Make Money with Cheap Ugly Postcards

Today, I want to talk to you about how to make money with cheap ugly postcards. This advice will benefit:

  • Bloggers
  • Online Marketers
  • Network Marketers
  • Infopreneurs
  • Small Business Owners
  • & Anyone Looking for a Side Hustle

Why Direct Mail

Why Direct Mail?

While most people are obsessed with the internet, like bees are with honey, you must realize the internet is crowded and competitive. People have the attention span of a gnat while on the internet. People are bombarded with emails, ads and marketing messages while spending even five minutes online.

Not so with direct mail. People love to check their mail every day and most people read all of their mail before they decide to keep it or throw it away. In my opinion, reaching someone by mail is much easier to do than reaching someone online.

I also believe that direct mail is much CHEAPER than doing things online. Advertising online is expensive, but I can print a postcard, buy a lead, and buy a stamp for about 45 cents.

Direct mail has a better response rate than email marketing, with 4.4% of campaigns receiving a response when delivered through the mail, compared to just 0.12% online.

That means that in a campaign delivered to 1,000 people, 43 more people will interact with your direct mail than your emails. 

You’re missing out if you push your entire marketing budget into email—especially when direct mail can be more cost-effective. ~ Source: LucidPress

Why Use Cheap Ugly Postcards

Why Use Cheap Ugly Postcards?

Many people wonder why someone would pick a cheap ugly postcard, rather than something that is pleasing to the eye. Here are a few reasons that come to mind.

  1. They are easy to make
  2. They are inexpensive
  3. They get your prospect’s attention
  4. They stand out in the crowd

The bottom line is that cheap ugly postcards are different. They’re so ugly, people feel inclined to read them. They work. The only thing on them is your MESSAGE.

Here‟s the key to understand the psychology of postcard success. With postcards, you only have a 10 second window of opportunity to get someone to respond. You see, postcards are a “direct response” marketing venue. The goal is to generate direct, immediate response. The person looking at your postcard will give you the 10 seconds. Your goal is to give them all they need in that 10 second window to cause them to either go to your website or call you on the phone.

If you‟re marketing a home business-type program, just give them your 800 Sizzle line Message or a Website. Personally I prefer to use a (800) Sizzle Message to pre-sell or get them excited to take the next step, such as visit my website or listen to a conference call. But if you‟re a carpet cleaner or a dentist, for example, you want them to call you and make an appointment.


What Should be Printed on Your Postcard

What Should Be Printed on Your Cheap Ugly Postcard?

Your cheap ugly postcard should be on bright yellow or bright pink cardstock, so they stand out. There should be NO GRAPHICS of any kind. Your goal is simply to have a headline, a few benefit/bullet points and a strong call to action. You can send people to your sizzle call or website to get additional information.

Your headline must CAPTURE their attention. Your benefit or bullet points must tell your prospect what’s in it for them and your call to action must tell them exactly what you want them to do next.

Also, you want to have several ways for people to get in touch with you. Make sure you include at least three ways for people to reach you, such as your email, website and phone number.

It’s best not to try to sell something directly from your postcard. Instead, you want to offer your prospect free information and then let that free information sell them on what it is you are offering.

Finally, make sure you use a real stamp on your postcard. Sorry, but no metered mail or bulk mail. The real stamp makes your postcard stand out.

How to Make Money with Cheap Ugly Postcards

How to Make Money with Cheap Ugly Postcards

You can make money with cheap ugly postcards by selling something. It could be a product or service. Several examples include:

  1. A Training Course on How to Make Money with Postcards
  2. Business Coaching
  3. SEO & Website Services
  4. Business Opportunities
  5. Marketing Services for Small Businesses
  6. Consulting Services
  7. Seminars or Live Events
  8. Big Ticket Affiliate Programs
  9. Dating Services
  10. And just about anything else!

Keep in mind, these are just the first things that came to my mind. I’d bet if you sat down for an hour, you could come up with hundreds of ideas.

The best thing to do is us a two-step selling process. Use your postcard to give away free information and then let your free information sell your product or service.

~ Chuck Holmes

How to Get Started with Cheap Ugly Postcards

How to Get Started with Cheap Ugly Postcards

At this point, you might be wondering how to get started with cheap ugly postcards. I want to share my step by step instructions, so you can achieve success.

