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If you’re tired of the hype, empty promises, and broken dreams you frequently find in the “work from home” industry, today is your lucky day. If you want an opportunity that is lucrative, honest, fun, and rewarding, keep reading.

My name is Chuck Holmes. What I am about to share with you today is different. When I first learned about this opportunity in May 2019, I realized this is the company I’d spent the past 17-years searching for. It’s different from every other home-based business I’ve evaluated. I still feel the same way today, 18-months later.

This is business is a hybrid business model. It combines affiliate marketing, network marketing, e-commerce, and in demand products people want and need.

I think of it as a turnkey online business, a business in a box.

My friend begged me for a few days to take a closer look at this company. I ignored him at first, but finally gave in. Within a few minutes of “looking under the hood” I was in complete awe.

Since May 2019, our team grew from zero to more than 165,000 people. I did not get a deal or a bunch of spillover. I simply found the right opportunity at the right time. The company is still young, under the radar, and offers plenty of upside potential.

Prior to joining this company, I never had big success in MLM. In fact, I failed miserably for 16+ years, never making more than a couple thousand dollars per month.

chuck holmesIf you’ve ever wanted to be in the right place at the right time, you are right now! Our company is expanding internationally and we are looking for customers, part-timers, and professionals. We have something for everyone.

Here’s what makes our company unique:

  1. You can join for free. You can even earn $$$$ without ordering anything yourself.
  2. You get 8 free websites, free capture pages, and a free email marketing system.
  3. You get paid DAILY.
  4. We offer 80-90 natural and organic products (CBD, coffee, skin care, weight loss, pet products, essential oils, etc.) at fair prices.
  5. We are a product focused company; nearly 9 in 10 people who join are simply customers.
  6. We have a compensation plan designed for the part-timer, but also rewards the serious person.
  7. There are no membership fees, annual fees, website fees, or renewal fees.
  8. You get people put under you (if you work with me).
  9. You can build your business 100% online like I do. All you need is a phone and internet connection.
  10. There is no hype, pressure, or drama.

In addition, our team offers FREE LEADS, a Craigslist system, a postcard marketing system, drop card system, and world-class training, recognition and support. We do weekly training webinars and have a secret Facebook group. Lots of people are rank advancing, making money, and getting healthy. Will you be next?

If you’d like additional details to see if the products or opportunity might be a good fit for you, fill out the form you see below with your best email to get additional details. Check out the compensation plan, products, and company. Do your homework.

If you have questions or need to chat, after you review the information, you can call me or email me. If you like what you see, I can offer you a complimentary $25 gift card to try out some products for free. See you on the other side.



Chuck Holmes

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Disclaimer: I am an independent affiliate. Individual results will vary. The products are not designed to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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