Live Good Getting Started Training for New Affiliates

In today’s post, I’d like to share my Live Good Getting Started Training. While this information is designed for people in my LG Runners team, it will benefit anyone looking to build a successful Live Good business. As a quick disclaimer upfront, individual results will vary. Plus, I am an independent affiliate. All views in this training are my own.

Live Good Getting Started Training

It’s better to start right than start over. When you first sign up with Live Good, knock out these simple tasks before you go out and mess everything up. In addition, don’t make the mistake of giving yourself information overload or think you need to know everything to be successful. The beauty of this business is its simplicity. Keep it simple because confused people do NOTHING. Follow these steps and you can’t go wrong.

Step # 1: Activate Your Membership for ONE YEAR

Your first step is to activate your membership for one year. I do not recommend the monthly option to ANYONE. Why? Because if you are just going to “try it” for a month, you won’t stick around long. By purchasing the yearly option, you save $20. You get two months free. Plus, you are qualified for commissions for ONE YEAR.

It takes time to build a successful business. No one does it in a month or two. You already know that. Give yourself time to succeed. Within one year, you should have a good business, assuming you put in the work and stay consistent.

Step # 2: Order Some Products.

In Live Good, we don’t need to buy products every month, but I do believe you should use some of their products. I think it makes sense to order a few products. This will help build up your belief in the products. It will also give you an excellent product testimonial or story to share with your prospects. My favorite products so far are the Reds, Greens, coffee, and Amino Acids. In the next few weeks, we will have the Collagen and the sleeping patches. I’m excited about that.

live good 500k members

Step # 3: Personalize Your Link 

When you login to your back office, and click on MY INFO, you can set up your website username. This allows you to personalize your link. Pick a username that is simple, catchy, and easy to remember. Keep it to one or two words. You can also customize the name people see when they visit your website. I suggest you use your real name, but you can put whatever you’d like.

Step # 4: Set Up Your Payment Method 

If you live in the USA, you can pick the direct deposit option. If you live outside the USA, you have two other options. Choose the payment option that works best for you, based on where you live. Just click on the MY EARNINGS tab and follow the instructions.

live good payment options

Step # 5: Navigate the Back Office

Spend some time navigate the back office. Click on each tab and read the information. Familiarize yourself with where everything is located. It’s a simple back office, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. All it takes is 20 or 30 minutes to complete.

livegood back office

Step # 6: Review the Company’s Compensation Plan

The next step in this Live Good Getting Started Training is to review the company’s compensation plan. You can click on the tab that says PAY PLAN and read the six ways we get paid. On the bottom of that page is a link that explains the Live Good ranks. I’ve also embedded my YouTube video below covering our compensation plan in detail.

Step # 7: Read the Frequently Asked Questions 

Corporate has put together a list of the most frequent questions. You can click on that tab and read the frequently asked questions and answers. That way if people ask you any of these questions you will know the answer or know where to get the answer.

live good faq

Step # 8: Join the Company’s Facebook Group

You can join the company’s Facebook page by clicking here. In this group you will get training on the products and business plus plenty of motivation.

Step # 9: Join Our Team’s Facebook Group

If you are in my team, you can visit my Facebook profile and send me a private message to add you to our team’s group. It’s a secret group so you won’t find it by searching for it on Facebook. Please know this group is only for people in my team. If you’re not in my team, ask your enroller or coach to add you to their group.

Step # 10: Sign Up Two People You Care About the Most and Go Bronze

Bronze is the most important rank in this company. Everyone should be a Bronze. EVERYONE. No excuses. A Bronze has personally enrolled two members. I encourage you to start with the two people you care about the most and sign them up first. This should be your spouse, parents, adult children, best friend, etc. That way you position them at the top of your matrix so they can benefit from your hard work.

Step # 11: Ask 20 to 50 People DAILY to Take a Free Tour

This is where the magic happens in our business. We are a business of exposures. Get with your coach to find a couple scripts you can use to message or email people. Once you have a script, contact MINIMUM 20 to 50 people per DAY, your first 90-days in the business. This will position you for long-term success. Your # 1 goal is to share your link and ask people to watch the video and take a free tour. Say less to more people and take the focus off you. As you make exposures, don’t forget to follow up with each person.

Step # 12: Attend the Company’s Training Webinars

The company provides great training webinars at least three times per week. If you click on the tab in your back office that says WEBINAR SCHEDULE, you will find the times and access information. I suggest you attend each webinar at least four or five times to learn as much as you can. The calls are organized, on point, motivating, and loaded with valuable information.

live good webinar schedule

Step # 13: Work with Your Coach

Work with a coach. It might be your enroller. It might be someone else. Find someone you resonate with, and respect, who is as serious about their business as you are about your business and collaborate. This business is a team sport. Don’t be a lone wolf. Talk with your coach daily. If nothing else, it will keep you accountable and on point.


In conclusion, this is my Live Good Getting Started training. I hope you found the information helpful. If you’ve joined this company, you made a wise move. If you’re still sitting on the sidelines and aren’t involved yet, you can check out my link here to learn more about it.
On a side note, what are your best Getting Started Tips for new Live Good affiliates? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.

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