committed and not quit the business or partnership. I recommend you set a deadline of when the partnership will be up for renewal. Three to six months is a perfect amount of time to work with someone as an accountability partner.


If you want to have more than one MLM Accountability Partner, you might want to form your own mastermind group. This is when three or more people work together toward a common goal. If that interests you, you can read this article I wrote about how to have your own MLM Mastermind Group.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are my best tips on working with an MLM Accountability Partner.

In my opinion, EVERYONE will benefit by having an accountability partner. We are always more productive when we have someone we are accountable to, rather than if we are only accountable to ourselves.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever worked with an accountability partner before? If so, what was your experience like? Leave a comment below to let us know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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12 thoughts on “MLM Accountability Partner: A Simple Way to be More Productive”

  1. Accountability partners are good to have. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t found them beneficial unless their partner was negative or didn’t check in.

    Your accountability partner can be anyone from a spouse to a friend to hold you accountable; however if you choose someone within your business that person will also be able to direct and re-direct you as needed to help you become and stay successful.

    It’s not just about doing the tasks, it’s about finding what is working and trying new ways.

    1. Absolutely. Almost every successful rep I know has an accountability partner. More importantly, EVERY successful rep I know is 100% accountable to themselves. They say what they do and do what they say. That is one of the biggest factors in their success.

  2. I love having an accountability partner and have always had more success in business when I have worked with one. I encourage my team to have one as well and encourage them to work together with my support. That has worked out nicely taking pressure off me and empowering them.

  3. I think having an accountability partner in the marketing business is a great idea. I also like what you said about making sure they share the same goals as you. If you were trying to lose weight, would you choose someone who had no desire to lose weight as your accountability partner? No. Because they wouldn’t be helpful to you. you need someone who will motivate and inspire you and someone that you can do the same thing for.

    1. Yes, having an accountability partner is very important. It helps when you are trying to lose weight or reach any other goal. Having someone to share ideas with and support you and keep you accountable to what you said you were going to do is very important.

    2. That is great information Kristen. Yes, the best accountability partner is one who has “been there and done that.” That is why Alcoholics Anonymous works so well is because everyone you are accountable to was once an alcoholic. If you are trying to use an accountability partner who is not involved with network marketing, they probably will not understand what to look for and what to confront us on. Just like the losing weight part, I would not be a person that would make a good accountability partner because my problem is not losing weight, it is gaining it.

      Yes, look for a partner that will understand because they are in network marketing.

  4. I think that this is both a logical and smart idea. Why not implement a person who can help to hold you accountable for the benefit of your business? There are often things we miss and areas we overlook in our businesses that an accountability partner is able to catch and call us on so that we can make the changes we need in order to succeed. Who would you recommend as being the best person to be serve as an accountability partner? Could your mentor fulfill this role?

    1. Diamond, as Chuck pointed out, yes your mentor could handle the position of accountability partner. Sometimes they have more they can handle for that, so maybe a spouse, or partner. Someone from your up line can be a great choice too.

      As a last resort, you could use someone from your down line, but just be sure the person will be willing to be honest and forthcoming.

      It is a good and wise decision to have an accountability partner.

  5. I agree that an accountability partner is a very important idea. I will mention that I think the very last resort should be anyone from your down-line. I think that they may not be honest with you and tell you if you are “slacking.” Being in your down-line, they may treat you as a superior and will not “call you out” if you are not doing the things you need to do.

    I believe the best choice for an accountability partner would be your sponsor, but it could be they don’t have the time or patience. I believe a spouse is also a great choice, because we all know most spouses are not afraid to confront.

    Great post Chuck. By having an accountability partner, we are more apt to carry through with what we need to do.

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