List of Publicly Traded MLM Companies

Today, I want to share a list of publicly traded MLM Companies. I am not 100% sure if this is a complete list, but after doing my research online it should be pretty accurate. If you know of another MLM Company that is traded publicly, but not mentioned below, please leave a comment at the end of this article to let me know. Thanks.

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

This is an exchange based in New York City with some of the largest companies in the world. It is considered the largest equities-based exchange in the world. To be listed on the NYSE, you must be the best of the best. Here are the MLM Companies I found listed on the NYSE:

  • Avon
  • Herbalife
  • Visalus (traded as part of Blythe Industries)
  • Partylite (traded as part of Blythe Industries)
  • Take Shape for Life (traded as part of Medifast)
  • Nu Skin Enterprises
  • Primerica
  • Kirby (traded as part of Berkshire Hathaway)
  • Worldbook (traded as part of Berkshire Hathaway)
  • Pampered Chef (traded as part of Berkshire Hathaway)

Publicly Traded MLM Companies

National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation (NASDAQ)

Founded in 1971, the NASDAQ is the second largest stock exchange in the U.S., behind the NYSE. In order to qualify for listing on this exchange, a company must be registered with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) in the US. It must also have at least three market makers and meet minimum requirements for assets, capital, public shares and shareholders (source).

Over the Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB)

The OTC Bulletin Board or OTCBB is a United States quotation medium operated by FINRA for its subscribing members. It is used for many over the counter (OTC) equity securities that are not listed on the NASDAQ or a national stock exchange.

  • Forever Green
  • Lifevantage Corp.
  • Youngevity (traded as part of AI International)


This is a stock exchange based in Toronto, Canada.

  • Immunotec


The Stockholm Stock Exchange is a stock exchange located in Frihamnen, Stockholm, Sweden. It was founded in 1863. It has become the primary securities exchange of the Nordic countries. More than 300 companies have been listed for trading (source).

The one MLM company I found listed here is:

  • Oriflame

Sao Paolo

The BM&F BOVESPA is a stock exchange located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. As of December 31, 2011 it had a market capitalization of US $1.22 Trillion, making it in the 13th largest stock exchange in the world (source).

  • Natura Cosmetics


The London Stock Exchange is a stock exchange located in the city of London in the United Kingdom. As of December 2014, the Exchange had a market capitalization of US $6.37 trillion making it the fifth-largest stock exchange in the world and the second largest in Europe (source).

  • Telecom Plus PLC


The top tier of the three marketplaces for trading over-the-counter stocks provided and operated by the OTC Markets Group. The OTCQX forum offers the best marketplace of these three tiers for companies that fulfill qualification criteria. To qualify for an OTCQX listing, a company must meet high financial standards, be current in its disclosure and be sponsored by a professional third-party advisor.

  • Longaberger (traded as part of CVSL, Inc.)
  • Your Home at Inspiration (traded as part of CVSL, Inc.)
  • Agel (traded as part of CVSL, Inc.)

The Pros and Cons of Privately Owned vs. Publicly Traded MLM Companies

I’d like to take a few minutes and talk about the pros and cons of privately owned MLM Companies versus publicly traded MLM Companies. I’ll also talk about the similarities and differences.

A publicly owned company has stockholders. It has shares that can be traded on a stock market. Anyone can buy or sell ownership of the company. A publicly owned company has a board of directors and stock holders to answer to.

On the other hand, a privately owned company is typically owned by an individual, or a small group of individuals. They make the decisions as to what is best for the company and remain in control of the company.

Personally, I think privately owned MLM Companies are a better deal for distributors than publicly owned MLM Companies. (DISCLAIMER: This is just my opinion).

Let’s start with the pros and cons of a publicly traded MLM Company. The major advantages of a publicly traded MLM Company are that they have a strong financial backing and a strong management team.

It’s a big deal just to go public. There are a lot of hoops to jump through. They are highly regulated and watched closely by the SEC. They have to reveal their financial information and have lots of strict rules to follow.

The major disadvantage of a publicly traded MLM Company (as I see it) is that the company is typically more concerned about keeping the stockholders happy rather than the distributors. The management team is at the whim of the stockholders.

Privately owned companies also have advantages and disadvantages. The major two disadvantages are insufficient capital and an inexperienced management team (or no team at all). Many privately owned MLM Companies have insufficient capital for future growth, and a management team with limited experience. These two factors are the most common reasons so many network marketing companies fail.

On the other hand, the owners have more control over the company and can do as they please (in a privately owned company). Since they don’t have to worry about stock holders and dividends, they can afford to pay out more in commissions to their distributors.

Personally, I stick to privately owned MLM Companies. I’m not telling you what to do. This is just my opinion, based upon my own experience and beliefs.

I just do not want to have to compete with stockholders for the payouts (as a distributor). I also like the idea of the business owner having control of the company, not a board of directors (who probably don’t have experience as distributors).

Privately Owned vs Publicly Traded MLM Companies

However, what you decide to do is up to you! Both types of companies have advantages and disadvantages. I would tell you what I tell everyone else.

Before you join ANY network marketing company, do your homework and research. Ask a lot of questions. Act as if you are investing at least one million dollars into the company. Be sure to compare at least three different network marketing companies before you join one. That way you have perspective.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks. This is my comprehensive list of publicly traded MLM Companies, along with the pros and cons of publicly traded MLM Companies and privately owned MLM Companies. Do you know of a publicly traded MLM Company I forgot to add to my list? If so, let me know.

Which type of network marketing company do you prefer and why? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day!

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16 thoughts on “List of Publicly Traded MLM Companies”

    1. I love Beach Body. I’ve done several of their training programs, such as T25 and P90X. They are great. Any company that becomes a public company has a lot going for it. Great job BB!

  1. Your list is great however after my research, Primerica is actually not an MLM. It has the structure however it also has the structure of a corporation as well. It is a hybrid Financial Services company. This allows those who want different things such as part time work, full time work and franchise opportunities to work as well as change a goal if desired.

  2. Thank you for your research. I prefer public companies as their business practices are subject to the SEC and FTC which protects me from the whims and desires of sole proprietors. The majority of MLM’s pay 45-50% in commissions. Board of directors/shareholders are paid on the growth of the stock which is related to increase top end revenue and investor stability- not necessarily dividends. Typically dividends are paid after all exspenses/commissions are paid to distributors.

  3. eXp Realty is a multi-level marketing company that is publicly traded under the symbol expi. Sadly, I hold shares and am watching it gradually decline! Wish it would come back up one more time so I could sell the rest of what I have!

        1. The two words are interchanged as if they mean the same thing. They do not. Direct sales is when you sell to a customer. MLM is when you build a network of distributors AND sell to customers.

  4. This is a good list. I wonder how long it took you to research and find this information.

    I’m honestly not surprised by many of the companies on the list such as Avon, Pampered Chef, and HerbaLife. . As big as many of them are and as long as they have been around, I would imagine that they would be publicly traded. There are some companies on the list that I am unfamiliar with though like Oriflame. I’ll have to take some time to look into that.

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