List of MLM Companies in the Philippines

Guest Post by Greg Boudonck

While multi-level marketing has been growing in the United States and other countries, one of the countries that has had huge growth in the MLM business model is the Philippines.

There are multiple theories as to why this is, but it is my belief that many of the Philippine people desire to have their own business, but they do not have the financial backing to start a traditional business.

When they realize they can start a home based business of their own with low start up costs, they are willing and able.

In today’s post, I am going to list all the MLM companies who operate in the Philippines.

I will also tell you their primary product or service type, and if they have a website, I will link to it.

These MLM companies are in no particular order.

Neither I nor Online MLM Community is affiliated with these companies.

We are writing this for educational purposes.

# 1 UNO (Unlimited Network of Opportunities) Corp. UNO is huge in the Philippines. They distribute natural health products. UNO Website.

# 2 Technowise 360. Technowise 360 is an opportunity where Philippine residents can have their online home-based business that has a variety of products. Technowise 360 website.

# 3 Avon. Avon is a worldwide company, and it is big in the Philippines. There skin and beauty care products are welcome there. Avon website.

# 4 Amway Philippines, LLC. Amway handles a wide variety of products and has a huge following in the Philippines. Amway website.

# 5 Agel Enterprises. Agel is based in Provo, Utah, but they also have a large following in the Philippines with nutritional supplements. Agel Enterprises website.

# 6 DXN International. DXN offers the opportunity for independent distributors to sell Ganoderma products. DXN Philippines website.

# 7 Forever Living Products Philippines, Inc. Their primary products are geared towards weight management. Forever Living Products website.

# 8 Herbalife. Herbalife also has a wide variety of products including cleaning, vitamins and more. Herbalife website.

# 9 Alliance in Motion. Alliance in Motion offers nutritional supplements, beauty and personal care products. Alliance in Motion website.

# 10 Dakki Classic Concepts. This are primarily custom designed pillows that work on an MLM business system. Dakki website.

# 11 Alivemax. Alivemax has top rated nutritional sprays and skin care products. Alivemax website.

# 12 Dragonworld Enterprises Incorporated (DEI). DEI is all Filipino and manufactures and sells women’s clothing. DEI website.

# 13 Nu Skin Philippines, Inc. These are primarily anti-aging products. Nu Skin website.

# 14 Global Fusion Incorporated. Handling weight management, skin care and wellness products, Global Fusion is a huge Philippine MLM.

# 15 Boardwalk Business Ventures. This MLM handles fashion and fashion accessories. Boardwalk website.

# 16 Direct Shopping Inc. Dealers with this MLM have the ability to sell almost anything. If you can name it, you can probably get it.

# 17 Bionutriwealth International Corporation. They carry cosmetics and various herbal products. They are only in the Philippines and there is no website. You can contact them at +6325692449.

# 18 Empower Network. Empower is worldwide, and that includes the Philippines. Best known for setting up your viral blogging system. Empower Network website.

# 19 Usana. Usana is known for health and wellness products. They are worldwide with a large following in the Philippines. Usana website.

# 20 Global Entrepreneurship Merchandising Inc. This is a Filipino health and beauty MLM. See their Facebook page here.

# 21 Ever Bilena. This is a Filipino cosmetics MLM. Ever Bilena website.

# 22 Fern Inc. Known for coffee and a Fern C, Vitamin C that people love. Fern Inc. Website.

# 23 Empire Corp. Empire has a wide variety of products including coffees, teas and soaps. Empire Corp. Website.

# 24 Filway Marketing. These are learning products for children. Filway Marketing website.

# 25 Frontrow Enterprise Philippines, Inc. Frontrow has primarily skin care products and operations are in the Philippines.

# 26 Classique Herbs Corporation. Offering herbal supplements and drinks, this is a Filipino owned MLM. Classique Herbs website.

# 27 4Life. This worldwide MLM offers health and wellness products to help energy levels and weight issues. 4Life website.

# 28 Gano iTouch. Products with Ganoderma that can help weight issues. Gano iTouch website.

# 29 CF Wellness. As is evident, health and wellness products are sold by this MLM company. CF Wellness website.

# 30 GNLD International. Known for Neolife, GNLD handles many health and wellness supplements, shakes and other items to make life better. GNLD website.

# 31 Supreme Wealth Alliance (SWA). There are many warnings about this company, but it is a MLM in operation in the Philippines. It seems that the key is just signing people up, and I cannot find what, if any products or services they offer.

# 32 Green World Woo Tekh. This MLM company that operates from the Philippines offer supplements, health beverages and personal care items.

# 33 Human Nature. This MLM company offers a wide range of products that can make life better, and safer for humans. Human Nature website.

# 34 Mary Kay Philippines. Mary Kay has offices and distributors worldwide. The skin and beauty products are popular in the Philippines too. Mary Kay Philippines website.

# 35 Charmica Powerlife. Offering both health and beauty products, it seems Charmica is quite popular in the Philippines.

philippines flag# 36 New Image. New Image handles wellness and weight management products. New Image website.

# 37 Global Pinoy Remittance and Services. This is a unique MLM in that they offer remittance servicing, tickets and more.

# 38 Lifemax. Lifemax is based in the United Kingdom but they work worldwide. Their products are geared to people over 50, but can be used by all. Lifemax website.

# 39 Max International. Offering skin care and wellness products to help control aging. Max International website.

# 40 Nikken International. Nikken offers a wide variety of health and wellness products. They operate worldwide including the Philippines. Nikken website.

# 41 Custrich Healthcare Products. This Philippine based MLM company offers a huge range of health and wellness products. Custrich Healthcare Products website.

# 42 Reliv International. Health and nutrition products that are greatly accepted in the Philippines. Reliv International website.

# 43 LoadXtreme. LoadXtreme is a prepaid card MLM. Dealing with mainly phones, it also offers other prepaid cards. LoadXtreme website.

# 44 Winalite International. Offering a wide range of wellness products. You can visit the Winalite International website here.

# 45 Sophie Paris Philippines. Sophie Paris is a fashion MLM that offers clothing for the whole family. Sophie Paris Philippines website.

# 45 Sundance Direct Sales. Sundance is another MLM that has a huge selection of products for the whole family.

# 47 Symmetry Global. Symmetry Global offers supplements along with other health and wellness products. Visit the Symmetry Global website here.

# 48 Unicity Philippines. Unicity is a global MLM that offers a way to make money and achieve a healthier lifestyle. Unicity Philippines website.

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Final Thoughts

As you can plainly see, Multi-Level Marketing is alive and well in the Philippines.

I doubt that I found each and every company in the Asian island nation that uses a MLM business structure.

So, if you know of a MLM business that operates in the Philippines that I did not list, feel free to tell us in the comments area below.

Hopefully, this list can help you find a network marketing company that you will be proud to have as your home based business.

It helps to research the MLM companies before you get involved.

If you are a member or have been a member of any of the MLM companies that I listed here, feel free to tell us your opinions of that company and their products.

Thank you for visiting, and have a great day.



About the Author: Greg Boudonck is a full time freelance writer and a part time network marketer. With over 50 books published, and a variety of articles all over the world wide web, you can see more about Greg by visiting his website at Lancer

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  1. Kathy Marie Howell

    Interesting post! I recognized quite a few of the companies in the Philippines but there were a lot that I had not heard of.

    What I love most about MLM is the quality of the products and that almost anyone can afford to be a business owner.


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