Isagenix Weight Loss Program, Results and Testimonials

Today, I’d like to discuss the Isagenix weight loss program.

As  quick disclaimer, it’s important to tell you that I did a very brief stint with Isagenix as a distributor; but I am not affiliated with the company any more.

It’s also to important to know that I enjoyed my experience with the company and highly respect the company (just wanted all of my readers to know this upfront).

Obesity in America

It’s a proven fact that nearly half of all Americans struggle with their weight.

Obesity is a huge epidemic that continues to skyrocket throughout our great country and the rest of the world.

Obesity has gotten so bad that it even affects close to 40% of all children.

Many people are overweight and unhealthy and are desperate to drop those extra pounds.

As a result, the weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and could one day be a trillion dollar industry.

Watch television at any given time of the day and you will see countless ads and infomercials for weight loss products, exercise equipment, the “miracle” weight loss pill, gym memberships and countless other health and weight loss programs.

Companies know that people WANT to lose weight and they will gladly fork over some of their hard earned money to do it!weight loss

Maybe you are struggling with your weight.

Maybe you have tried different diets, pills and exercise workouts to drop those unwanted pounds.

If this describes you, I have a potential solution.

Although I cannot guarantee your success, I do believe that the Isagenix weight loss programs and products can help you achieve your wellness goals.

isagenix weight lossWhat is Isagenix?

Isagenix is a network marketing company that specializes in health and wellness and personal care items.

They are best known for their weight loss programs and nutritional products.

The company launched in 2002 when experienced direct sales professionals Jim and Kathy Coover pursued their vision of freeing people from financial and physical pain.

The company manufactures more than 50 different products and is affiliated with the BBB and Direct Selling Association.

I believe they are a financially sound company with a great product line and fair compensation plan.

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How the Isagenix Weight Loss Program Works

The Isagenix weight loss program is a 9 day, 30 day or a lifetime program.

The 9-Day Cleanse: This simple program is designed to cleanse your body and flush out the toxins.

With this program you get two bottles of Cleanse for Life, one canister of Isalean Shakes, 1 bottle of Natural Accelerator pills, and one bottle of Isagenix snacks.

The nine day program retails for $176.95, plus tax and shipping.

The 30-Day Cleanse: This is a more complex program and comes with the same products as the nine day cleanse PLUS several other products.

In addition, you get enough products to last you the entire 30 days.

The 30-day system retails for approximately $383, plus tax and shipping.

There are also more expensive options.

How it Works

As you can see, they have several different weight loss options to choose from.  

The program revolves around replacing two meals a day with a shake and then having a low fat meal for either lunch or dinner.

Minimum one day a week (or four days a month) you cleanse for an entire day (no eating).

Isagenix combines nutrition supplements with food products and some exercise.

Combined with its healthy nature, it is possible to lose more than seven pounds with a 9 day program.

Some people have even lost up to 40 pounds in as little as 100 days.

It is a program that gives your body a diet of nutrients such as aloe, vitamins, and herbal tea, plus trace minerals from ionic compounds. It aids the body’s metabolism leading to natural burning of fats.

With Isagenix weight loss, never expect any application stimulants.

The shakes taste great and can be mixed with water or milk.

A nine day program includes a full supply of natural accelerator capsules together with a tape measure and a CD containing an electronic instruction guide to make your work easier.

If you want more weight loss, the 30 day program will be the right choice.

Once you have achieved the result you want, you will need to maintain your weight by using a total weight and wellness system designed purposely to keep you fit.

Testimonials for the Isagenix Weight Loss Programs

You can search the Internet (YouTube) and see thousands of testimonials from people who have lost weight with Isagenix.

Personally, I don’t believe everything I read online.

You simply don’t know if the testimonial is real or written by someone trying to recruit you into the business.

There are also some negative reviews, but many of them could be written by people in competing MLM Companies.

If I were you, I would encourage you to do your due diligence and be an informed consumer.

Concerns with Isagenix Weight Loss

No weight loss program is perfect.

And every program has its critics, too.

Without a doubt, some people have some major concerns with the Isagenix products and weight loss program.

I would like to address two of the biggest and most common concerns that I’ve found online.

The first concern is price.

For a 30 day program, it costs minimum $383, plus tax and shipping.

Let’s round that up to $400 (hypothetically).

Depending upon which options you choose it could cost even more than that.

That equates to about $13 to $14 per day in a 30-day month.

When you compare that with buying similar weight loss products at Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club or GNC, the price is considerably higher.

You could probably purchase similar products for 75% to 80% cheaper if you shopped around.

On a side note, you do get a discount if you become a distributor.

And if you shop around on Amazon or eBay, you can get it cheaper than the suggested retail price.

But even still, that is a bit pricey.

The second major concern that most people have with the Isagenix weight loss program is that it is based around cleansing and fasting.

That is simply the process of cleansing your body on a regular basis.

With the program, they recommend doing no more than two cleanse days in a row, or in a week.

On all other days, you have to replace two meals with a shake and then have one small meal for lunch or dinner (no more than 500 calories).

Many people claim that if you fast, you can lose weight with any program.

I do agree with that.

And you if you are going to take two shakes a day, you can get shakes 75-80% cheaper at GNC or Wal-mart.

Please note that I am not against using the Isagenix products at all.

I’ve tried them and thought they were very good quality.



But good quality.

