Leaders are Found, Not Created in Network Marketing and MLM

Another valuable lesson I learned from Mark Yarnell in his book Your First Year in Network Marketing is that “MLM Leaders are found, not created.”  It took me many years to finally figure this out, but I understand it now.

In today’s world, not everyone is a leader.  This applies to the corporate world, network marketing, college kids, your employees, friends, etc.  I’m sure you already realize that.

Very few people are self motivated, have a game plan for their life, and take accountability for everything they do or fail to do.  Not everyone has the leadership skills or WANTS to be a leader.

This select group of leaders is no more than 10 to 20 percent of the population (probably closer to 10 percent).

In MLM, the numbers are about the same.

Only a small percentage of the people in your team will become MLM Leaders.  Very few people will do the work it takes to succeed and accept responsibility for their own success.

If you have 100 people on your team, you might have 10 leaders, maybe even less than that.

Where most distributors mess up is that they try to convert a follower, or even a non-serious person into a leader.

They want success for the person, more than the other person wants it themselves.

They try to motivate, help, train and encourage the other person, only to find out the other person won’t do the work, isn’t serious about the business, or doesn’t want the help.

I’ve found that the sooner you can identify the non-leaders the better off you will be.  By no means am I telling you to ignore or treat them differently.  You should treat everyone with respect and encourage everyone.

But you must realize that for the most part, you will FIND leaders, not develop leaders in your MLM Team.  They will identify themselves by their ACTIONS.

You will find people who want to run with the business and build a large team of customers and distributors.

You will find people that implement what you teach them.

You will find people they do what they say and say what they do.

You will find people who work their business consistently.

You will find people who call you for help.

You will find people who go out and build a huge team.

And when you are fortunate enough to find someone like this, make sure you don’t dry to manage them or be their boss.  Leaders don’t want a manager. 

Instead, you should encourage, help and support them and stay the you know what out of their way.

This small, select group of people will make you very wealthy in your network marketing business.

The bottom line is this: “leaders are found, not created” in MLM.

You can’t turn a bag of apples into a bag of gold, just like you can’t take a non-leader and turn them into a leader. It’s typically a waste of time trying to do that.

What do you think?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you.

This is part of my Mark Yarnell mini-series.  Read the original post.

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3 thoughts on “Leaders are Found, Not Created in Network Marketing and MLM”

  1. I really, really love this post. I never thought of it that way at all. But, I guess leaders are already leaders before they are in a leadership position. The way they act and carry themselves aligns with that of a leader long before they are given the platform to largely demonstrate it. So does that dispel the idea that all people have leadership potential? I would think so. A small select group of people exhibit the characteristics early on and those should be the people we try to target to bring into our business, not the ones trying to use the business as a money genie who are likely to bail and underperform.

  2. I’ve always noticed that if you walked into a classroom of 1st or 2nd, maybe 3rd grade children and study them, you will find maybe two true leaders within the whole class. Now, I do believe all people have slight leadership capabilities, but for the most part, people are followers. One thing I used to use in sales was to tell people what to do; not in a mean or sarcastic way, but just tell them instead of asking. “Here, sign right here” (putting the pen in their hand) or “I’m going to stop by at 4pm ok.” These worked and people would agree whereas if I used “Will you sign?” or “Can I stop by at 4?”, I would get more nos than yeses. That is how leadership works. Very few people are true leaders. I don’t even know if I really am completely; I would like to think so, but??? Now on what Mark Yarnell stated, I both agree and disagree. I think some leadership abilities can created with much practice and work, but true leaders all around are found, not created. Good post Chuck.

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