LiveGood Diamond Bonus Pool Explained

In today’s post, I’d like to discuss the LiveGood Diamond bonus pool. As a quick disclaimer upfront, individual results will vary. I am an independent affiliate.

The LiveGood Diamond Bonus Pool is a lucrative part of the company’s compensation plan. It’s designed to reward affiliates who build, maintain, and support large teams. If you’re curious about the requirements to qualify as a LiveGood Diamond, here’s what I found on the company’s website.

Must have 3 separate Enroller Tree legs with a Platinum ranked Affiliate, plus a total of 2,500 active members in your team. Or 2,500 active members in your Enroller Tree team with no more than 500 counting from any individual Enroller Tree leg.

It’s not an easy rank to hit, but it is doable, if you put in the work and stay consistent. Some people have qualified as Diamond their first month. Others took a few months. My goal is to reach DIAMOND within my first 6 months in the company.

livegood diamond bonus pool

The LiveGood Diamond Bonus Pool

The LiveGood Diamond bonus pool takes 2 percent of the company’s gross revenue each month, and splits it among the qualified diamonds. Here’s a breakdown of how it could work.

Assume the company does $10 million in sales in one month. This includes product sales, membership sales, and any other type of company revenue. Two percent of that amount, which would be $200,000, in this example, is put aside for the Diamond Bonus pool.

If 40 people qualified as Diamonds that month, the $200,000 would be distributed evenly amongst those 40 Diamonds. In this example, which is just a hypothetical example, each diamond would receive $5,000 that month, in addition to their other commissions.

The amount that is paid out each month is not a set amount. It fluctuates, but is always 2 percent of the company’s revenue divided by the number of qualified diamonds. The payouts for some months could be bigger/smaller than previous months depending on company revenue and the number of qualified Diamonds.

From the Diamonds I’ve spoken to, the payout has ranged anywhere from about $4k to $7k in a single month, but this is just what I’ve been told.

What I like about the LiveGood Diamond bonus pool is that you are rewarded for the work of everyone in the company. Even people not in your team contribute to the company’s total revenue, which in return, a percentage of is put aside for the Diamond bonus pool.

Keep in mind you must qualify/requalify as a DIAMOND each month to continue to receive it.

LiveGood Crown Diamond Bonus Pool

In addition to the LiveGood Diamond bonus pool, there is an additional bonus pool for Crown Diamonds. It works like the Diamond bonus pool, except 1/2 of 1 percent of the company’s total revenue is set aside each month and then split among qualified Crown Diamonds.

livegood crown diamond bonus pool

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In conclusion, the LiveGood Diamond bonus pool is a lucrative part of our company’s compensation plan. If you’re an independent LiveGood affiliate, I encourage you to put in the work and go Diamond. You can do it!

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