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6 thoughts on “It’s Not What You Sell, It’s How and Where You Sell It

  1. Selling IS an art, and it is mostly the art of selling yourself (figuratively, of course). To be successful, you have to build relationships and inspire people. Share your knowledge and be likable because, you are right: products do not sell themselves, no matter how good they are. Chances are, your potential customer can find the exact same thing, or something very similar, somewhere else, and if they do not like you, they will take their business elsewhere.

    • Regardless of what profession you are in, you have to know how to sell yourself. This holds true for employees and business owners alike. People have to know you, like you and trust you if you expect them to do business with you.

  2. This is so true that you cannot consider anyone to become a buyer of what you are offering? Effective selling/marketing skills teach you to analyze your target market and trace people who qualify to be a good prospect for your products. Strategically search and target a niche audience for your product. Selling becomes much easier when you target right people.

    • Very few products are so good they can sell themselves. Learning how to sell is quite perhaps the highest paid skill in the world. Few people know it or like it, but the ones that master it make a killing.

  3. I love where you went with this blog post Charles. Remembering back to my days in home improvements, some would joke that I could sell ice water to an Eskimo. One of the first things I learned is if a person likes you and considers you a friend, they will purchase what you are selling. You brought up qualifying; I agree that you do need to pre-qualify, but be careful about not over qualifying. Maggie and I were offering a little advertising place in one of our bilingual Puerto Rico books. We met with a man who was wearing torn coveralls and looked broke. I immediately had negative ideas and thought it a waste of time. Come to find out, he owns, I believe 8 grocery stores all over Puerto Rico. Don’t over-qualify.

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