LiveGood Fast Start Commissions

In today’s post, I’d like to discuss the LiveGood Fast Start Commissions. What you will see below is my video, and a summary of the video I made covering this topic. As a quick disclaimer, I am an independent affiliate. Individual results will vary.

LiveGood Fast Start Commissions

Fast Start commissions are quite common in the network marketing industry. Most companies that offer it do things a little bit differently. In LiveGood, the first month someone joins the business, the commissions from their membership are paid via a Fast Start commission to their enroller.

For example, if I sign up Joe and today is August 21st and Joe pays the $40 affiliate fee and $9.95 membership fee, I will get paid 50% of that as a fast start commission ($25). This is a ONE-TIME payment. Starting his second month in the business, I will receive matrix pay for him.

You can receive unlimited fast start commissions. Regardless of your rank, you will always receive 50% Fast Start Commissions on everyone you personally enroll. Most people don’t enroll anyone, but we’ve had some people enroll hundreds of people. What you do is up to you.

If someone enrolls as a member (not an affiliate), you receive $5 Fast Start Commissions. If someone enrolls as an affiliate, you receive $25.

LiveGood also offers Fast Start Matching commissions. Once you hit the rank of Bronze, you can receive 10% Fast Start Matching Bonuses on everyone in your second generation. Your first generation is everyone you enroll. Your second generation is everyone they enroll. Your third generation is everyone they enroll, etc.

As a Bronze, you receive 10% matching on your second generation. If you sign up Tim, and Tim enrolls 20 people, and you are a Bronze or higher, you would match on all 20 people Tim signed up.

livegood fast start commissions

Once you hit silver, you get four levels of Fast Start matching. Once you hit GOLD, you get six levels of fast start matching. Once you hit PLATINUM, you get eight levels of fast start matching. And once you get DIAMOND, you get 10 levels of fast start matching.

This incentivizes you to enroll a lot of people AND to help the people you enroll succeed. As you rank up, you get paid deeper. This can result in a significant income.

For example, I’ve enrolled 75 people personally, in my first two months. I received 50% on each of them. Many of them have enrolled others. I have received Fast Start Matching on them, too. And because I’m currently a GOLD, I get paid on eight levels of Fast Start Matching.

You can see the chart below to see how many people you can match on. It’s crazy.

livegood fast start commissions

Overview from Company Website

Here’s what the company’s website says about it:

For each person who you refer to LiveGood who becomes a member and an affiliate for $49.95, we will reward you with a $25 commission paid out the very next week! Plus, if any of the people you enroll choose to enroll others, not only will they be rewarded, but you will also receive additional bonus commissions up to 10 levels deep.

Weekly Fast Start Commissions are paid out on the first month’s membership and on the $40.00 affiliate sign up fee. So you will receive $5 for any new members that you refer, plus $20 for any new affiliates you refer. Since many people join as both a member AND an affiliate, you will receive BOTH of those amounts for a total of $25 paid out the very next week! ~ Company website

My Thoughts

I’d like to add in one final thought. If you are new to LiveGood, the primary source of your income, for your first few months, will be Fast Start Commissions. Why? It takes time for the matrix to catch up and grow, since no one receives matrix pay on new people until their second month in the business. If you’re looking to make money in LiveGood, get busy retailing and recruiting, rather than sitting around waiting for spillover.


In conclusion, the LiveGood Fast Start commissions are quite lucrative, if you are actively enrolling people and building your business. It rewards you to recruit new members and affiliates and to help your team members do the same. I encourage you to take a closer look at LiveGood and see what it’s all about.

Join My LiveGood Team

If you haven’t joined LiveGood yet, but want to, you can visit my website here to take your free tour and learn more about it. I know you will love our products. At the time of writing this post, I’ve been in the company for two months and have a team of 650+ people. I plan on being a Diamond by Christmas this year. I only say this to let you know I am serious, know what I am doing, and can help you succeed. I look forward to working with you.

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