# 1: Pick a Niche

The first thing you need to do is pick a niche. Any niche COULD work. However, I suggest you pick a niche you understand and pick a niche where people have disposable income and are already spending money on stuff THROUGH THE MAIL. Put some serious thought into your niche selection. You don’t want a niche that is so small you can’t find any lists to buy. The best niches are MASS MARKET, such as weight loss, making money, dealing with stress, relationships, sex, personal finances, etc.

# 2: Identify a Need

Once you have chosen a niche, the next thing you need to do is identify a need. Ultimately, you need to figure out the problems and concerns the people in your niche are having. If you don’t know, do a survey and ask people. You are looking for a need or void to fill.

# 3: Pick a Product

Now that you know your niche, and you have identified a need, the next step is to find a product. When it comes to choosing a product or service, you must look for something that offers the following things.

  • Minimum $100 to $200 profit PER SALE and preferably more than that
  • Offers a real value
  • Solves a problem people in your niche are dealing with
  • Comes with a strong money back guarantee

I only suggest you promote a product or service you are familiar with and have used yourself.

# 4: Design Your Postcard

Your next step is to design your cheap ugly postcard. If you don’t have any marketing or copywriting experience, I suggest you find someone to hire. It should cost you less than $50. Once you have a design, share it with several people in your niche to see their reaction to the content. Also, share your postcard with a few copywriters to get their input. Your postcard should be simple and easy to read, have a strong headline, a few bullet points and a strong call to action.

# 5: Buy a List

You’re heading in the right direction. Your next step is to buy your mailing list. There are tons of vendors online where you can buy mailing lists from. In most cases, you’re going to pay anywhere from 8 cents to 15 cents per lead, depending on the niche you chose and how many leads you buy at a time.

# 6: Mail Your First Batch of Postcards

Next, you want to mail your first batch of at least 2,500 postcards. Anything less than this is too small of a sample size. This will give you a good idea about your response rates and help you determine if your product or service will sell.

# 7: Test & Tweak

Once your first mailing is complete, the next step is to analyze your numbers. How many leads did you generate? How many sales did you get? What is your Return on Investment? What worked well and what could you do differently the next time around? Feel free to make a few small adjustments and then compare your results with your first mailing. This will give you good insight.

# 8: Scale Your Efforts

You are now ready to scale your efforts. Now you can mail 5,000 to 10,000 postcards at a time and know you will get a predictable result. This is where the real money is made. Do not jump to this step too quickly. Even if you have a lot of money you can invest, break into down into smaller batches, so you can keep improving your conversion rates and make the most amount of money possible.

The beauty of postcards which is also the beauty of direct mail and direct marketing is that once you test a postcard and a product and find a winner, you‟ll get the same response with 100 postcards as you will with 100,000 postcards. It‟s a numbers game…specifically a percent of response numbers game.


What Other Are Saying About Cheap Ugly Postcards

What Others Are Saying

Many business owners are convinced that a Simple, Cheap & Ugly Postcard with the right message on it, mailed out to previous clients or to prospective customers gets the most bang for the advertising buck of any form of promotion, even when they also advertise in print, on the radio and TV, sky-writing, you name it.

You can mail out a Simple, Cheap & Ugly Postcard up to 4 1/4 inches by 6 inches via First Class Mail pre-sorted very affordable. You will get this cheaper than the lowest letter and that’s for standard, bulk rate, not first class. If you find the right company you can get 5,000 high quality, full-color, laminated Simple, Cheap & Ugly Postcards printed and mailed for under $400.


In order, postcard design must:

  1. command attention
  2. create desire
  3. visually guide customers to your call to action

Notably absent from this list is “be beautiful.” Postcards are not paintings. They are not art. They are marketing tools. Ugly postcards easily satisfy all three design purposes. They command attention because they’re unique and different. Enormous black letters on a yellow background provides stark contrast, is easy to read, and efficiently delivers a marketing message. That marketing message creates desire, and if all that’s left is a call to action customers’ eyes will be drawn to it.

Source: BlogPSPrint

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks. These are my best tips on how to make money with cheap ugly postcards. What are your thoughts? Have you ever tried mailing postcards before? If so, what was your experience like? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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