Top 47 MLM Companies in the Philippines

This post provides a detailed list of the top 47 MLM Companies in the Philippines, as I see it.

While multi-level marketing has been growing in the United States and other countries, one of the countries that has experienced huge growth in the MLM business model is the Philippines.

There are multiple theories as to why this is, but it is my belief that many of the Philippine people desire to have their own business, but they do not have the financial backing to start a traditional business.

When they realize they can start a home-based business of their own with low start up costs, they are willing and able.

In today’s post, I am going to list all of the MLM Companies that operate in the Philippines. I will also tell you the primary product or service they offer, along with additional details about the company.

These MLM Companies in the Philippines are listed in no particular order. This article is for educational purposes only.

MLM Companies in the Philippines

Top 47 List of MLM Companies in the Philippines

# 1: UNO (Unlimited Network of Opportunities) Corp.

UNO is huge in the Philippines. They distribute natural health products.

Mission: To Provide The Best Products and Services, To Produce More Successful Entrepreneurs.

Source: UNO

# 2: Technowise 360

Technowise 360 is an opportunity where Philippine residents can have their online home-based business that has a variety of products.

In our perpetual dream to improve the lives of the people we are working with — our partners, and the million lives we are working for — our customers, we are distilled in intensifying top notch products and services for them and with them.

Source: Technowise 360 Facebook page

The Philippines is Avon’s top fourth market in the world

# 3: Avon

Avon is a worldwide company, and it is big in the Philippines. Their skin and beauty care products are welcome there.

Avon’s purpose is to create a world with more empowered women – by providing an earnings opportunity that helps them achieve independence through economic advancement.

Source: Avon Philippines

# 4: Amway Philippines, LLC

Amway handles a wide variety of products and has a huge following in the Philippines.

Amway’s mission is to help people live better lives by helping them realize their potential. Our mission continues to be guided and inspired by our Founders’ Fundamentals: Freedom, Family, Hope and Reward. These fundamentals keep us moving forward while still holding true to what matters most. Globally Amway has more than 450 world-class products that are sold exclusively through Amway Business Owners.

Source: Amway Philippines

# 5: Agel Enterprises

Agel is based in Provo, Utah, but they also have a large following in the Philippines with nutritional supplements.

Agel made a name for itself in the nutrition industry by introducing supplements in suspension gel form, in lieu of conventional pills and juices. The products target specific needs such as energy, joint health and weight management.

Source: Direct Selling News

# 6: DXN International

DXN offers the opportunity for independent distributors to sell Ganoderma products.

Our philosophy – to provide low price and high quality products, to keep a low profile while generating high income is ideal for direct selling. This system is equitably accessible to anyone of any background. Our free enterprise system enables anyone to enjoy personal achievements that lead to greater financial independence. More importantly, numerous people have testified to the benefits of our products when they gained better health through consumption of our products. Our philosophy is the foundation on which our success in the direct selling industry is built.

Source: DXN Asia

# 7: Forever Living Products Philippines, Inc.

Their primary products are geared towards weight management.

We will create a profitable environment where individuals can, with dignity, be what they want to be: where integrity, empathy and fun are our guides. We will create and cherish a passion for, and belief in, our company, our products and our industry. We will seek knowledge and balance and above all, we will be courageous as we lead our company and distributors.

Source: Forever Philippines HQ Facebook page

# 8: Herbalife

Herbalife also has a wide variety of products including cleaning, vitamins and more.

Our Mission is to change people’s lives by providing the best business opportunity in direct selling and the best nutrition and weight-management products in the world.

Source: Herbalife Philippines

# 9: Alliance in Motion

Alliance in Motion offers nutritional supplements, beauty and personal care products.

Our Mission:

To open the doors of opportunity and prosperity by empowering our distributors to achieve financial independence and economic stability by maximizing the wealth of the market through our breakthrough products and services.

Source: AIM Global

Philippines direct sales

# 10: Dakki Classic Concepts

This are primarily custom designed pillows that work on an MLM business system.

Our Vision: We pledge to pursue our commitment and dedication to excellence, as we affirm to translate DCCI operating principles and values in the company culture, in order to continuosly sustain and elevate quality of our merchandise, anticipate and satisfy the needs of our customer, promote and uplift the course of life of our dealers, and develop potentials and foster welfare of our employees. Thereafter, to be able to respond and adapt in the direct selling and retail industry; to continue to grow and prosper in DCCI’s pursuit of improving the quality of life.

