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Welcome to the blog commenting policy for  Everyone is encouraged to leave comments on our blog posts to share their thoughts or express their opinion about what we wrote.

Here are our rules for leaving comments on our website.

  • Make sure your comments are RELEVANT to the post.  Off topic comments and short comments such as “good post” will be edited or deleted.
  • Put some thought into your comment and make sure it is spell checked and grammatically correct.
  • If you intend on leaving multiple comments on our site, get a gravatar.
  • Please do not use profanity, personal attacks, or slander in your comments.
  • Do not post links to link farms, inappropriate sites, Facebook pages or websites with no value.

In the event your blog comment violates one of these rules, we reserve the right to edit or delete your comments at our discretion.  This commenting policy can change at any time.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me.  Thanks for visiting our website.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
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1 thought on “Blog Commenting Policy”

  1. Georgia Avery

    I appreciate your terms, Chuck. It’s helpful to me to read through posts to see what experience or what suggestions other people have. When they only post a “nice!” or “good job”, it is a nice sentiment, but it is a waste of time for all involved. I also learned another new term ~ gravatar. Hope I am not the last one to learn what this means. Thanks for keeping us all on the leading edge of the industries terms and acronyms! It’s a less embarrassing way to learn than from a prospect ~ !

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