LiveGood Power Hour: Build Your LiveGood Business in an Hour a Day

In today’s training, I want to educate you about our LiveGood Power Hour. This is an idea put together by Courtney, Landee, and Michelle. They are leaders on our team. I have tremendous respect for these ladies. I’ve added my own list of tasks to what they teach. Enjoy the training.

livegood power hour

What is the LiveGood Power Hour?

What is the LiveGood Power Hour? It’s where you get 100% focused on your LiveGood business for one hour per day. You focus on income producing activities and take all out massive action.

You can build your LG business in one hour per day if you get organized and have a game-plan. Pick the tasks off this list that make sense to you and do them daily, five to six days per week. Spend 30 minutes on lead generation, 15 minutes on follow up, and 15 minutes on team support and duplication.

Lead Generation (30 Minutes)
  • Mail 10 postcards to prospects.
  • Hand out 10 drop cards (ATM, gas pump, restaurant, etc.).
  • Hand out 10 flyers.
  • Send 2 handwritten notes to prospects, customers, or team members.
  • Call or text 5 prospects.
  • Publish a curiosity post on Facebook.
  • Add 10 new Facebook Friends.
  • Publish a YouTube video.
  • Publish a reel on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.
  • Post Tweets on Twitter about LiveGood.
  • Publish an article on LinkedIn.
  • Message people on LinkedIn.
  • Publish a Facebook Live.
  • Publish a Podcast.
  • Contact one person on your Chicken List.
  • Post in three Facebook groups.
  • Share a testimonial with someone.
  • Contact 5 contacts in your phone.
  • Update your email signature.
  • Email 5 prospects in your list of contacts.
  • Respond to 5 spam messages.
  • Leave forum and blog comments with your link.
  • Add 10 names to your name’s list.
  • Publish PowerPoint slides on SlideShare about LiveGood.
  • Collect 3 business cards and email the person to introduce yourself.
  • Engage on other people’s social media posts.
  • Mail a prospect a birthday card (include you drop card in it).
  • Offer someone a free sample.
  • Buy an ad.
  • Ask 3 people for referrals.
  • Post an Instagram or Facebook story.
  • Experiment with a new lead generation strategy.
Follow Up & Closing (15 Minutes)
  • Reach out to five people who liked or commented on your Facebook post, story, or reel.
  • Contact a former rep who quit and ask them to come back.
  • Reach out to five people in your pipeline to follow up with.
  • Send a handwritten note to a prospect.
  • Share an update with your prospects about the company or your success.
Duplication & Team Support (15 Minutes)
  • Email 5 team members to offer your help or encouragement.
  • Launch a New Rep.
  • Recognize a team member publicly.
  • Do a contest/challenge with another team member.
  • Reach out a team member you have not met before and introduce yourself.
  • Conduct a three-way call with a team member.
  • Help a team member do ANY of these tasks.

If you don’t know what one of these tasks are, go to YouTube and search for it or Google it! Also, the more tasks you do each day, the faster your business will grow.

Where to Get Your Prospects

Download ALL Facebook, cell phone, email, and LinkedIn contacts. Put the names in ONE document or spreadsheet. This will be your master list. Eliminate duplicates on the list. For most people, this will give you 3,000 to 10,000 prospects to start with. Each day, add 10 to 20 new people to your list. Do that and you will never run out of people to approach.

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In conclusion, the LiveGood Power Hour works if you work it, and do it consistently. Being persistent and consistent in your business is the key to success. One hour of daily focus is more than enough to be successful. If you follow the advice in this training you will be well on your way.

Join My LiveGood Team

If you’re not already involved in LiveGood and would like to learn more about becoming a customer or affiliate, I encourage you to visit this page to learn more.

Disclaimer: Individual results will vary. I am an independent affiliate.

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