Top 10 Reasons To Join LifeVantage

Today, I’m going to share 10 reasons to join LifeVantage.

LifeVantage was originally founded in 2003 by Paul Myhill and Bill Driscoll. It was first called Lifeline Therapeutics until it was rebranded under the name LifeVantage.

Neither I nor Chuck are affiliated with LifeVantage. I believe Chuck is a retail customer and uses some of the products. But this post is completely unbiased.

I just want to demonstrate that network marketing is a good business model and if you are pondering starting a home based MLM business, these are 10 reasons you may want to consider joining LifeVantage.

At the end of this post there is a reference section. You will find the link to the company website in the top place.

If you do join, come and let us know if these reasons helped you in your decision.

Reason To Join LifeVantage #1: It Is A Great Full Or Part Time Business

LifeVantage has made it possible for people of all walks to make great money either part-time or fantastic money full-time.

The averages are:

  • Part time – $80 – $5,800 per month
  • Full time – $11,000 – $110,000 per month

Reason To Join LifeVantage #2: Publicly Listed

LifeVantage holds themselves to high standards. The fact that the company is publicly listed on the NASDAQ exchange shows that they DO hold themselves to standards far beyond many other companies.

By being listed, all financial records are public knowledge, which means they must be completely upright in their business dealings.

Reason To Join LifeVantage #3: No Inventory To Track

This is one of the top reasons people start home based MLM businesses; you do not have to hold or track inventory. This is all done through LifeVantage. When someone makes an order through your business, LifeVantage ships the products directly to them and you collect the commissions.

Reason To Join LifeVantage #4: Work The Hours You Want

Like any business, to have success, you must work it. But when you have a LifeVantage home based network marketing business, you are not forced to work prescribed hours. You won’t get fired for being a no call, no-show or for being late.

If you want to work at 11 AM, 6 PM or 4 AM, you have the right and ability to do so.

Reason To Join LifeVantage #5: Superior Training And Support

LifeVantage and everyone who has a LifeVantage business knows that if they help you grow in the business, it helps the business as a whole.

LifeVantage ensures you have every tool and resource available to grow your business:

  • Personal mentors
  • Customer support around the clock
  • Support groups
  • Training events
  • and so much more

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Reason To Join LifeVantage #6: Patented Products

The fact that LifeVantage holds patents gives the company huge credibility. When you tell potential customers there is a patent, their eyes will light up.

The primary ingredient in LifeVantage products is Protandim and this is the statement from the company:

Protandim®’s six-time patented formulation features five potent botanicals that signal the DNA in your body to increase the production of its own natural antioxidant enzymes. In simple terms, there is no other product like Protandim®. Its proprietary formulation, based on boosting antioxidant enzymes leads the market in fighting oxidative stress and aging.

Reason To Join LifeVantage #7: Global Reach

LifeVantage business owners can recruit and sell all over the world. LifeVantage has a global reach, so you can use the world wide web as a tool in selling and recruiting.

Reason To Join LifeVantage #8: Residual Income

Let’s just dream a bit… You have built a LifeVantage business with a huge downline. And you have a huge list of customers. So you decide you want to just go live in Costa Rica, Jamaica or Australia and have fun.

The money still keeps coming in…

It is called residual income. The customers keep buying and you still receive your pay. All while you are surfing, skiing or just laying on the beach.

Reason To Join LifeVantage #9: Tax Benefits

Even if you keep working your normal job, starting a part-time LifeVantage business can save you huge money on taxes. You can write off so many things…

  • Home office
  • Automobile use
  • Meals & Entertainment
  • and many more

Here is an excellent article and video on the tax benefits of having a MLM business.

Reason To Join LifeVantage #10: The Ability To Help People Live Healthier Lives

For many of us, we want to make a difference in the world. And the products scientifically designed by LifeVantage are helping people live longer and a more fulfilling life.

The testimonials show that people love these products.

Sure, there are haters, but when people say that certain medical issues they have went by the wayside, my ears perk up.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, LifeVantage has great products, good compensation and some wonderful leaders.

No, I am not affiliated with the company… I have a different MLM home based business. But I can not shoot down LifeVantage at all.

I highly recommend LifeVantage and its products. Now, let’s hear your thoughts. You can post all your questions and comments below. Thank you.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with LifeVantage. This information is for educational purposes only and we receive no compensation for this review. These products have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. They are not to cure or treat sickness or disease. Please contact your Doctor before using any of these products and for your own health issues.


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