How To Keep Your Wife Happy: Top 15 Tips

When proposing some titles to me, my friend Chuck Holmes mentioned this: How To Keep Your Wife Happy.

My immediate reaction was, am I qualified?

happy wife

As I looked back in time, I realized I am probably more qualified than at least 70% of the male population. And I don’t say that in bragging, but…

  • I first wed at 18 years old and Jonda and I were married just slightly short of 30 years before her health deteriorated; she passed away as I was there by her bedside.
  • I am now with Maggie, and have been for 7 years and we have plans of growing old together.

For some reason, these two women put up with all my downfalls.


  • All the money I have (and a roar of laughter came from the crowd).
  • These good looks (why did the crowd just spit out all their coffee?).
  • Or maybe it’s because I don’t fart, belch or leave the toilet seat up (do you go to Hell for lying?).

None of the above, but… I have a knack that I learned somewhere of keeping my wife happy.

So read along and learn how to keep your wife happy too (or girlfriend). Here are my top 15 tips in no particular order.

And ladies, be sure and share this with your mate. I’m sure both of you will be all the happier he read it.

Keep Your Wife Happy Tip #1: Remind Them Often How Much You Appreciate Them

As a busy freelancer, I sometimes find myself being caught up in my work and not noticing the little things my lovely woman does. But I have learned to look closely and when I see a new plant, or she put on a new blouse or she made my favorite meal, I let her know how much I appreciate her and love her.

But how often Greg?

Daily! Twice daily… No wait… Make it 7 times a day.

Anything less, you get a cold salami sandwich for dinner!

Keep Your Wife Happy Tip #2: Have A Date Night At Least…

I would say at least twice per month.

Take her to her favorite restaurant, movie, dancing… Take her out on the town.

With Maggie, a simple drive into a remote part of Puerto Rico has always been adored.

Keep Your Wife Happy Tip #3: Make Time For A One-On-One Conversation

This is an area I slip on from time to time, especially when children were in the home. But your wife needs to have your full attention. That means make it a two way conversation with no debating. Listen and offer your input, but even if she disagrees with you, don’t debate.

Try to keep the conversation within an area where debating will not be an issue.

Keep Your Wife Happy Tip #4: Listen Intently

keep your wife happy

You may think this goes with #3, but this is when you just shut up except for the occasional yes, no, and you got that right honey.

The wife needs your ears to pour out all that has nearly destroyed her this day. Or she made need your ears to hear the sadness, gladness or gossip she just needs to get off her chest.

Now mind you… Don’t have half your mind (or more) on the sport’s game, your smartphone or your business. Give 150% attention to every word coming from her mouth.

Keep Your Wife Happy Tip #5: Be An Old-Fashioned Gentleman

It doesn’t matter if your wife:

  • Is a bulldozer operator
  • Fights in the UFC
  • Yells about equal rights for women all day long
  • Etc…

She still wants and needs gentlemanly treatment. Open the door for her, pull out her chair, etc…

She may act as if you shouldn’t, but don’t stop! In secret, she loves every bit of it!

Keep Your Wife Happy Tip #6: Build Her Confidence

When she doesn’t think she can, you need to tell her she CAN! And if she fails, you tell her you know she can and tell her times you failed and got back up and tried again.

Never try to break her down… Always try to build her up!

Keep Your Wife Happy Tip #7: What Can I Do To Help?

No matter what you did this day, how hard it was or how tired you are, your wife needs your help with something. And even if she doesn’t, believe me, she will be happy if… Every day, you ask her “What can I do to help?”

The kicker…

Go do what she asked, and do it well!

Keep Your Wife Happy Tip #8: Cook A Delightful Dinner

Here is an area I have become quite good at over the years if I do say so myself.

It will put a smile on your wife’s face when you have the table set with a candle and flowers in the middle.

Lasagna, a nice salad and a cherry pie will cause happiness to shine from her face.

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Keep Your Wife Happy Tip #9: Trust Her

Trust is a must!

Whether she has the credit card, is out with her friends or on a business trip, you have to always be trusting.

Believe me, not trusting can lead to serious problems in a marriage.

Keep Your Wife Happy Tip #10: Maintain Your Appearance

Comb your hair, brush your teeth, put on deodorant, etc…

I say that you should always come to your wife in the same condition you did, appearance wise, when you first asked her out on a date.

Those are the top 10, but here are more…

  • Put out love messages around the house
  • Compliment her often
  • Tell your wife first when something exciting happens
  • Surprise her in unexpected ways
  • Give her time to herself when she needs it

Final Thoughts

Now there are only 15 on this list and believe me, there are many more.

But I don’t want to overwhelm you. Your wife deserves happiness, so get creative and put a smile on her face.

I challenge you to go do something right now to make your wife smile.

With that, I’m going to go give Maggie a foot rub… Oh, that’s #16… All women love foot massages. And here is a great video too:

So go for it… And come back and comment how you made your wife smile after reading this.

As they say… Happy Wife, Happy Life! See you all later!


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