Kanti & Hemi Gala Amway EDC Founders Winner’s International India

Kanti and Hemi Gala are Founder’s Executive Diamonds in the Amway business. They are originally from India. They moved to the United States looking for a better life.  They came here to get a solid education.  Kanti has a PhD in chemistry and had a short career in the pharmaceutical world before joining Amway.  Hemi was a doctor herself, and owned a large medical practice.  Their son is an Emerald in the business.

They learned about the Amway business back in 1985, but didn’t get serious about their business until 1987.  After attending a Free Enterprise Day, the couple decided to “sell out” to the Amway business and build it on a grand scale.

They started their Amway business by sharing the products and business opportunity with everyone they knew. As they sponsored new distributors, they helped them find customers and new distributors. They also prospected strangers, did in-home parties, utilized the three-foot rule and did three-way calls.

As of today, their downline has approximately one million Amway distributors in it. They are one of Bill Britt’s largest legs and they have one of the largest organizations in all of Amway. Most of their team is in India.  After making the decision to build an Amway business, they moved back to India and they were one of the first successful distributors there.

The couple was originally affiliated with Britt World Wide, but they decided to start their own successful training system (Amway Motivational Organization), which is now known as Winner’s International. Winner’s International is a training system that provides business support materials such as tapes, books and seminars and other business tools to Amway distributors in its line of sponsorship. The money from these business tools is a large part of their income, probably more than their Amway income.

Most of their downline is in India, but they have teams located in many different countries. Their upline Diamonds are Founder’s Ambassadors Bill and Peggy Britt. Their upline Emeralds are Gary and Debbie Bostic. Although I don’t know too much about this couple personally, I’ve heard that they are fantastic speakers and motivators. After nearly 25 years in the business, they are still actively building their business and speaking at functions and rallies.

They are a true credit to the network marketing industry. Anyone that can build a team of one million or more distributors and be with the same company nearly 30 years is obviously a huge success story.

If you have ever worked with them personally, I would love to hear your story. Please tell us about how you met them, when you met them, and about your personal experience working with Amway Executive Diamonds Kanti and Hemi Gala.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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3 thoughts on “Kanti & Hemi Gala Amway EDC Founders Winner’s International India

  1. Greg Boudonck

    Seems to be an amazing story of success Chuck. What really took me is how much money doctors and chemists can make, especially in the United States. I was surprised to hear that instead of going with their prospective fields of study, they chose to follow the Amway system. This goes to show that if someone that really could have been doing fine financially with what they studied for, chose to follow an MLM route, and succeeded, we can too. Thanks for this post. It really opened my eyes.

      1. Greg Boudonck

        Yes, you are right Chuck. I think that what happens is we listen to much to dream breakers. Negative people tell us things like you can’t do it, or there is no money in that. We tend to believe them and that is when we falter. I have learned to take dream breakers words and make them challenges. Oh, you don’t think I can; I will show you. That system has worked well. Many said I could never publish a book, now I have over 50. Never say never!


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