Top 10 LinkedIn Recruiting Tips For Network Marketers

Today, I want to share my top 10 LinkedIn recruiting tips for network marketers. I’m also going to include a few secrets from the experts, just to keep things interesting.

If you are not using LinkedIn to find new prospects and grow your MLM Business, you are really missing out.

LinkedIn is for PROFESSIONALS in many different types of industries looking to network with others and advance their career.

Compare that to other social media sites where people just like to socialize and share funny videos and pics with others, and you can see why LinkedIn really stands out. Trust me, no one goes on LinkedIn to hear your political views, see your vacation photos, or a Facebook live of you talking about what you had for dinner last night. That’s what Facebook is for…

Keep in mind that there are right and wrong ways to prospect and recruit on LinkedIn. Do it wrong, and you will be deemed a spammer and you may even get banned from LinkedIn. Do it right and you can generate endless leads for your network marketing business.

Top 10 Linkedin Recruiting Tips

Top 10 LinkedIn Recruiting Tips for Network Marketers

What you will see below are my best LinkedIn recruiting tips. Keep in mind they are listed in no particular order.

# 1: Design a Professional Profile

Everything starts with your profile. They say that first impressions are lasting impressions AND you never get a second chance to make a first impression. I couldn’t agree more.

Here are just a few tips to create a winning profile:

First and foremost, you need a PROFESSIONAL photo of YOU. Do not have a photo of you at the beach or you holding your pet. It should come across as business professional. Make sure you are SMILING in your photo.

Next, take some time and update your profile. Include every job you have ever worked at. Include your education. Include your hobbies. Include your certifications. The more information you can include about yourself, the more people that will find your profile in their searches.

Plus, the more information you can include about yourself, the more “connections” you can develop. You see, people like to do business with people they like, know and trust.

When people have something in COMMON with you, it’s pretty easy for them to like you. That’s why you should include the colleges you attended, organizations you support, and jobs you’ve had in the past. The more things you include in your profile, the higher the likelihood you and your prospect will have something in common!

Finally, do NOT include your MLM Company name in your profile. Stay generic if possible.

If needed, hire someone to help you create a great profile. Or, spend a few hours updating your profile and have 5-10 of your business associates review it to give you additional pointers and suggestions.

Having a strong summary helps ensure you turn up in LinkedIn searches from recruiters, hiring managers, or other people who may want to work with you.

~ Blair Decembrele

# 2: Connect with New People Daily

The next thing you want to do is connect with new people daily. This is similar to sending someone a friend request on Facebook. I think TWENTY new connections per day is a good number to shoot for.

Ideally, you want to look for people who would be part of your target market. Think of this as a group of people who would “more than likely” be interested in your products, services or business opportunity.

This might include other network marketers, stay at home moms, sales professionals, etc.

When you first connect with someone do NOT pitch them on your opportunity right out the gate. This turns people off. Instead, take some time and get to know the person. You want to identify a NEED before you offer a SOLUTION.

Linkedin isn’t like facebook or any other social network where people love to hang around and chit-chat. This where people get serious and get down to business. The prospects are already refined and are delivered on a silver platter – they are here to connect and network.

~ Oleg Kaluger

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# 3: Start Your Own Group

One of the best things you can do to recruit on LinkedIn is to start your own group. I’ve found from personal experience that it’s a lot easier to invite people to join your group than it is to invite people to join your business.

In other words, when you invite someone to join your group, it doesn’t come across as spam, whereas, when you invite people to take a look at your products or business opportunity, it might.

Start your own group. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Weight Loss group
  2. MLM Training group
  3. Marketing group
  4. Entrepreneurship Training group
  5. Stay at Home Mom group
  6. Or hundreds of other things

Just pick something that is RELEVANT to your business.

By starting your own group, you are using attraction marketing. You can provide a ton of value to the people in your group without pitching them. As a result, many people will see you as a leader and want to do business with you or work with you.

This is a win-win in my opinion, and probably my best tip to recruit new MLM Reps on LinkedIn.

The “elevator-pitch” for your LinkedIn group: make it interesting and aligned with their mission, and people will join.

~ Roxana Nasoi

# 4: Endorse People

Each day, take five minutes and endorse people on certain skills. Be legit about it. Only endorse people you know are skilled in that specific skill.

This makes people want to RECIPROCATE, and endorse you. Many people you endorse will check out your profile, AFTER you endorse them. If you have a good profile, this can lead to a steady flow of new leads.

The connections you make and the relationships you’ll build through giving to others in targeted LinkedIn groups are priceless.

~ Kate Erickson

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# 5: Message 10-20 People Daily

One of my best LinkedIn recruiting tips for network marketers is to message 10-20 people daily. Keep in mind, I am not saying to send them the link to join your business. Instead, you are trying to start a conversation and see where the conversation goes.

Ask some thought provoking questions. Get to know the person. Ask questions and listen. By doing that, people will naturally start to ask you questions, and you have know idea where the new conversation will take you.