Source: Dakki Classic Concepts

# 11: Alivemax

Alivemax has top rated nutritional sprays and skin care products.

At AliveMax, we are passionate about making a positive impact on both your health and financial well-being. Our goal is to empower you with dynamic and cutting edge products and the ability to EARN a Substantial Income from home by simply sharing these life changing products with others.

Source: Alivemax

# 12: Dragonworld Enterprises Incorporated (DEI)

DEI is all Filipino and manufactures and sells women’s clothing.

Dragonworld Enterprices Inc. or D.E.I. was inspired by the potential of bringing in fashionable, affordable and excellent quality clothes that are at par with world’s retail giants. It’s clothes are 100% Filipino made, therefore ensuring that not only does D.E.I. have the best quality clothes, but they are also supporting our fellow workers.

Source: Dragonworld Enterprises Incorporated (DEI)

# 13: Nu Skin Philippines, Inc.

These are primarily anti-aging products.

Our mission is to be a force for good throughout the world by empowering people to improve lives with rewarding business opportunities, innovative products, and an enriching, uplifting culture.

Source: Nu Skin

# 14: Global Fusion 

Handling weight management, skin care and wellness products, Global Fusion is a huge Philippine MLM.

Global Fusion Wellness is a Direct Selling and Network Marketing company engaged in the distribution and retailing of high quality health and wellness products using an innovative and sophisticated on-line business platform. Driven with passion and commitment to continuously stay ahead, Global Fusion Wellness is set to be the vehicle for people to achieve their dreams and reach their full potential.

Source: Global Fusion Wellness

# 15: Boardwalk Business Ventures

This MLM handles fashion and fashion accessories.

Uplift the quality of lives of people as it satisfies the evolving needs of the market through responsive world-class products and equitable services.
Promote purposive development and generate employment opportunities for a self-actualizing career and a quality of life.

Enrich social entrepreneurship as a way of life by contributing to empowered society through philanthropic works and environmental programs.

Source: Boardwalk Business Ventures

# 16: Direct Shopping Inc.

Dealers with this MLM have the ability to sell almost anything. If you can name it, you can probably get it.

Direct Shopping Incorporated is the Philippines arm to promote the opportunities and quality products nationwide, a company whose unique marketing plan combines manufacturing with marketing distribution. The result is a direct shopping business opportunity with unlimited potential and additional benefits of having products more affordable than other leading brands in supermarkets.

Source: Direct Shopping Inc.

# 17: Bionutriwealth International Corporation

They carry cosmetics and various herbal products. They are only in the Philippines and there is no website. You can contact them at +6325692449.

direct selling stats philippines

# 18: USANA

Usana is known for health and wellness products. They are worldwide with a large following in the Philippines.

Our mission is to develop and provide science-based health products of the highest quality, distributed internationally through direct sales, creating a rewarding opportunity for our Independent Associates, shareholders, and employees.

Source: USANA

# 19: Global Entrepreneurship Merchandising Inc.

This is a Filipino health and beauty MLM.

To promote Good Health, Well Being and Abundant Life by providing its Customers with Affordable Quality and Top of the Line Products, while giving an alternative business opportunity that will also give them financial freedom.

Source: Issuu

# 20: Ever Bilena

This is a Filipino cosmetics MLM.

Ever Bilena is always there to help the Filipina women who wants to upgrade their makeup lifestyle without breaking her bank.

Source: Ever Bilena Facebook page

# 21: Fern, Inc.

Known for coffee and a Fern C, Vitamin C that people love.

MISSION. To provide the Filipino family with better options for their health and wellness with products that are high in quality yet affordable for all.

Source: Fern, Inc.

# 22: Empire Corp.

Empire has a wide variety of products including coffees, teas and soaps.

OUR MISSION: To empower people to become business enthusiasts and develop them as responsible entrepreneurs that will lead them to build their own Empire of Millionaires.

Source: Empire Corp. Facebook page

# 23: Filway Marketing

These are learning products for children.

To serve the intellectual needs of the Filipino families through partnership with Philippine Education.

Source: Filway Marketing

# 24: Frontrow Enterprise Philippines, Inc.

Frontrow has primarily skin care products and operations are in the Philippines.

