Millionaire Prospecting Tips by 5Linx PSVP Thomas Felder: My Notes & Thoughts

I recently watched a YouTube video by 5Linx PSVP Thomas Felder titled Millionaire Prospecting.

The purpose of his training was to teach everyone in the audience how to reach the rank of Triple Diamond in his company. I found this training very helpful and inspiring. Not only is he a charismatic speaker, but he has a wealth of knowledge about building a successful network marketing business.

What I decided to do was watch the video and take notes. Some of these notes are things he said directly and others are paraphrased. This is not a transcription. I just typed up notes as I listened to it.

Enjoy the training. The notes are in chronological order. As a quick disclaimer, I am in no way affiliated with 5Linx.

millionaire prospecting

Millionaire Prospecting Tips by 5Linx PSVP Thomas Felder

If you want to be great, you need to learn to be grateful.

Prospecting is what we do.

This is the only business I know that everyone you meet can be successful.

If you are willing to humble yourself, and let your pride go, you can become a millionaire in this business.

The first thing you need to learn how to do is prospect.

Gold doesn’t sit on the surface. Your goal is to find gold. On your journey searching for gold you find a lot of dirt. The dirt are your haters.

You can’t quit something you haven’t even started! Quitting suggests you did something. There’s a difference between being a quitter and a non-starter. You need to earn the right to be called a quitter.

Sometimes, when you are digging for gold, you find fools gold (Pyrite).

You are looking for people who are hungry, have the desire to change their life, and are willing to work.

You walk past a FORTUNE (tons of great prospects) on your way to your job, running errands and living life.

If you are in my cell phone, you are my real estate. I go through my contact list one person at a time. If you are in my phone, I’m going to text you and invite you to look at my business website.

99.999% of the people I texted did not respond, but a few did.

Go through your contacts in your email, social media and phone and reach out to them. For most people, this is several thousand contacts.

If you don’t have Facebook, you are missing out on thousands and thousands of people you can share your business with.

Use the curiosity approach on Facebook. Realize most people won’t respond right away. People go through changes every 30 to 90 days. Even if they aren’t “open to looking” right now, there is a good chance they will be in the near future.

People on LinkedIn are looking for an opportunity. SHARE your opportunity with can't quit something you haven't started

You should be sharing the business with hundreds, even thousands of people, even before you know much about the business.

You need less than 10 good people to earn a fortune in this industry. Can you find six or eight people who desire success?

Mine for prospects and leaders in your organization. Don’t just work with your personally enrolled people.

Miners take what they find based on the ground they are on. The gold does not come to them. But a fisherman can go to where the fish are. A smart fisherman will travel to the fish and cast a net. He throws the net as far and as wide as he can.

Talk with people EVERYWHERE you go. Ask people if they are open to earning some additional money. Share your website with them and then follow up with them promptly.

Most of you run into hundreds of people every day, but most of you will not talk to them because you are too prideful.

If you sound crazy and don’t know what you are saying, of course no one will join you.

Even the most successful reps burn out and get frustrated from time-to-time.

How can you share something you don’t believe in yourself?

You’ve got to get excited! Then people will want to know what got you so excited.

Negativity is bad. It’s contagious. However, excitement is also contagious.

Why be excited? You have a business that if you invest five to ten years of your life, you can create total financial independence.

Some people don’t want to work hard. But at the end of the day you will end up working hard for your boss and employer, so why not work hard for yourself?

Start thinking about the future, not just today.

You will never know what it’s like to have everything until you are prepared to give everything.

Go to where the fish are (the people) because you are a fisherman.

It’s vital to use TOOLS when you are prospecting.

Miners dig where they are. Fishermen move to the where the fish are. But farmers must deal with the land that they have. Farmers till the soil, use fertilizer and improve their land. Farmers also have seeds. They plant lots of seeds. Most of those seeds get burnt up by the sun. The birds eat some seeds. But a few of the seeds will grow and multiply. If you want more crops you must plant more seeds.

If you want to win in this business invite 100 people to your first meeting. By doing so, about 3% of the people will show up.

97% of everyone you meet are not even mentally equipped to be financially free. We have spent our whole life being trained to be employees.

Everyone has a chance to win in this business.

We are always looking for people, just like the NBA. Could you imagine what would happen to the NBA if they stopped recruiting? What would happen to Walmart, Amazon, or even your employer if they stopped recruiting?

If you commit yourself to this business, you will have to look less and less for the brightest people and instead you will find them looking for you!

People who want to do something great want to be in a culture of greatness.

Your team is only going to do ½ to ¼ of what you do, so set the bar high!

WHIP: Work ethic, hungry, integrity and personal power (these are your best prospects).

Most people get stressed out because they don’t know what to say when people say no. Just say “God bless you!” and move on.

A diamond is simply a worthless piece of coal that became valuable because it was able to survive under pressure.

Some of the most negative people you will meet are your closest friends and family.

You’ve got to be energized every day, so the negative people don’t beat you down.

Three things to stay sharp: pray, watch a training video, and watch a motivational video daily.

You’ve got to LOVE the business if you want to win. You can’t half step it.

The goal is to get someone to say yes to looking at your business. Do not try to explain your business in detail. The easiest way to share the business is to share a third-party tool.

Do you know someone who might be interested in earning some additional income? This is known as the indirect approach and it works very well.

When you get your prospect’s phone number, you are in control of the only need a few good people to build a big mlm team

F.O.R.M. Family, Occupation, Recreation, Money. These are four good things to discuss when having a conversation with someone.

Keep the conversation short and say less to more people.

You must have the mindset of success.

You can use videos, sizzle calls, three-way calls, DVDs, your plugged in upline, and other business tools to work smart.

You need to have a sense of urgency in this business.

All of you know two people who will get in. Don’t over complicate it.  Start with the people in your house.

This business is about duplication. Set a good example for others to duplicate.

If you do something right, people will do what you do.

If you want your team to grow, master the presentation, so they can watch you do it the right way and they can duplicate it.

Champions commit to their cause for years.

If people want to quit, I don’t beg them to stay.

My goal every day is to outwork all of you at one time.

This business gives ordinary people the chance to be exceptional.

If you don’t make time to work on your dreams, you will spend the rest of your life working on someone else’s dream.

Excuses don’t get it done. Play to win!

About 5Linx

5Linx is a network marketing company located in Rochester, New York. It was founded in 2001 and is privately owned. The company specializes in internet services, home security, identify theft, supplemental health care and a variety of other services.

About PSVP Thomas Felder

Thomas Felder is a Platinum Senior Vice President with 5Linx. He is a graduate of Howard University Law School. According to his LinkedIn page he has been affiliated with 5Linx since 2011.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this is a summary of “Millionaire Prospecting” by 5Linx Platinum Senior Vice President Thomas Felder. This video is so empowering. If you haven’t had the chance to watch it yet, please do so and share it with your own team.

What are your thoughts? What is your biggest takeaway from this Millionaire Prospecting training? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

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