Learn Why People Won’t Join Your MLM Team

Today, I want to drop some wisdom that I’ve learned through the past few years in my MLM Business. And that wisdom is about WHY people will or won’t join your MLM Team as a distributor.

You can have the best products, the best compensation plan and best company in the world and STILL struggle with your business. Know what I mean?

Trust me, I’ve been there.

You can be the BEST presenter in the world and people still won’t join you.

You see, at the end of the day your prospect doesn’t care about your company, products or comp plan. They only compare about themselves.  They have so many other things going on in their life that those things (your company, comp plan, etc.) are the least of their worries.

They might LIKE what you have to offer, but that’s enough to make a sale or get them to join your team.

You see, people will ONLY join you for one reason.

What is that reason people join your team?

YOU. THEY SEE YOU A SOLUTION TO THEIR PROBLEMS. They think that YOU are a person of value who can HELP them solve their problems and reach their goals.

Everything else is irrelevant.

YOU are the most important part of the equation, not your company or products.

They want to know that YOU are successful (or will be soon). They want to know that YOU can and will HELP them succeed. They want to know that YOU aren’t going to quit and abandon them in a month or two.

Does that make sense?

You see, people don’t join businesses. They join PEOPLE.

And it’s your job to be someone worth joining. To be worth joining, you must offer your prospect VALUE.

This can be a system, your confidence, your poise, your work ethic, your knowledge, your experience, etc.

That’s why it is so important to work on yourself and become a person of value. This is what the top people in your company have figured out. People want to work with them because they have experience, wisdom, success and value!

It took me a few years to figure this lesson out and finally get things right.

Now, I have people ASK ME to sponsor them. It’s so much better than chasing down a prospect at the mall or bugging your Aunt Caroline.

Nope, I’m not bragging. I just want you to know that this advice works for me. And I know it will work for you.

So, work on you! Increase your knowledge. Read more books. Stay out in the trenches. Go to more seminars. Get more experience. Get smarter. Study MLM, small business, marketing and lead generation.

Keep learning and never stop.  Become an expert.

Every lesson you learn helps increase your value. As you increase your knowledge and value, your results will improve.

I hope that helps.

Leave me a reply below and tell me what you think.

And if you want to know where I learned this lesson, check out this link below for Mike Dillard’s course Magnetic Sponsoring. He has taught me more than anyone else about this concept and he is my most trusted business mentor.

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15 thoughts on “Learn Why People Won’t Join Your MLM Team”

  1. Chuck, I completely agree with you on this one. I have watched people pass up good deals on items simply because they did not like the person who was selling it. On the other side of the fence, I have watched people who didn’t really need an item, but they purchase it because they really like the person selling it. If we gain friends, the people will purchase what we have even if they don’t need it. It is all about relationships and being real with people.

  2. This is so spot on and I strongly believe in the notion that people congregate around those they see as valuable. Not only valuable people (which sounds objectifying), but like-minded people who they see as a means of helping them reach their goals in business and in life, which are probably similar to the person’s they are congregating around. Businesses, products, and compensation plans are important, but they are inanimate. They don’t have visions. People have visions. If people perceive your vision as being valuable and helpful to their own success, they will join you.

  3. In business, you aren’t just selling a product or service. While those are important, you are first and foremost selling your personality, attitude and skill set. People are attracted to and gravitate toward people they aspire to be like. Money and time invested in continuing education and personal development is never wasted.

  4. Charles, what wonderful advice here. Just wondering if there are any specific actions or steps you would suggest to help us become individuals who people want to partner with, aside from the ones mentioned in the post? Are there general steps for everyone to help them improve or are there specific steps for specific people in your opinion?

    1. I think the key is to spend time developing your own skills. So few people in our industry do it. The same really holds true in any industry, especially in selling. People have to know you, like you and trust you, but they also have to feel that you are the solution to their issues. If they don’t believe in you, it’s highly unlikely they will buy what you are selling.

  5. While I agree you want to work with experts in the field you also have to be willing to pay them and compensate them well and treat them like experts. I have found so many business owners who want experts to work for pitiful pay, be treated like a common employee, and be used rather than respected. You want experts but you MUST be willing to treat them like the experts that they are!

      1. Very true- it is the nature of a competitive market. You have to find the balance between what you can offer and what you charge and what your current market is able or willing to bear. And it is something that changes throughout the year as the overall market and economy changes.

  6. God bless you. All your teachings are invaluable and very true. Am grateful to God we crossed paths. Looking forward to meeting you in person.

  7. I agree with the points in your post, as well as the point raised by Sana Salman (commenter above): people join people. As you say in many of your posts, never stop working on yourself. Become the expert in your own business. Keep learning (I am a believer in lifetime schooling). Above all, be the person that you would like to meet or do business with if you were not you.

    1. Personally, I would never make a significant purchase from someone I did not like. Yes, I might visit Walmart or a convenience store and deal with the poor customer service. Not so when starting a business, buying a home, buying a car, etc. People like to do business with people they know, like and trust. Personally, I like to hire the people who are the BEST in their field. I like dealing with top realtors, top insurance agents, and top business people, because they are PROFESSIONALS and EXPERTS. I cannot stress that enough.

  8. This information seems completely relevant and is a really significant part of making your marketing team a success. The term PEOPLE JOIN PEOPLE is a reality, so in order to gain business (prospect clients), you have to work on YOURSELF. People look for success and they would join people with great vision, knowledge and experience of gaining success.

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