FR’s Mission Statement. “We are in the business of changing people’s lives.” We are dedicated to elevating the network marketing industry in the country through innovative marketing and image building that is geared toward producing higher standards for the industry. Together with our new breed of leaders, we seek to change lives and reinvent the network marketing industry in the country. All it takes is the inspiration to push forward their success today. FRONTROW is that push forward. We are a vibrant, positive and passionate Multi-level Marketing team that’s imbued with integrity. We create. We innovate. We don’t just do certain things; we do things in a certain way… “THE FRONTROW WAY.”

Source: Frontrow Enterprise Philippines, Inc.

# 25: Classique Herbs Corporation

Offering herbal supplements and drinks, this is a Filipino owned MLM.

Mission. To enrich lives with specialized product lines, whether they are used therapeutically, in beauty treatments, for personal hygiene or for personal satisfaction;
To promote products through the time-tested Networking Principles and contribute to the betterment of the system and the industry;
To enhance the Quality of Life and uphold the immeasurable Value of Good Health.

Source: Classique Herbs Corporation

Filipinos were encouraged to enter direct selling because of the minimal start-up requirements

# 26: 4Life

This worldwide MLM offers health and wellness products to help energy levels and weight issues.

4Life offers supplements that support immune system health, body transformation, and general wellness. Achieve your healthy lifestyle goals with 4Life Transfer Factor products to help you burn fat, build muscle mass, and more. Purchase products as a customer, or build your own business as a 4Life distributor.

Source: 4Life

# 27: Gano iTouch

Products with Ganoderma that can help weight issues.

Formally opened in December 2007 with a mission of “Enriching Lives”. Enriching Lives is all about HOPE. Hope is what keeps us going on living everyday, to have something better. And gano iTouch we want to give Hope in helping to improve people’s lives thru better health whilst achieving a comfortable lifestyle.

Source: Gano iTouch

# 28: CF Wellness

As is evident, health and wellness products are sold by this MLM Company.

I tried the RUB for a lot of mosquito bites. It worked better than any other product I tried. I am impressed and want to purchase more.

~ Adam Schmidt

# 29: GNLD International

Known for Neolife, GNLD handles many health and wellness supplements, shakes and other items to make life better.

Our mission is to improve lives by offering the highest quality products and best business opportunity in direct selling.

Source: GNLD International

# 30: Supreme Wealth Alliance (SWA)

There are many warnings about this company, but it is a MLM in operation in the Philippines. It seems that the key is just signing people up, and I cannot find what, if any products or services they offer.

# 31: Green World Woo Tekh

This MLM company that operates from the Philippines offer supplements, health beverages and personal care items.

Mission. To achieve and sustain good health and wealth by promoting world class nature-based products. To provide a dynamic profitable business.

Source: Green World Woo Tekh

# 32: Human Nature

This MLM company offers a wide range of products that can make life better, and safer for humans.

MISSION. Being faithful stewards of our God-given talents and natural resources, we will give the best of ourselves to urgently and sustainably build a global company which will showcase the best of the Philippines and uplift all our people, especially the poor through providing affordable, quality, natural products.

Source: Human Nature

# 33: Mary Kay Philippines

Mary Kay has offices and distributors worldwide. The skin and beauty products are popular in the Philippines too.

The very foundation of this Company is based on the premise of helping others.

~ Mary Kay Ash

Referral system in Philippines

# 34: Charmica Powerlife

Offering both health and beauty products, it seems Charmica is quite popular in the Philippines.

Mission: To help build a network of successful distributors through continuous quality training, customer service excellence, and attractive income package;
To provide world-class quality beauty and wellness products that are safe, effective, and affordable;
To be recognized as a reliable and reputable consumer products company in the Philippines now, and in Asia and the World tomorrow.

Source: Charmica Powerlife Corporation Facebook page

# 35: New Image

New Image handles wellness and weight management products.

Today, Health and Wellness is the fastest growing industry in the world and because we make sure our products are made from the purest ingredients, our continued growth is limitless.

Because our success is rooted in the success of our Independent Distributors, New Image International is a global family of entrepreneurs focused on health and well-being. The New Zealand passion for innovation means everyone has the opportunity to master the art of living well.

Source: New Image

# 36: Global Pinoy Remittance and Services

This is a unique MLM in that they offer remittance servicing, tickets and more.

We offer true valued service for the global Filipinos that promotes reliability and efficiency.

GPRS gives you the power to send money at the convenience of your computer 24/7 anywhere. We are an online based transaction and reporting facility capable of doing wallet system fund transfer and airtime load transfer, bills payment transactions, remittance transactions, local and international ticketing transactions, travel and hotel booking and other services.

