Matol Botanical: History, Review and Facts

univeraMatol Botanical is a health and wellness multilevel marketing company.

With their main base being in Canada, they became one of the first privately owned Canadian MLMs.

In today’s post, I am going to provide you with the Matol Botanical history.

I will also give you a review of this multilevel marketing company.

Lastly, I will give you some other facts I discovered while in the process of researching this company.

Matol Botanical History

Way back in the 1920’s, a man by the name of Carl Jurak was researching and testing various natural formulas.

He created a formula that used many of Earth’s natural substances to make a product that helped overall health and well-being.

By personally using the product he developed, Carl and his family seemed to be healthier than many of those around them.

One of Carl’s followers was a man by the name of J.F. Robert Bolduc. J.F., along with Carl’s son, Anthony, founded Matol Botanical in 1984.

Using the multilevel marketing business model, Mr Bolduc grew the business from its Quebec, Canada location to a worldwide success.

The primary ingredients in the product that Matol Botanical makes: Matol KM are:

  • Potassium

  • Calcium

  • Iron

  • Iodine

  • Camomile

  • Sarsaparilla

  • Dandelion

  • Horehound

  • Licorice

  • Senega

  • Passion Flower

  • Thyme

  • and much more

Matol Botanicals was so successful, that other companies took notice.

In 2009, Univera acquired the Matol Botanical assets and distributor network.

This helped distributors because it provided that with more than just the Matol KM product.

They also had the products of Univera to add to their product line.

You can find a link to the Univera website in the reference section at the end of this post.

Matol Botanical Review

From everything I have studied, the Matol Botanical product: Matol KM is a wonderful product.

It comes in liquid or tablet form, and there are long time customers of Matol KM that swear by its benefits.

I also found that distributors were happy with the business and the compensation, but in today’s multilevel marketing world, a company needs to have a variety of products.

This is probably why Mr. Bolduc was willing to allow the acquisition of Matol Botanicals from Univera.

By doing so, it added many other products to the product line.

You will find some distributors still using the Matol Botanical name, but in reality, everything is under the Univera name now.

Matol Botanical Facts

While researching, I discovered a plethora of facts.

  • Anthony Carl Jurak started his own MLM using what he believes to be a better product than the one his father developed: JC Tonic. His MLM company is called Jurak World Wide Inc.

  • When acquired by Univera, Matol Botanical had approximately $2.5 Billion in sales and had distribution centers in Montreal, Arizona and Virginia.

  • J.F. Robert Bolduc was a graduate from the Harvard Business School.

  • Both Matol Botanical and Univera have a goal to “Impact World Health.”

  • Matol KM is quite popular in the United Kingdom where sales are high.

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Final Thoughts

If you have ever used Matol KM, we would like to hear your thoughts of the product.

Also, if you were, or are a distributor who started when it was Matol Botanical and changed over to Univera, please tell us about that change.

Did your commission structure change too?

If you would like to try any of the Matol KM products, I suggest you visit the Univera website.

Also, if you think you would like to have a home-based business selling this product along with other Univera products, you can find out more at the Univera website.

Impacting world health is a very honorable duty to carry. I commend both Univera and Matol Botanical for carrying this goal.

Disclaimer: Neither I nor Online MLM Community is affiliated in any format with Matol Botanical or Univera. This information is for educational purposes and we neither support nor disapprove of Matol Botanical.

Matol Botanical products are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any diseases.


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5 thoughts on “Matol Botanical: History, Review and Facts”

  1. James B McKenzie

    I am a former Matol Dealer. Please let me know what the cost is per bottle and the delivery cost to Hampton, New Brunswick.

    My son and I are both interested

  2. Kevin Maloughney

    I used Matol in the late 1980’s and was able to quit smoking while I used the product. I bought cases to get to the top level and consumed the liquid product. Towards the end of cases I noticed the product was crystallizing but I just shook and drank. I’m very interested to try the tablet pill form

  3. I used this product in the early 1990s sold by a multi-level marketer. Talked to a friend with many chronic physical issues who said she has been using this for a little while and it changed her life. I want to go back to it. Please tell me about the new concerns about the preservatives… are they indeed naturally occurring, or is the FDA correct in requiring them to be listed as “added” preservatives.

    Thank you

    1. I am by no means a product expert. I would continue to ask around. Hopefully, someone else can reply to your comment with additional information. All the best.

  4. Hi my name is Chris, I am keeping the Univera/matol brand alive in the UK with I have been taking Km since 1995 and is a great product! Can you list our site for UK viewers?


    Chris Langley

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