Long-Distance MLM Teams: Tips, Considerations & Good to Know Info

Today, I’d like to talk briefly about long distance MLM Teams. I’ll cover HOW to build one, why you should do it, and share my best success tips.

What is a Long Distance MLM Team?

First of all, a long distance MLM Team is a distributor or group of distributors that live more than a 3-hour drive from your home.

Assuming you work a normal nine to five job you could leave work at 5, drive to their house by 8, conduct your meeting, and then drive back home with plenty of time left to get some sleep, before going to work the following day. Make sense?

Why Should You Build Long Distance MLM Teams

Why Should You Build Long Distance MLM Teams?

Long distance MLM Teams are typically your best teams. Because they live such a long distance away, they can’t rely on you 24/7 for help.

This forces the person to step into a leadership role QUICKER, if they are serious about building a business. They will start hosting their own meetings and training their own teams. This is exactly what you want to happen.

Also, keep in mind, there are approximately 7 billion people worldwide, and about 350 million people in the United States. No matter what size town or city you live in, there will ALWAYS be more prospects long distance than in your local area.

Another reason to build long-distance MLM Teams is to stabilize your business. Assume you only built locally, and then the job market and housing market in your hometown crashed. What would happen with your reps? Would they quit or stop ordering?

The final benefit of building long distance MLM Teams, that I can think of, is diversity. By building long distance teams you can easily attract different religions, ethnicities, and groups of people from different occupations. I believe doing so makes your team stronger.

How to Build a Long Distance MLM Team

How to Build a Long Distance MLM Team

Back in the day, prior to the internet and social media, building long distance teams was expensive and time consuming. You had to advertise and drive.

Not so anymore. Now you can leverage email, phone, social media, texting, Facetime, and ZOOM to meet with long distance reps virtually, whenever it is convenient. Best of all, these resources are FREE to use. We have it made compared to reps building their business in the 1970s and 1980s.

From personal experience, I have a huge team of about 190,000 people and NONE of them are in my local area. I’ve built my team through the internet, so it shows what is possible.

I recommend every rep start in their local area first and build a small group, prior to building long distance. Try to build a team of 50-100 reps in your hometown. This will enable you to have local meetings and local support, just want you want. Plus, it will create a wonderful team culture and atmosphere.

In addition, you can grow your long-distance team organically, by collaborating with people you recruit locally, and then expand into their circle of influence and warm market.

You can also advertise offline, online, or leverage social media to recruit people from every state in the USA, and even different countries.

Tips for Success

Here are some of my best success tips for building long-distance MLM Teams.

Set Expectations: It’s vital that you set expectations with your new long distance business partners. Make sure they have realistic expectations about the business. Talk to them about what you expect from them and what they should expect from you. This will set the tone for the relationship if you do it properly.

Communicate Frequently: It’s vital that you communicate frequently with your new long distance team members. For their first 90-days in the business, you should communicate with them 4-5 times per week. Leverage ZOOM, Facetime, SKYPE, or whatever works best for the two of you.

Support, Support, Support: Be accessible and provide great support. Make sure your new long-distance team members know about your team’s system, training schedule, resources, and tools.

Launch Your New Reps: One of my best success tips is to launch your new long-distance reps properly. Book two home meetings or launch parties with them and help them get a few people sponsored quickly. You have at most 7 to 30-days before they will decide to quit or stay. The quicker you can help them get a positive result, the better.

prospect desire to buy

One Final Point

My best piece of advice is to look for quality people, regardless of where they live. Don’t be so obsessed with recruiting locally (or long distance). Leverage the internet to find qualified prospects who are hungry for your opportunity or products. That should be your # 1 priority.  At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter so much where people live, but what their desire is for your product or business.

What Others Are Saying

Here are some quotes and tips I found online from other bloggers and network marketers about building long distance MLM Teams. Enjoy.

Establish a long distance sponsoring budget: You have to spend money to make money. Long distance sponsoring is going to create expenses you don’t normally have when you sponsor distributors locally. To determine whether it will pay off for you, you’d better understand the costs involved. The first obvious expense is of calling charges and data rates on phone plans that don’t have unlimited data. Are you going to be mailing support materials to downline distributors? Plan on postage and mailing expenses for communication and shipping expenses for support materials. Are you planning on flying out to meet your downline or join an event? Plan a travel budget to support your downline group. This is obvious, but must be mentioned anyway: Make use of free technology (email, Skype, messaging services, etc.) to cut down on your long distance communication expenses. ~ MLM Legal


One key thing that is very important when recruiting out of town people, is setting the right expectations! There is phenomenal opportunity! They are new to the area! They’re one of the first to be there! They could make an obscene about of money! But with great rewards, there is great work. So let them know that… while they will have all these positive benefits… They will also really need to step up to the plate… They will need to be the Pioneer in their Market. No one’s going to spoon-feed them. They need to adopt the phrase and mentality “if it’s going to be it’s up to me!” ~ Summer Jeronimo

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are my best tips on how and why to build long distance MLM Teams. What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with me? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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5 thoughts on “Long-Distance MLM Teams: Tips, Considerations & Good to Know Info”

  1. Yes building a long distance MLM team is great. Most of my team members that are outside my country and extremely active. I don’t really have people in my state all my members are outside my state.

  2. I’m reading this and I couldn’t help but search in your page for more articles. It so interesting to me to read and learn new stuff for my business every single day and this page and community has been helping a lot. Moreover, learning about communication and building long distance MLM Teams. We know that communication is vital to anything in our lives, but usually we don’t apply it to our business. Now, after reading this I have learned and opened my eyes to not only how to make the long distance MLM work, but also how to communicate better. Thank you!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed my article about building long distance MLM Teams. If you’re doing the industry, you should strive to branch out and build teams across your state, country, and even internationally.

  3. This is actually a very helpful article that would guide anyone to build their own long distance MLM team. Building such team is really a great idea, and the fact that it can attract different religions, ethnicities and groups of people from different occupations is actually cool. I agree with all the points here as it is really convincing as to why someone should start a long distance MLM team, and since it is a digital era, it is a plus point for starting such team. The tips for success would definitely work as a perfect guide to run the team.

    1. Yes, building long distance MLM Teams is a good thing. Building local teams is good too. However, your best people will almost always be long distance, for the reasons mentioned in the article.

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