Leading by Example in Network Marketing

Today, I want to talk about leading by example in network marketing.  Quite perhaps the best thing you can ever do for your group is to set a strong personal example for them to follow.

Rather than spending all your time TELLING your team what to do, let your ACTIONS show them what they should be doing.  Many folks mess this up because they go into management mode very quickly in their business.

If you sponsor a few people and then sit back and wait for them to build the business, your business will never grow.  This is a numbers game and you must ALWAYS keep adding people to your team and stay in the trenches.  The moment you sit back and “watch your team” is when your business will start to decline.

One again, you have to be “out in trenches” moving your business forward. This is how you will find leaders to work with in your team.  Just remember that the best leaders lead from the front by setting the example for others to follow.

What I want to do in the rest of this post is share some examples of what leading by example really means.

# 1 Generate leads and prospecting every day – As the leader of the pack, you should be generating new leads and prospects for your business every single day.  That means you should talk to people, form new relationships, and keep meeting new people.  That way you always have someone new to share the business with.

# 2 Show the plan consistently – Ideally, you want to show the plan at least ten times every single month to new prospects.  This is how you will sponsor new people.

# 3 Sponsor 2-4 new reps every month – You want to keep sponsoring people every single month, ideally 2-4 new people each month.  This shows your group that you are not just sitting around waiting on them to do something.

# 4 Attend all events – As the leader, you should attend all local and regional and national events.  You should encourage your team to be there and you should attend them yourself. You should also actively promote the events.

# 5 Participating in training calls – You should participate in the team training calls and bring guests on the calls with you.

These are just a few things you can do to lead by example in network marketing.  Make sure your team sees you doing these things.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that your people are watching you.  Just like kids emulate their parents, your team will do what you do in network marketing.  Make sure you are always setting a strong personal example and leading from the front.  Be the type of person that you want to attract into your business.  That is the key to success.

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2 thoughts on “Leading by Example in Network Marketing”

  1. This is indeed the best way to inspire and motivate people in your down line. Giving orders and making high expectations wouldn’t work. Instead you need to lead by example, inspire your people with planning and consistent action. Allow them to dream bigger and fight with them in the battle field of network marketing in order to get the best out of them.

  2. Great advice Charles. This is a trap many who lead in Network Marketing fall into. I see it daily. People think they are on “easy street” once they have 2 or 3 prospects under their belt. It just comes down to time management (something I need to work on). If a leader manages their time wisely, they will be considered a great leader.

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