Source: Global Pinoy Remittance and Services

# 37: Lifemax

Lifemax is based in the United Kingdom but they work worldwide. Their products are geared to people over 50, but can be used by all.

Our aims are to provide the best possible well-being and assistive products for the over 50’s and a first class service for our customers.

Source: Lifemax

# 38: Max International

Offering skin care and wellness products to help control aging.

Our Mission: To empower people to build a legacy of significant change in their lives and the lives of others.

Source: Max International

# 39: Nikken International

Nikken offers a wide variety of health and wellness products. They operate worldwide including the Philippines.

The Nikken mission is both simple and inspirational—to help people discover Active Wellness.

Source: Nikken

# 40: Custrich Healthcare Products

This Philippine based MLM company offers a huge range of health and wellness products.

Established in September 2005, Custrich has established sales centers in Manila, Iloilo, Bacolod, Davao and Zamboanga since the introduction of its new product lines on Jan. 28, 2010.

Among its top-selling brands aside from its whitening and beauty soaps is Ha-Plus Botanical Liniment, which is effective for migraine, muscle and joint pains, headaches, insomnia, insect bites and inflamed varicose, among others.

Source: CDO Dev

# 41: Reliv International

Health and nutrition products that are greatly accepted in the Philippines.

Reliv is a wellness company with a clear purpose: to get our core nutrition products into every home in the world so we Nourish Our World in Body, Mind and Spirit. But we can’t do this by ourselves. We need a team to help us, and the rewards for joining Reliv are life-changing. Whether you want to enjoy optimal health as a customer, or you’re ready to be your own boss as a Reliv Independent Distributor, you’re making a great decision.

Source: Reliv

# 42: LoadXtreme

LoadXtreme is a prepaid card MLM. Dealing with mainly phones, it also offers other prepaid cards.

We are committed to empowering people thru its sustainable empowerment programs and platforms that advance entrepreneurial ingenuity using technology applications and innovations.

Source: LoadXtreme

# 43: Winalite International

This wellness company is quite popular in the Philippines.

Corporate Mission: To make Winalite a top class international brand name and one of the top 500 companies in the world by forming a group of top class management as well as marketing elites around the world and by synergizing the latest techniques in health care technology and e-commerce.

Source: Winalite International

direct sales industry growth

# 44: Sophie Paris Philippines

Sophie Paris is a fashion MLM that offers clothing for the whole family.

We build communities.

We want to deliver happiness to all our customers. We work closely with our communities on a daily basis by holding training sessions and sharing best practices to empower them to become successful entrepreneurs. Their daily struggles are our struggles and we celebrate success together. We take our best leaders to travel the world together and we have changed the lives of thousands of women. With the passion of our communities and the combined power of digital tools, we can conquer the world!

Source: Sophie Paris

# 45: Sundance Direct Sales

Sundance is another MLM that has a huge selection of products for the whole family.

Sundance has proven to have changed the lives of innumerable Filipinos all over the country. This long now, it has provided promising income to over 50,000 active dealers through the 16 branches located in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, not to mention more than 200 local Philippine outlets. After proving to have a strong presence across the nation, Sundance has expanded internationally too. It has also reached distributorship in Hong Kong, Dubai, Saipan, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Abu Dhabi and Singapore, to name a few.

Source: Pinoy Entrepreneur

# 46: Symmetry Global

Symmetry Global offers supplements along with other health and wellness products.

Mission: To create a lasting institution that would change people’s lives physically, financially, and personally.

Source: Symmetry Global Philippines Facebook page

# 47: Unicity Philippines

Unicity is a global MLM that offers a way to make money and achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Unicity cultivates communities of people who aren’t just living, but living well. Our products are an extension of that passion. We use research and innovation to empower people with information, products, and services that enable them to take responsibility for their health and quality of life. With over 400 products in over 50 countries, Unicity is making life better across the globe.

Source: Unicity

About the Philippines

The Philippines is an island country in southeast Asia. It has more than 7,000 islands. The capital is Manila and the most populated city is Quezon City. Approximately 103 million people live in the country. The primary languages are Filipino and English. The primary religion is Christianity.

Network Marketing is Very Popular in the Philippines

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading my list of MLM Companies in the Philippines. I doubt that I found each and every company in the Asian island nation that uses a MLM business structure.

If you know of a MLM business that operates in the Philippines that I did not list in this post, feel free to tell us in the comments area below.

Hopefully, this list can help you find a network marketing company that you will be proud to have as your home based business. It helps to research the MLM companies before you get involved.