I simply want to share the good and bad that I found about their weight loss program online.

I believe there are always two sides to a coin and it is a good idea to share both sides.

My ultimate goal is for you will educate yourself BEFORE you purchase the products, so you can make an informed decision.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Isagenix weight loss program is a popular weight loss program that has helped tens of thousands of people lose weight and achieve their fitness goals.

While their are lots of fans for the program, there are also lots of critics.

isagenixBefore you decide to purchase the products and start the program, be a smart consumer and educate yourself first.

Talk with your doctor to find out if the programs and products are right for you.

If they are, compare the products with several competitors before you buy the products.

Once you’ve done your due diligence you can make an informed decision.

What are your thoughts?

If you’ve experienced results with the Isagenix weight loss program (good or bad) I would love to hear from you.

Please share your story or testimonial by leaving a comment below.

Thank you.

Disclaimer: Isagenix and its products are registered trademarks.  I am in no way affiliated with the company.  These products have been approved or evaluate by the FDA.  This is an independent, non paid review.  Please consult with  your doctor before starting any exercise or weight loss program.

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16 thoughts on “Isagenix Weight Loss Program, Results and Testimonials”

  1. Weightloss is such a huge industry. It’s true you can get protein shakes at GNC or Costco but most weightloss products are junk. Gotta look at the ingredients and actually compare. I’m willing to pay a little more to get quality.

  2. I’ve lost more than 50 lbs, 53 lbs to be exact, with Isagenix during the past 21 months. The products are amazing. They work great. And I love the idea of cleansing your body from harmful things. I’ve even gotten several of my overweight friends and family on the products and they are getting good results too.

    1. That’s amazing, Charlie. I think it’s good that you’re going nice and steady with your Isagenix weight loss goals. Most folks want to lose a lot of weight quickly, but that’s pretty hard, and normally unhealthy to do. Nice and slow is what I like to see.

  3. I lost 28 lbs with the Isagenix weight loss program. And no, I am not a distributor. My friend sells the product and asked me to try them out. She knew I’ve been struggling with losing weight for many years. I’ve tried just about every diet plan you can imagine, and this is the only one that (1) I really enjoyed, (2) I lost weight and (3) I kept the weight off. If you are sitting on the fence, I suggest you try out the Isagenix products. You have nothing to lose.

    1. That’s awesome, Amy. What other weight loss programs did you try in the past? Why do you think that Isagenix worked for you, but the other programs didn’t work? Any tips you would like to share with the rest of our community? I look forward to hearing back from you.

  4. It is apparent that the products are effective for losing weight; however, what is the plan for maintaining once a person has lost the targeted amount? Does Isagenix talk about making life long changes in eating habits as well as physical activity? There are a number of effective products available for losing weight, but none of them are sustainable if that is all a person bases an eating plan on. There has to be a balance. Weight loss is most effective with a change in life style.

    1. The Isagenix weight loss plan is designed for short-term, long-term and life-long weight loss. They have different plans in place. Ultimately, their goal is to help you change your bad habits and replace them with good habits. Many people who have taken the products and started the weight loss program have kept off the weight for several years.

      1. I am glad to hear that Isagenix positions people to be successful in the long term. The fact that they provide the tools to change behavior and the way people think about eating is paramount to achieving healthy weight and maintaining it for a lifetime. I read some more about the company, and the Isagenix system strikes me as very evidence based and focused on over-all health.

      2. It is good to know that Isagenix has options to meet pretty much any person’s weight loss needs. I do think the focus should be on pursuing better health habits and better health rather than just chasing weight loss. If your focus is on living a healthier life and you do things to ensure that then the weight loss will come naturally and you will probably be more prone to stick with whatever plan you choose.

  5. Diamond Grant

    Weight loss seems to be a goal for so many people today. The struggle to get to a desired weight and maintain that weight loss seems to be such a challenge. A weight loss system/program that can potentially help people overcome this challenge is worth investigating. I would definitely suggest that a person research the company and the program first though before trying it. What works great for some people may not work so great for others. Also, I would consider consulting a physician as well before starting a specific program so that he/she could weigh the pros and cons of the program with you and discuss how it will impact your body.

    1. All good points, Diamond. Everyone should talk with their doctor before they start a new weight loss program, whether it is Isagenix or something else. The problem with most diets is that once people stop the diet they gain all the weight they lost back, and then some.

  6. I’ve lost 32lbs with the Isagenix weight loss program. I’ve been on it for six months now. I learned about the program from my aunt. She joined as a distributor and contacted me about the business opportunity. I didn’t join the opportunity, but I did decide to become a customer. It’s important to know that I’ve tried just about every weight loss program under the sun, and never had much success losing weight and keeping it off. The Isagenix weight loss program is the first program I’ve had this much success on. Sure, it isn’t the cheapest thing, but it works for me. I’d tell anyone who’s tried other weight loss programs and failed to give Isagenix a chance.


    1. Monique,

      Good for you. I’m glad you succeeded with the Isagenix weight loss program. Reading your testimonial was very inspiring. Keep up the good work.


  7. Isagenix seems like a pretty square marketing company. The prices might be a little too high but again, going through their distributors can get you the same products for less money. The bottom line is, if you see something you like, don’t be afraid to look for it cheaper.

    1. So true, James. Isagenix is a good company. But as a smart consumer you should shop around to find the best deal you can. Why pay retail when you don’t have to?


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