Mike and Robin Carroll: Navy Seal Amway Diamonds

Mike and Robin Carroll are/were Diamonds in the Amway business. They joined the company in the 1980s. They qualified Emerald in 1991 and Diamond in 1994. They are affiliated with the World Wide Dream Builders line of sponsorship. Their upline diamond is Joe and Norma Foglio.

mike and robin carrollPrior to joining Amway, Mike was a Navy Seal. They have one downline diamond, Frank and Lynn Radford. They built their Amway business the old-fashioned way.

They held in-home meetings, conference calls and one-on-one presentations to share the Amway products and business opportunity with others.

From what I read online, Mike resigned from the Navy right before he was eligible for retirement. Apparently, they achieved so much success with Amway that they didn’t need the military pension.

UPDATE: After doing some research online, Mike re-entered the Navy and deployed to Iraq after 9/11.  He went on to retire from the Navy.

I also remember listening to one of Mike’s tapes. I believe it was his Rally Tape. He was a powerful and energetic speaker. His passion for the Amway business really shined through when he spoke. I’m not sure if they are still active with their Amway business or not.

They are outstanding leaders and speakers who helped many others duplicate their success with Amway. They are a true credit to our industry. If you were going to join Amway today, you would want sponsors like Mike and Robin Carroll.


Final Thoughts

If you have ever worked with Amway Diamonds Mike and Robin Carroll personally, I would love to hear your story. Tell us how you met them, how long you have known them, and what they did to help you with your Amway business.

Just leave a comment to this post to share your story. I would also like to hear if they are still active in the business. I know that he is a motivational speaker, but I’d like to find out if they still build their Amway business. Thanks.

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12 thoughts on “Mike and Robin Carroll: Navy Seal Amway Diamonds”

  1. Mike left the navy in 92 I believe after 16 years. He had small children at the time and wanted to invest his time into them and not continue as a SEAL. Bill Clinton was downsizing the military and he took the opportunity. After 9/11/01 He had an overwhelming desire to get back in the Navy. In 2007 at age 50 he not only got back in, but back in the SEALS. He spent 100 days in Iraq including Christmas that year. He finished 4 years in July 2011 and retired with 20 full years of service.
    He spent the majority of his time training new SEALs in San Diego after his time served in Iraq.
    Mike shared his Christian testimony and the importance of being a Godly husband and father with these young men. Something that was missing in SEALs when mike was a new recruit and likely not present after his departure.

    Mike paid for his own double hip replacement prior to getting back in the Navy. He always stayed in shape between his 92 departure and his 2007 re-enlistment. He is a hell of a man and my son is named Michael after him.

  2. I am a current business builder with World Wide Dream Builders out of San Diego/SoCal and can confidently tell you that Mike and Robin are still very much active in building their Amway business. I have the privilege of seeing them on a fairly regular basis and they are an amazing couple that I am honored to know.

    1. I was down line from Mike Carroll can’t find any info or nothing for my up line any info on how to get ahold of anybody will be greatly appreciated. My upline was Clyde and Raj jeager I have one leg that was down line. I was very young and ignorant back then just want some info on maybe getting back into it any help greatly appreciated

  3. I stumbled across this site looking for an update on my former upline (my husband and I left the business many years ago) Mike and Robyn were salt of the earth.

    We did not not know them well but there were occasions to talk one on one, the sincerity and level of commitment to lift others up was amazing.

    I am glad to hear that he is still living the dream.

  4. I have known Mike And Robin sense 1992 at which time he showed me the plan and that’s what it was called then. I got ride with him to a lot of meetings we would always get are coffee at McDonald’s and we drive to jack in the box for food . Never different. I am no longer in the business but I will never forget all the incredible teaching that he gave me . Mike if you ever find this message I want you to know how proud and honored I am to have had you as a mentor. I hope life is going good for you and Robin and kids. You know I have a bunch. I have lost my dream that I once had but I am tired of waiting around and I am redoing my dream now. A man with out a dream will pearish you thought me that. Thank you for your service you truly are a American. Love you and miss you Mike your friend always Keith Jones

  5. I just ran across this older post, and it brought a huge smile to my face, as I am sure it did Chuck’s too as he was writing it. As former military, it always brings happiness to see someone who served our country by risking their life gain success. Mike gained huge success both as a Navy Seal, and also as an Amway Independent Business Owner.

    I would be proud to shake this mans hand, and pick his brain a little to learn from him.

    Thanks for sharing this story Chuck.

  6. The Carroll’s have been in the business close to 30 years now and still have tremendous results. That speaks a lot about them and the longevity of building an Amway business. It is one of the few companies that has been around 30 years and will still be a leader in another 30 years.

  7. I met Mike and Robin Carroll at a Free Enterprise Day many, many years ago. I was really amazed that a former Navy Seal joined the business opportunity and resigned from the Navy just a couple years before he was eligible for retirement. His story is quite amazing. Best of all, they are a really neat couple.

  8. Great couple. They’ve been in the business more than 25 years now and still have a large downline. Mike went back in the Navy to finish his time and retire (smart move). I’ve always admired this couple!

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