Long Term Relationships Equal Long Term Money in MLM

Long term relationships equal long term money in MLM.  This is a valuable lesson I learned from MLM Legend Jeff Roberti, and I believe it is vitally important to understand.

At the end of the day, network marketing is a RELATIONSHIP business.  It’s a numbers game UNTIL you get people in and find your key people, but then it quickly becomes a relationship business.

It’s not the size of your downline, the number of products you sell or how big your bonus check is this month that matters.  All of those things are temporary and fluctuate from month to month.

What matters most is the number of good relationships you have with other leaders in your team (and in the industry).

Companies come and go. Downlines come and go.  But good relationships can last a lifetime.

People who like you, know you, trust you, and respect you will follow you just about anywhere! They will be loyal to you and they are less likely to quit the business if they are close friends with you.

That is why it is so essential to develop strong relationships with everyone on your team, especially the serious people.

The only way to develop these relationships is to invest your time and energy with each person. You need to spend time with them face-to-face, at conventions, at meetings, on SKYPE, and on the phone.

You need to send thank you cards, holiday cards and thinking about you cards.

The bottom line is you want to invest your time, money and energy in them helping them reach THEIR goals with the business.  You have to show them that you care about them as a person, not just the money they can make you.

When you can do that, you will create loyalty and strong relationships.

When you take your eyes off yourself to help others get what they want, you will  win!  The ONLY way to succeed in this industry is to help others succeed.

When you study some of the top earners in our industry who have been successful for 20, 30, even 40 or more years with ONE company, you will see that they’ve created such strong relationships with their team that they would NEVER lose these people to another company or person.

They don’t have to worry about competition or the next shiny object.

They have such strong relationships with their team that their business is secure and stable.

That is exactly what you want to happen in your business.

Starting today, spend your time and energy building relationships with your team, especially with the key people.

Build up your rolodex and make a conscious effort to keep in touch with these folks often and form strong relationships.

Do that and attrition won’t be as big of a problem as it is now in your business.

Don’t do it and watch your business die a slow death.

One Key Thought

Just to clarify, I’m not telling you that you have to build strong relationships with thousands of people personally.  That would be next to impossible to do.

Instead, find 3-10 personally sponsored people who are serious and work closely with them. Once they are trained and independent of you, and you have a solid relationship with them, start building strong relationships DEEP in your organization.

Look for serious people in depth.  The deeper the better.  When you find someone down deep in your group, offer them your help.  Treat them as if they were personally sponsored by you.

Keep in mind this takes time.  It won’t happen overnight.  It will probably take you minimum five years to find 20 to 100 really serious people on your team that you can form friendships with.

long term relationships equal big money in mlmUltimately, your goal is to have ROCK SOLID relationships with 20 to 100 SERIOUS people on your team.  Do that and you can build a dynasty.

And teach your 20 to 100 “friends” to each do the same thing themselves.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line of this article is that long term relationships equal long term money in MLM.

You want to develop life-long relationships with your key people and do what you can to help them succeed.

That really is the key to long term success in MLM.

What do you think?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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2 thoughts on “Long Term Relationships Equal Long Term Money in MLM”

  1. This is where many network marketers fail. They treat others as aquaintences instead of as relationships. I must also add that there needs to be realism in that relationship. In some cases, people know they need to be this way, but you can tell they are “faking.” It is like going to a service station or restaurant and having the person waiting on you giving a fake smile and you can tell they are just doing it because they have to. Being real is important.

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