John and Giselle Sexsmith: GPN and Nu Skin Leaders

John and Giselle Sexsmith are Team Elites in Nu Skin Enterprises. They joined the company in 1985. They earned the title of Team Elite in 1990 and have maintained it ever since. They are extremely successful in the business, having earned more than $20 million with their Nu Skin business!  They are currently leaders with GPN, the Global Partners Network.  This is the name of their team within Nu Skin.

Prior to joining the company they owned a chain of retail stores.  At the time (1985) they were broke, frustrated and raising their young family. Their first month in the business their bonus check was just $50.  Although it wasn’t a very large amount it opened their eyes to the possibilities of making money with Nu Skin.

When they first joined the company, they shared the business opportunity and products with friends, family members and casual acquaintances through one-on-one presentations, in-home meetings and conference calls.  As they sponsored new distributors and found customers, they started working with their team.  They started working in depth as quickly as possible, and identifying leaders who wanted to “run with” the business opportunity.

Since joining Nu Skin, they’ve come a long way. Their business spans 35 different countries and has tens of thousands of distributors. They earn a substantial six to seven figure residual income each year and are some of the top earners in the company. Simply put, they are the ultimate Nu Skin Enterprises success story. They have five children, 2 grandchildren, and live in Florida.

If you have ever worked with Nu Skin Team Elites John and Giselle Sexsmith, I would love to hear your story.  Please tell us how long you have known them, how they helped you, and when you worked with them. Just leave a comment to this post. Thanks.

If you would like to connect with John and Giselle Sexsmith, check out the links below.

They’ve also authored a wonderful book titled “Networking: The Natural Extension of You.”

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Nu Skin or GPN.  Both names are registered trademarks.

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7 thoughts on “John and Giselle Sexsmith: GPN and Nu Skin Leaders”

  1. It is amazing to me that the couple was able to reach Elite status after just 5 years. And the fact that their business is in 35 different countries is wonderful. I would love to have that kind of reach at some point, but I know that will require a lot of work, time, and patience. They are truly inspirational and I want to learn more about them. Thanks for sharing Charles. I will be reading up on them soon.

  2. The Sexmith’s are a classy couple. I’ve known them for years and am really glad that I got to know them. They honestly care about their team and their work ethic is second to none.

  3. I met John and Giselle Sexsmith at a Nu Skin convention almost a decade ago. They are awesome leaders with big hearts. They really care about their team.

  4. John and Giselle are great leaders in Nu Skin. I’ve been on their team for more than a decade now. I absolutely love Nu Skin.

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