Jim and Julie Harstad: Former Amway Diamonds

Jim and Julie Harstad are former Amway Diamonds in the World Wide Dream Builders line of sponsorship, within the Amway business.

During my two and half years in Amway from 2002 to 2004, I listened to them speak at seminars and open meetings several times.

I also listened to several of their tapes.

I always remember Jim being very passionate and enthusiastic.

He was fun and entertaining to listen to.

Julie was a very talented speaker as well.

They reside in Minnesota and have five children.

In his younger days, Jim was an All-American wrestler with St. Cloud State.

I related to Jim well, because I was a former wrestler, just like he was.

The joined Amway in the 1980s and took their business very seriously right from day one.

They qualified Emerald with Amway in 1991 and Diamond in 1993.Harstad

Jim and Julie spent 28 years in the Amway business and maintained a Diamond level distributorship for 14 years.

They had one of the largest Amway businesses in the mid-west United States.

The Harstad’s were down-line Diamonds from Bill and Sandy Hawkins.

They had one front-line Diamond, Tom and Val Gonser.

Apparently, they resigned from the Amway business in 2008 to join the Eniva business opportunity.

To the best of my knowledge, they are still successful distributors with that company today.

I’ve even talked to Jim on the phone once.

He found this blog post and called me up.

We had a nice conversation.

Talk about a great guy!

If you have ever worked with Jim or Julie Harstad in Amway or Eniva, I would love to hear from you.

Please tell us when you worked with them, what your experience was like, and how they helped you out.

I’m sure other people would like to know what’s going on too!

Just leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

Connect with Jim and Julie

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5 thoughts on “Jim and Julie Harstad: Former Amway Diamonds

  1. Anytime I hear of a couple who changes lives and moves people, I think that is just amazing. Two people came together not only to better each other, but to change lives of so many. I never heard of Jim or Julie but I will look them up and read about them now.

    • Jim just called me on the phone the other day. He is a really, really classy guy.

  2. The Harstads sound like a great and inspirational couple to know and learn from. I do wonder why they left Amway. This has been a question of mine for different people. Why, when they have achieved so many things from a company, do they leave to another company?

    Maybe they feel it is on its way down?This shows that maybe we should be hesitant of joining any MLM when top level earners are leaving.

  3. Great story Gerald. I’m glad you got to know Jim and Julie and enjoyed your time in Amway. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. My wife and I spent many years in Minnesota. In the early to mid 2000s we were part of Jim and Julie’s team. They were tremendous leaders and motivators. I always enjoyed going to their rallies and seminars to hear them speak. They achieved so much success in Amway and deserved it! We spent about three years on their team, but decided to get done Amway when we moved away. I’m glad I left the business, but I still have many fond memories during my time in Amway.

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