The Laptop Lifestyle: Top 22 Ways To Make It Happen

The laptop lifestyle…

Many people travel through this thing we call life as if they were put on this planet to never enjoy their creation.

We are taught at an early age to go to school, do our chores, get a job and work our asses off to pay our taxes and try to feed our families, and hopefully save for retirement with the odds of our dying beforehand quite high.

laptop lifestyleIt can be depressing to think about that whole scenario.

Fortunately, some of us have awakened to the fact that we were not created to be slaves to that thought process.

Yes, there is work in life, but why do we have to hate that work?

Sure, we should save money, but why save it as if we are gambling on living long enough to enjoy it?

Why can’t we enjoy both our working time and retirement time at the same time?

That statement sounds like an oxymoron and probably is, so essentially I will say that if we truly enjoy our lifestyle, retirement is not even a word considered.

The Day the Common Attitude of School, Work, Retire Died

I cannot name the exact date, but it started primarily in my generation, and I was one of the instigators.

I will soon be 54 years old and I have always had a rebel attitude.

If my parents would have had their way, I would have attended school until I was 24 or 25 and would now be arguing criminal cases and helping people get divorced.

That was not the path I wanted.

Sure, many lawyers make great money, but how many are truly satisfied with life?

I knew there had to be a better way, but I did not discover it immediately.

I became a slave to what we called life.

I joined the Army, and I discovered that I detested nearly every job I had, but I faked it.

I loved being at peace with my family when we had those moments, but that was short times and then it was back to work, chores, sleep and all over again.

Monotony and it seemed like it would never end until I died; it had to change.

My First Computer

My brother gave me a desktop computer and I discovered that I may had found the way to break free.

I had always loved writing and I began doing so and to make a long story short, I soon purchased a laptop so I could carry the computer with me anywhere.

I found methods to make money using that laptop and I also discovered that I did not need my employer; they needed me.

I Discovered I Could Live the Laptop Lifestyle

ewen chia
The best book I ever read about how to make money online.

Now don’t get me wrong, I did not immediately quit my job and dive into laptop land.

To be honest, circumstances of life helped guide me into the laptop lifestyle:

  • I was writing part-time while I worked full-time plus some.
  • My 23-month old grandson was killed and I believed it to be murder. I fought for justice and instead found a Southern Missouri town’s political forces fighting me. I wrote and published the book: Grandpa’s Mission.
  • I was laid off from my job and forced to use my computer to feed my family.
  • Our house burned… Quite questionable, but supposedly a coffee pot.
  • We moved to the St. Louis area and I found a factory job with Nike.
  • My wife died.
  • I decided that enough was enough… I moved to Puerto Rico and accepted that I was now going to live the laptop lifestyle.

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How It Is

I could lie to you and tell you it has been a bed of roses… The thing is, it has been a bed of roses because roses do have thorns.

But, I love living the laptop lifestyle and you can too.

If I want to eat a steak for every meal, I can.

If I want to travel to El Yunque rain forest today, I will because the laptop lifestyle allows me to do so.

My main source of income on my laptop is freelance writing, but that is not my only source.

I Have Found Success Living the Laptop Lifestyle and You Can Too!

I am going to give you 22 ways to make the Laptop Lifestyle happen for you.

I am hoping that when I get done, in a short time you can come back and tell us in the comments how you are:

  • On a mountain near Nepal on your laptop
  • On a small boat near Cyprus managing your finances on your laptop
  • Eating a banana and watching a monkey jump from tree-to-tree in Costa Rica while you are posting on your blog.
  • Etc…

There are cons with the Laptop Lifestyle, but the pros far outweigh them, so scroll down and learn how to make your Laptop Lifestyle happen.

These are in no certain order, so you may want to take notes and put them in the order that will work best for you.

1: Buy & Read the Book: Living A Laptop Lifestyle

Greg and Fiona Scott discovered the freedom of living a Laptop Lifestyle.

This is a great book with tons of great ideas.

2: Make a List

I recommend that you take some time right now to make a list of all your skills and talents.

I say all… Do not try to question whether they will help you on the internet.

If you know how to change brakes on cars, if you are great at trimming shrubs, if you have a skill at cooking brownies, no matter what your talent is, put it on the list.

Now print that list off and keep it with you at all times.

Many of these ideas can be turned into an online business.

3: Make a Blog

I suggest you determine from your list what skill or talent that you believe you could regularly blog about.

Purchase a website/blog and start educating people on your talent.

In doing so, you can sell some of your items and install affiliate advertisements on your blog and get paid if people click or buy from those ads.

4: Read and Learn

Keep learning all you can.  Get started and never stop!

I mentioned the blog above; read how to get traffic; read about building the best website; learn all you can about anything that can help you in your Laptop Lifestyle.

I suggest scheduling time daily to read, watch videos and other means of self-development.

5: Make Sure You Will Have an Internet Connection Wherever You Go

This has been an issue for some people living the Laptop Lifestyle.

Technology has given us many means to have internet wherever and whenever.

Having a mobile hotspot if you are in the jungles of Africa or a desert in Australia is important to succeed in the Laptop Lifestyle.

6: Do Not Let Other People Steal Your Dream

Many people will try to tell you that it cannot be done.

I am a living testimony as are many others… It CAN be done and you CAN do it.

Just ignore those people and live your Laptop Lifestyle dream.

If the person giving you advice isn’t going to pay your bills, don’t listen to them!

