LiveGood Training & Support: What to Expect

In today’s post, I’d like to give a brief overview of the LiveGood training and support. I want you to know what training is available to you when you sign up as a LiveGood affiliate.

LiveGood is an up and coming network marketing company. Launched in December 2022, more than 800,000 paid members joined in the first 11 months. They are disrupting the MLM Industry, which is a good thing.

As an industry veteran myself, with 21+ years in the industry, I can assure you that LiveGood has their act together with training and support. More so than most other network marketing companies. Most of the training is provided by the company, but there is also training available from your upline support team (in most cases).

livegood training and support

LiveGood Training Webinars

LiveGood offers training webinars four times per week, plus there is a Saturday call with their top leader. Here’s a brief overview of their webinars.

Monday: Product Call with Dr. Ryan & Lisa Goodkin

Every Monday at noon eastern time our Director of Product Development, Dr. Ryan Goodkin, and our amazing Director of Product Education, Lisa Goodkin, talk in depth about a different product or wellness tip. These calls are powerful, exciting, and you will ALWAYS learn something! You should attend these calls to learn more about the LiveGood products. Access it here.

Wednesday: Network Marketing Training with Nauder

Learn from one of the legends in the network marketing industry, our Director of Network Marketing, Nauder Khazan, on how the network marketing industry works, and what makes LiveGood so amazing! You can access it here.

Thursday: Business Opportunity and Cut-Off Zoom with the Company Founders

Every Thursday evening at 8pm eastern time, the company founders hold a business opportunity presentation. They do some product training, recognition, and share the benefits of being involved with LiveGood. This is a great training webinar to invite your prospects and team members to. Here’s the link

Friday: Rank Recognition and TRAINING Zoom with the Company Founders

These calls are action packed. Each week the company founders share the growth for the previous week. They also share announcements and updates. Best of all, they invite top affiliates from the field to train. These calls are motivating and exciting. They are my favorite call to attend. Here’s the link

LiveGood Training & Support

In addition to the weekly webinars, they have the following things:

They also have a company Facebook group you can join. You can read testimonials and get success tips on there. The link to access the Facebook group is in your back office.

They also have a YouTube channel you can subscribe to. They have a large selection of videos to watch. You can learn everything you need about the products, business opportunity, and business building tips.

In addition to what the company provides, you also have what your upline support team offers.

For example, our team offers a team Facebook group. Our top leaders also do a training call on ZOOM every Sunday. We also do one-on-one coaching as needed. Get with your plugged in upline leaders to see what they have available for you. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel if your upline already has these things in place.

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Even if your sponsor quit, or you don’t have anyone in your upline to help you, there are no excuses with LiveGood. You can simply plug in to the company’s training webinars, videos, and Facebook group and have everything you need to succeed in the business! It’s awesome. Best of all, the company training is 100% free!

If you haven’t joined LiveGood yet, and would like to know more about it, you can take the free tour right here. Thanks for stopping by. Here’s to your success!

Disclaimer: Individual results will vary. I am an independent affiliate with LiveGood.

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