Top 27 Reasons to Join Essante Organics

In today’s post, I want to share my top 27 reasons to join Essante Organics.  In my opinion, these are the things that make the company stand out over their competitors.  As a quick disclaimer, I am a very HAPPY affiliate with this company.

Before I share the reasons to join Essante Organics, I should start out by telling you that this company is not perfect.  Far from it.  No company is perfect.  That being said, it is awesome.  I simply love what I have experienced so far, and I am very passionate about the products and company.  Here’s why:

# 1 In Business Since 2009

This is not a risky start-up, but it’s still a ground-floor opportunity.  They’ve already worked out many of the kinks and have survived the first five plus years in business, which is considerably rare in this industry.

reasons to join essante organics# 2 Virtually Unknown

This company is 100% under the radar.  I love that.  It’s not saturated.  Ask 100 people if they’ve ever heard of Essante Organics before, and I’d be willing to bet you would be lucky to find 1 in 100 people who have heard of them.

# 3 Binary Compensation Plan

Love it or hate it, the binary compensation plan is very powerful.  You only have to build TWO teams, whereas in most companies you need to build at least 6 to 12 teams to be paid on all parts of the compensation plan. After all, if you can’t build two teams, how could you build six to twelve teams?

# 4 No Flushing of Volume

Whether you place an order in a month, or not, your volume NEVER flushes.  It simply carries over to the next week.  This is UNHEARD of in our industry.

# 5 Paid Weekly

We live in a society where most people expect instant gratification.  Most people are accustomed to getting paid weekly, yet most MLM Companies only pay once per month.

# 6 Proven Company Leadership

The company founders were successful, experienced network marketers BEFORE starting the company.  This means that they think like a network marketer and can relate to us.  Best of all, the owner’s care about the distributors, and they are accessible and helpful.

# 7 Part of the Multi-BILLION Dollar Organic Products Industry

This company is part of the $50 billion+ organic products industry. Organic products are a growing trend, and I anticipate they will continue to grow in popularity in the years to come.  As a disclaimer, not all of the company’s products are organic, but many of them are.  Others are simply made with organic ingredients.

# 8 Essential Oils

This is another popular trend in today’s world.  Many people are FANATICAL about essential oils.  Essante Organics offers more than 20 different oils to choose from.

# 9 Online Reputation

You won’t find much, if anything negative about the company online.  When your prospect searches on Google, they won’t find pages and pages with bad press about the company.  This is vitally important.

# 10 Privately Owned

The company is privately owned with no intention of ever going public.  To me, this is very important, since I stay away from publicly owned companies at all cost.

# 11 Small Distributor/Customer Base

As of 2017, the company has approximately 24,000 customers and distributors.  It’s still a very small company, which means there is a LOT of opportunity for growth.  The company is mostly customers and there aren’t tons of people serious about building it big.  If you are a serious rep like I am, you know this is a dream come true. You have the opportunity to be the person who puts this company on the map!

# 12 International Opportunity

The company currently does business in about 40 different countries, and it has intentions of growing internationally.  In today’s global economy, this is vitally important.

# 13 Check Matching Bonuses

This is one of my favorite things about Essante Organics.  You can earn 25% to 100% check matches on EVERY single person you sponsor.  If you know how to recruit, this is very powerful.  This is my favorite part of the compensation plan.

# 14 Global Leadership Bonus Pool

The company puts away 1% of the monthly volume and offers an amazing global leadership pool for leaders.

# 15 Free Website

You get a free website with Essante Organics, whereas most companies want to charge you a monthly fee.

# 16 $29 Lifetime Membership Fee

This is awesome.  It’s like a Costco® or Sam’s Club® membership, but there is no renewal fee. If you buy one of the starter packs when you sign up, this fee is even waived.

# 17 Amazing Company Training Program

The company’s training program is out of this world.  In fifteen years in the industry, I have never found a company with such an amazing training program.  All a new person has to do is login to their back office and everything they could want is at their fingertips.

# 18 Company Facebook Group

The company offers a great secret Facebook group for everyone in the company. They share product information, provide recognition, keep people informed about new updates and launches, and even offer business training.

# 19 Over 120 Products to Choose From

This company is product focused, which is very important.  Even better, there are currently more than 120 different products to choose from.  The product line includes weight loss, personal care, supplements, essential oils and much more.  My favorite products are the toothpaste, shake, PH drops and laundry detergent.

# 20 No Renewal Fee

Many companies charge a $20 to $100 yearly renewal fee.  Not so with Essante Organics.  Your one-time membership fee is good for a lifetime.

# 21 Simple Compensation Plan

Another reason to join Essante Organics is the simple compensation plan.  It is explained on one page and you can explain it to someone in less than two minutes.  That’s a breath of fresh air compared to most other compensation plans in the industry.

# 22 Weekly Calls and Webinars

The company offers weekly training calls and webinars.  These events feature successful reps in the company sharing their best tips and insights.

# 23 Product Catalog

The company’s product catalog is out of this world.  The photos are amazing.  The sales copy is captivating.  You can share these catalogs with people you know to make some immediate sales.

# 24 Samples

The company offers samples sizes on many of their products so you can try them out without having to buy the full-size version.  This is a great way to try things out and sample products before you make the bigger buying decision.

# 25 Spillover

I can’t guarantee you will get spillover from your upline, but it is possible in this compensation plan.  This creates synergy and excitement and encourages everyone to work together.

# 26 Low Monthly Buying Commitment

To be eligible for ALL parts of the compensation plan, you need to purchase 100 points worth of products per month (or have equivalent customer sales).  That is about $120, depending upon what you buy.  You can be eligible for many parts of the compensation plan by spending just $50 to $90 per month (or have equal customer sales).  If you switch stores and shop from Essante, this will be pretty easy to do.

# 27 Product Focused

One of my favorite things about Essante Organics is that it is product focused.  Almost everything people talk about is the products.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  These are my top 27 reasons to join Essante Organics.  If what you’ve read makes sense to you and you would like to learn more, you can visit my website to take a free tour.

On the other hand, if you are already involved with the company, I would love to hear what you like most about Essante Organics.  Just leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

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