Lessons from Art Jonak at the 2015 MLM Mastermind Event

In today’s post I want to share some lessons I learned from Art Jonak during his talks at the 2015 MLM Mastermind Event. These are not quotes.  Instead, these are notes/lessons that I wrote down while he was giving his speeches.  I hope you find them interesting.  Each lesson is in bold and italics.  I also share my own two cents on each lesson. Enjoy.

# 1 Stop making fun of people with jobs.  Don’t badmouth employees or make fun of people because they aren’t interested in being their own boss or starting their own business.  There is nothing wrong with having a job.  It might not be for you, but realize that the person is doing something they believe in, so they can provide for their family.  To me that is very noble.

# 2 Teach people how to create a part-time business. Part-time is a very powerful concept.  Very few people have the desire to give up their security to become a full-time entrepreneur, but most people would be interested in making an extra $500 to $1000 per month on the side.  What’s great about part-time is that you have very little risk, and you can maintain your income while you build your business.

# 3 The average person spends five hours per day on entertainment. Between Facebook, YouTube, the internet and television, most people spend lots of time on entertainment.  If you can encourage people to give up just a little bit of this time and redirect it into their network marketing business, they will be able to “do” the business.

# 4 The truth is good enough.  Never lie or exaggerate.  Don’t make income claims.  Don’t stretch the truth to try and impress your prospect.  Be honest with people.  What this industry has to offer is amazing.  If people don’t see it, let them go.  It’s not your job to convince anyone.

# 5 Having $5k per month in residual income is like having $1,000,000 in the bank at 6%. Residual income is much better than linear income.  What you really want is money that comes in month after month regardless of what you do.  When you have residual income, you have choices.  You have more time to do what you want.   As long as 100% of your income is linear, you will never be free.

# 6 If it takes you five years of part-time work to make $5k per month, it’s still a good deal. This is not a get rich quick type of business.  It’s not the lottery either.  Most people are very short-sighted and have unrealistic expectations for their timeline of success.   Building an extra $5k per month, on a part-time basis, is pretty awesome.

# 7 Your journey is your journey.  Don’t compare yourself to others.  Each person you meet who is successful has a story that you probably don’t know about.  Your journey will be your own journey.  Enjoy it.  Cherish it.  And don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t growing as fast as other people are in your company.

# 8 Don’t expect continuous rank advancements from everyone. Your business will not grow every single month.  You will have ups and downs.  So will your team members.  That is a normal part of any business.  All businesses have cycles.  You just have to stay the course.

# 9 Celebrate people who maintain rank. Recognize people on your team when they maintain their rank every single month.  That is just as important as having new people rank advance.

# 10 Help people get out of debt. Stay out of debt.  Use the income from your business to eliminate your debt.  Teach your team members to do the same thing.

# 11 The richest you will ever feel is when you are debt free. Being debt free is a great feeling.  Not owing money to “the man” will enable you reduce stress and live life on your terms.  When you are debt free you don’t need as much income to live a good lifestyle.

# 12 Don’t make income claims. This is pretty simple.  Don’t promise your prospects that they can make a certain amount of money in a certain amount of time.  Use your company’s average earnings disclaimer.  If you do share your income, which I don’t recommend, make sure you tell them how hard you worked to attain it.

# 13 Minimize the hype. Remove hype from your presentation.  Be enthusiastic, but keep it controlled.  Hype turns people off to the business.

# 14 Redefine what success is.  Success means something different to each one of us.  Figure out what it is you are ultimately trying to accomplish with your business and then come up with a way to make it happen.   Find out what success means to each person on your team and help them achieve it.

# 15 Get tons of customers. Every distributor should have five to fifty personal customers.  This gives them immediate cash flow and legitimizes their business.  It also helps them lead by example.  Teach all of your team members to get customers.

Final Thoughts

In summary, these are fifteen lessons that I learned from Art Jonak during the 2015 MLM Mastermind Event.  I would love to hear which lesson resonates with you the most.  Feel free to leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  Have a great day!

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8 thoughts on “Lessons from Art Jonak at the 2015 MLM Mastermind Event

  1. I really like all that Art had to say. #1 is right on. Everybody has a course for their life, and many of them work a regular job to do so. There is nothing wrong with that at all, and these are the same people that may be interested in a Part Time income as in #2, but if you are making fun of them working a job, you probably will not have them on your team.

    I am also a big fan of debt free living. Art Jonak is huge on debt free lifestyles and I like all he has to say about getting out, and staying out of debt.

    • Yes, debt free living is a smart way to go as I see it.

  2. Hi, your comment about people having 5 hours of time for entertainment daily intrigues me. Do you think that people really spend that much time on entertainment alone daily? I would have thought it was a lot less. I know with my life which is very geared towards earning I would spend maybe one or two hours a day on doing stuff for me and my pleasure. The rest is work orientated and earning money.
    Most people work 8 to 10 hours a day and spend up to two hours getting to work which leaves little time for household chores or sleeping and family time.

    • I think the entertainment time is spot on if you factor in Facebook, YouTube, tv and email.

      • Sure Chuck but work can be your entertainment and your hobby. I don’t think all facebook and Utube is entertainment. Often it is work connected because they are both good tools for research and also a tool for advertising products or skills. As we become more and more media aware we understand how it can be connected to some sort of earning power. Life is to be lived, but also to enjoy earning and to contributing to others wellbeing.

  3. We are all very different. Some people want to work for themselves, while others don’t mind working for others. Some people are better equipped to have their own business, while others need more guidance and supervision. That doesn’t make one group better than the other, or one person lesser than the other. Every person is entitled to live their life they way they want and we shouldn’t judge anyone for the decision they make.

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