If you are a member or have been a member of any of the MLM companies that I listed here, feel free to tell us your opinions of that company and their products. Thank you for visiting, and have a great day.

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29 thoughts on “Top 47 MLM Companies in the Philippines”

  1. Hello Chuck,

    Thanks for the extensive list of MLM Companies in the Philippines.
    Have you heard of or looked at the availability of the international No 1 Essential Oil marketing company that has an office located in Manila? I would like to contact local filipinos to discuss this MLM business in the Philippines

  2. JC Premiere Business International Inc. is committed to uplifting the welfare of its distributors and employees by providing them with a satisfactory working environment and a generous compensation plan.

    In particular, its progressive system of commissions encourages distributors to build an active and substantial customer base, which would help them secure a stable and rewarding future that they can pass on to the next generation. Whose global presence includes branches in Dubai, Taiwan, and Philippines as well as business centers in Hong kong, Malaysia, Oman and Singapore.

  3. Nice list, Chuck! I’ve always wanted to visit the Philippines. I like the idea that people in this country can start their own business, especially if they can’t find a job. This is a great option for many people. Anyone looking to join a MLM Company in the Philippines should definitely read your list, and research each of these companies.

    1. MLM is a hot bed in the Philippines. Why? People are HUNGRY for success. They are willing to work hard. They are willing to do things most Americans would not do. Most people in the Philippines have a great work ethic. If you live in the Philippines, you definitely want to join the right company. Some things I would look for include:

      The price point of the products. Can people in your country afford them?

      The start up costs. Is it affordable to join?

      The monthly buying commitment. How much do you need to spend each month to be eligible for commissions.

      Shipping. Is the product made in the Philippines or does it get shipped in from another country. If it gets shipped in from another country the tariffs, shipping costs and exchange rate could make the product cost way too much.

      As always, do your due diligence first. Before you join any MLM Company, research the company, products and leadership team. I hope that helps.

  4. I can see why these MLM Companies are big business in the Philippines. The poverty rate there is huge. The average annual income for most people in the Philippines is very small. If you could help someone earn $300 to $500 per month, they would be rich!

    1. Exactly, Nick. That is what our industry is all about: helping people. The biggest thing these MLM Companies in the Philippines need to do is make sure the products they are selling are affordable to the people in the Philippines. If they can offer that, there is a huge upside potential. However, if the prices are similar to USA prices, they will price themselves out of the market in the Philippines.

  5. You forgot to include First Vita Plus Marketing Corp., a truly Filipino company with using purely Pinoy raw materials and made in the Philippines. Our company has been in the Philippines for almost 17 years and produced 25,000 millionaires and 5,000 multi-millionaires. No MLM in the Philippines has made it that far.

    1. I haven’t heard of First Vita Plus Marketing Corp before, but wow – that’s awesome! (Actually, I haven’t heard of most of these companies, except for Avon, which appears to be absolutely everywhere.) That seems to be an impressive track record – I’ll look into the company further. Thank you for the tip.

    2. That’s a great testimonial. Thanks for sharing. 25,000 millionaires is a lot. I assume that is in your currency, not US dollars. Either way, it’s still impressive.

      I will do an updated post in the near future and add it to this list. Thanks.

  6. Hi you forgot as well to include Lifestyles Asia Pacific Philippines.Its product includes food supplements that is already available in 40+ countries worldwide and It helped and improved thousands of people in the world because of its natural food supplements

  7. I am a member of Frontrow International. And the products from our company is legit and effective. Also, most of us members are helping each other to earn. This is a legit company and it is really a “Life Changing Opportunity”. God bless us all and Happy networking for all of us.

  8. You failed to include Longrich Philippines. It will celebrate its 4th Anniversary in the Philippines this coming Aug 19, 2017. It sells high quality cosmetics, personal and health care products manufactured by its 30-year old parent company_ Longrich Bioscience Ccmpany, based in Mainland China. In the Philippines, its head office is located at Unit 708, BTTC Centre, Ortigas Ave., cor Roosevelt Street, Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila. Contact No is +632-477-0492 .Thank you

  9. I’m currently a member of a networking company.
    It’s Frontrow Enterprise that is included here.
    I really like the atmosphere and the attitude of the people.

  10. Interesting post! I recognized quite a few of the companies in the Philippines but there were a lot that I had not heard of.

    What I love most about MLM is the quality of the products and that almost anyone can afford to be a business owner.

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