7: Find Multiple Income Streams

I will delve into some various income stream ideas you can manage from your laptop while you are in the Andes or walleye fishing in Canada, but it is important that you understand you need to have multiple income streams.

By doing so, if one stream dries up slightly, another stream may be flooding.

Ideally, you want to have 3-10 solid income streams.  Start out with one, but gradually add in additional income streams.

8: Take care of your greatest asset

How many of you are thinking I am speaking about your laptop computer?

While your laptop is an important asset, there is an asset that is even more important.

That asset is you!

You need to eat properly and exercise.

Trust me… It is quite easy to neglect this important tip; I have been guilty of it.

The food here in Puerto Rico could take me to 300 pounds if I allowed it.

But by eating healthy (Mangoes, Bananas, Oranges, etc…) and exercising, I can allow myself the occasional Mofongo or marvelous candies and deserts offered here.

9: Create an Online Store

Since you have a website/blog, you can also attach an online store to your website.

Sell your own products or other people’s products and get a commission.

It is a great way to make some passive income.

10: Drop Shipping

This can go right along with your online store, but you can partner with a manufacturer and sell products using a drop shipping method.

If you research the system carefully, you can fully automate it to where it runs on its own and you just collect the money you make.

Yes, you will have to check and verify from time-to-time, but it takes little time out of your Laptop Lifestyle.

11: Socialize

I put this tip in here for 2 reasons.

  1. Some people get so involved in the Laptop Lifestyle they lose touch with people. They get lonely. It is important that you get out and socialize so loneliness does not attack your inner being.
  2. You also will find that networking with other entrepreneurs is a good way to gain ideas and also find profitable partnerships.

Just make sure you schedule time to get out with other people on a regular basis.

12: Write eBooks

Writing and publishing eBooks is actually not difficult.

I have quite a few published on Amazon Kindle and without divulging too much info, I could live strictly off my eBook sales.

People love to read digital books on their tablet or Kindle® or phone.

13: Self-Publish

Since I mentioned eBooks, I need to say that publishing regular books can also be quite profitable.

I actually write and self-publish books and then integrate them into eBooks too.

All of my books are listed on and you can see them just by searching my name… Greg Boudonck.

I have had several that have been selling machines and the royalties do add up to nice monthly deposits in my bank account.

multiple streams of income
This book taught me the importance of multiple streams of income.

14: Manage Your Time

Time management is ultra-important for anyone living the Laptop Lifestyle.

I have found that every night, I need to plan the next day.

You need to plan your work so you keep making money, but you also need to plan leisure activities and fun.

It is great if you manage it correctly, but if you mismanage your time, you may find yourself begging for spare change in Hamburg, Germany.

15: Network Marketing

Network marketing or MLM as many people call it has received a “bad rap.”

Much of it comes from the lottery mentality people get.

MLM is a business, but you can run that business from anywhere on your laptop.

I am somewhat new in the MLM business, but I have and I will tell you that I already have a downline of around 12 people and I get commissions from their sales as well as my own.

It is a great business model if you manage it correctly.

You are at the right website to learn how to manage your MLM business from your laptop, and trust me, Chuck Holmes is a great mentor.

If you are searching for a MLM company to join, you may want to check out this opportunity.

16: Have a Backup Laptop

Here is something I learned the hard way.

Let’s face it, (please forgive my use of this, but…) shit happens.

Your laptop could give you the blue screen of death or you could drop it over the edge of the cruise ship.

It is wise to always have a 2nd laptop prepared for emergencies.

17: Create Videos

There are some entrepreneurs who are making tons of money just publishing simple videos.

I do have a few videos online that bring in a few dollars every month from the Google ads placed on them, but if you are able to make amazing or hilarious videos, you could make thousands of dollars monthly while living the Laptop Lifestyle.

18: Backup All Files

Just as I stated that you should have a backup laptop, you should also backup all your files.

You can put them on a USB Drive, a disc or use the Cloud.

Just make sure you can get your files if you have to use a different laptop.

19: Freelance Your Skills

That list I had you make early on in this article is important.

Pull it out and see what talents you have that could be helpful for other people and could be done via your laptop while you are sipping coconut water in Jamaica.

Now use a service such as Upwork, Fiverr or several others to start freelancing your talents.

20: Use Dropbox

Dropbox is a great service where you can share files with other people or clients no matter where you are.

The service is free, but you can upgrade for a fee.

I have never had any issues using Dropbox.

21: Use Zoom

I used to use Skype for meetings but not long ago, a client wanted to meet with me and introduced me to Zoom.

It is a great way to meet with people and Zoom has some amazing features:

  • Share your screen
  • A whiteboard
  • and a whole lot more

I highly recommend Zoom for meetings in your Laptop Lifestyle.

money mindset22: Create an Online Course

Pull that talent list out again.

There are people who would like to know the skills you know.

There are several online sites where you can develop and sell online courses.

I have even plotted making an online course when I can make the time to do so.

There are online educators making more by selling online courses than they would by working in an educational center.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few ways to make the Laptop Lifestyle happen.

If you follow them, you will make money if you are diligent and put 100% effort into them.

Is the Laptop Lifestyle the perfect life? No, but for me it is much better than working in a factory and looking forward to what people will say at my funeral.

So what do you think? Do you live the Laptop Lifestyle? If you do, tell us your pros and cons.

Thank you for dropping in today and please share this with your social friends so they can enjoy the Laptop Lifestyle.



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Greg Boudonck is a freelance writer and the author of over 50 books. He writes on many different topics, but business subjects are one of his primary areas of writing expertise. See Greg’s biography here.

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