Just realize that if you simply message people with a “pitch” or “link” to your opportunity, they are going to see you as an uninvited pest, and rightfully so. However, if you start a conversation with them first, you will be the welcomed guest! Food for thought.

Find email addresses of target bloggers and influencers using EmailHunter. With a single click, you can instantly get their contacts and manually reach out to them via email.

~ Venchito Tampon

# 6: Share 3-5 Pieces of Content Daily

Similar to Facebook, you can share content on LinkedIn. What I would do is share content that is relevant to your target audience. Share articles, videos and information that will educate and entertain them.

Ideally, you want to create your OWN content and share that, so you can brand YOU, and not someone else. This content can help warm up and pre-sell your prospects on YOU.

You can then look and see who engages in your post. Who likes it? Who comments? Who shares it? Check that out and then send that person a private message and start an engaging conversation.

As part of the LinkedIn small business guide, the network shared an interesting stat that relates to how often you should be sharing to LinkedIn. Share 20 times per month to reach 60 percent of your audience.

~ Kevan Lee

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# 7: Join Groups

Another one of LinkedIn recruiting tips is to join groups. Look for groups with people in your target market. Join those groups, connect with people individually and develop new friendships. Invite people to connect with you and/or join your group.

Do NOT pitch your business opportunity in these groups. That’s a quick way to get blocked and marked as a spammer. Provide value. Answer questions. Ask thought provoking questions!

Do that and some folks will naturally want to reach out to you and start a conversation with you.

Find LinkedIn groups that have actual discussions going on in your niche and participate in them!

I have found the best way to get attention on LinkedIn is to join groups in your industry where your target audience or customers are actually engaging in discussion and participate in those discussions with them. When you become an active member of the group and provide valuable answers to other member’s questions. This can lead to to those members wanting to connect with you directly and the achievement of your ultimate goal on LinkedIn, whether it is to be hired or to get more people interested in your products or services.

~ Kristi Hines

# 8: Capture Leads

One of my most important LinkedIn recruiting tips for network marketers is to have a lead capture system in place. Somewhere in your profile, you need to have a link to your lead capture page, so people who are looking at your profile can check it out and sign up for your email list. This tip is critical.

A simple link at the bottom of the LinkedIn post that says something like, “Read all 10 by clicking here” is all you need to do to drive traffic to your own site where you can pixel the reader for re-targeting later on facebook and Google.

And of course the article page on your own site should have a pop-up that asks the reader to join your email list.

~ Tim Bourquin

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# 9: Connect with Connectors

One of the fastest ways to grow your MLM Business is to recruit CONNECTED people. Recruiting INFLUENCERS is a great way to grow your business quickly. Ultimately, you are looking for leaders, people with credibility, contacts and a large sphere of influence.

These people are pretty easy to find on social media, because they have a ton of followers. Their posts get lots of engagements, likes and shares. Keep your eyes and ears open for INFLUENCERS on LinkedIn.

I call these people the WHALES. Even if you can recruit just one or two of these folks into your MLM Business, there’s a good chance they will EXPLODE your business.

The most important way social media can help you grow your business is through building relationships with influencers. Follow them, share their content, and interact. They may have tens of thousands of followers they will share your business with which can get you results NOW instead of later after you’ve grown your own audience.

~ Gail Gardner

# 10: Have a Daily Routine

I saved my best recruiting tip for last. You need to have a daily routine for your LinkedIn recruiting. This is your game-plan. The last thing you want to do is login to LinkedIn and WONDER what you are going to do to get leads.

Let’s assume you have 30-minutes per day to recruit on LinkedIn. Using that as a baseline, here is an example daily routine.

  1. Connect with 20 new people
  2. Send 5 private messages
  3. Endorse 3 people on a specific skills
  4. Post 3 pieces of content on your timeline
  5. Join one group
  6. Post two things in your own group
  7. Invite 5 people to join your group
  8. Respond to connection requests

This is a very simple plan you could knock out in 30-minutes per day.

You might not achieve huge results doing this right out the gate, but if you did this five or six days a week for one year, there is no doubt in my mind you would have a ton of new leads and a booming business.

Schedule time in your calendar every single day to work on your LinkedIn activities. Treat that time as if you were with a client. Meaning, if the phone rings, you wouldn’t answer it if you were with a client, and you wouldn’t ask the client to wait while you answered a text or email. So don’t let your prospecting time get interrupted – it’s the number one thing you can do to get in front of new clients.

~ Brynne Tillman

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Final Thoughts

There you have it folks. These are my top 10 LinkedIn recruiting tips for network marketers. None of this is rocket science. If I had to sum it up in a nutshell, I would say:

  1. Be genuine
  2. Provide value
  3. Focus on solving people’s problems
  4. Focus on the other person, not you
  5. Find a way to be different
  6. Be persistent and consistent

If you can do that, there is no doubt in my mind you will be successful recruiting on LinkedIn.

What are your thoughts? What tips and suggestions can you share? Leave a comment below to let us know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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