2 thoughts on “Join Regenalife Today: Top 26 Reasons

  1. Al Pooser

    Chuck, I like what you have to say about timing. It is great that you joined your company at the correct time.
    My brother was in a mlm company and was working it like gangbusters and doing really well. By the time I joined everyone in my circle was already in or has heard about it from someone leaving me with little opportunity to promote in my warm market.
    Also, if you recall several years ago a big company that starts with “A” was doing really well. When you asked someone to take a look at it the common response was, “Is this ‘A’?”
    So getting in before everyone and their brother has heard about it can be a very good thing.
    In step 3 you mention a Postcard System. You can approach people all day long telling them about a program without a system and this spells disaster for the little guy. With a system such as your postcard mailing system gives the average person a fighting chance. I love easy to implement systems. Who can’t mail a postcard?
    You have lots of reasons for a person to join with you…
    No startup cost! How many companies want to charge an arm and a leg for a distributor kit?
    Free Website – I can’t stand it when a company makes you pay $20 or more for a website to promote their products.
    No membership or renewal fee – Awesome.
    Fairly priced products – I hate it when I can go to Wal-Mart and buy something similar for way less money. It don’t make sense to buy from a mlm when you can get it cheaper somewhere else.
    No one get hurt. This is the best part. Buy from your own store and only buy what you need.
    Awesome points, Chuck. Thanks for the review.


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