Isagenix Business Review

The purpose of this article is to provide an independent review of the Isagenix business. Please know that the name is a registered trademark and I am in no way affiliated with Isagenix.  The information presented in this review was collected from articles online, the company’s website, and independent research.

Isagenix Business Overview

Isagenix is a leading manufacturer of health and wellness products. They manufacture food and wellness products such as meal replacements, weight loss, vitamins and skin care products. They utilize the direct sales and multi-level marketing business model to distribute their products and services.

This means that they have an independent sales force that promotes the products via word-of-mouth advertising. Once the Associates find new customers, Isagenix services the customers directly. Isagenix collects the funds, ships the products, handles customer service issues, tracks sales volume, and pays the Associates. Associates simply find more customers and Associates who switch stores and shop with Isagenix.

This creates a win-win situation for the company and Associates. The company eliminates its advertising expenses and employee sales force. It simply supports “Associates” and only pays them when they generate sales. For the Associates, they get an opportunity to own their own Isagenix business without spending much up-front capital. Additionally, they eliminate the need for a store-front, employees and an inventory. They get to work from home and build their business as fast, or as slow, as they want. As you can see, it really is a win-win situation for everyone.

The Isagenix business is fairly new. It was started by John Anderson and Jim and Kathy Coover in 2002. It is headquartered in Chandler, Arizona. The company currently does business in 11 countries, (that I could find) which include the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and more. Since its inception, Isagenix has done nearly $1 billion in global sales.

Their vision statement is to “impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain, and in the process create the largest health and wellness company in the world.” Their motto is “if it’s not right for the associate, it’s not right for the company.” From what I can tell, they have their act together. They have countless success stories on their website. Many people have lost weight and improved their wellness. Others have built substantial incomes.

Isagenix Compensation Plan

When you start your own Isagenix business, you become an Associate. As an Associate, there are six different ways to earn money. Some of the common ways to make money include retail bonuses, sponsoring bonuses, leadership bonuses, team matching bonuses and more. In essence, you earn money by selling products to customers and sponsoring new Associates into the business. All compensation bonuses are derived from these two activities.

Isagenix utilizes a binary compensation plan. This means that every Associate has two front-level positions, a left-leg and a right-leg. You get paid infinite levels deep. Every commissionable product in Isagenix has a Business Volume (BV) associated with it. You get paid based upon your personal volume and group volume. Additionally, you can earn up to a 50% retail profit on most products. This is the difference between the wholesale and retail cost.

Associates can earn a “Product Introduction Bonus” also known as a P.I.B, when their new associates purchase a starter pack. This can amount to $10 to $150, depending upon which package they enroll with. There are five rank achievements associated with the company. They include Associate, Consultant, Star Consultant, Executive and Crystal Executive.

Your first goal is to become a Consultant. To become a Consultant, you must personally generate 100 PV and enroll two Associates who each generate 100 PV. One Associate must be on your left side and the other on your right side. As a Consultant, you are eligible to earn a team bonus volume for your entire organization.

Your next goal is to generate a cycle. To do that, you must generate 600 BV on one leg and 300 BV in the other leg. When this happens, you earn 6%, which is $54. Cycles are calculated daily and are paid weekly. You can cycle up to 250 times per week. Isagenix also offers a holdover volume, which means you will never lose the extra volume, even after a cycle. It is simply “carried over” to the next cycle.

The next rank advancement is Star Consultant. To do this, you must have five personally enrolled Associates at the Consultant level or higher. When you do this, you get a $500 bonus. The next advancement is Executive. You do this by enrolling five Associates on your left leg and five Associates on your right leg, who all become Consultants. If you do this in your first six months you will qualify as a Crystal Executive.

When you become an Executive, you are eligible to receive a 10% matching team bonus. Isagenix pays out 50% on all Business Volume. As you progress through the achievement ranks, you can earn the opportunity to re-generate your business. This means you can start another “leg” in your business.

In summary, the Isagenix compensation plan is very lucrative. You only have to build two sales teams; one on your right side and one of your left side. You get paid on your entire organization. The key to success is to get lots of customers and “balance” your two legs with an equal number of Business Volume.

Isagenix Products

Once again, Isagenix manufactures wellness, cleansing and skin care products. All of their products are consumable, which means the products are used and reordered, month-after-month. This creates “residual” business for Isagenix Associates. Some of their most popular products include:

SKIN CARE: Isadermix™, Ageless Renewal Serum™, Intensive Renewal Night Cream™, Intensive Microderm™, Moisture Rich Day Cream™, Refreshing Body Wash™.

NUTRITION: IsaKids Essentials™, IsaFruits™, IsaCrunch™, Ionix Supreme™, Isamuna Plus™, IsaOmega Supreme™, Mars Venus Wellness Solutions™,

CLEANSE: Cleanse for Life™, FiberPro™, IsaFlush™, Isagenix Snacks™, IsaDelight™, IsaLean Shake™, IsaLean Soups™, IsaPro™.

Isagenix encourages Associates to “switch stores.” In other words, replace some of your current food items with Isagenix products. By doing so, you can easily afford to use the products, without effecting your budget. This makes sense to me. Why not eat healthier? All products come with a money back guarantee.

Isagenix Business Summary

In my opinion, the Isagenix business is a very good network marketing business opportunity. They have awesome products at great prices. Isagenix has a good reputation. Their leadership team is exceptional. And they are very focused on taking care of their distributors. They offer a sound compensation plan that rewards the people who do produce results.

To succeed in the Isagenix business (or with any other company) you must find lots of retail customers and sponsor lots of distributors. This is not a “get rich quick” or “fly by the night” operation. It is a legitimate business opportunity that takes time, patience, hard work and some money to build.

On a side note, I want to hear your personal Isagenix story!  If you have your own Isagenix business or are a happy customer, I want to hear from you. Share your success using the products or building a business by leaving a comment below.

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9 thoughts on “Isagenix Business Review”

  1. It’s refreshing to see a company that supports its associates and values their feedback. I like how your broke down the Isagenix compensation plan by level and explained each. I appreciate Isagenix’s advice to switch out products as they’re used. The money back guarantee is a good business approach, too.

  2. It is nice to hear about a business that is finding great success and is doing what they do well. It is a great way to see how to do things and they make a nice business model for how MLM systems should work. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

  3. I love to read the MLM business reviews on your site. Usually, when I visit the official websites of such businesses, I have to search all around to get a basic idea of how things work within the specific company. Even when speaking with company representatives (or recruiters) it is sometimes difficult to figure out exactly what the company compensation is.

    I appreciate having a resource where all of the information is in front of me. Thank you – keep up the good work. It is appreciated.

    1. I’m glad you like the Isagneix review. The problem with most reviews on the internet is that people can’t be objective. They are either involved with the company and are trying to recruit you, or they are writing a negative review to try and sell you something else.

      1. You hit a nail on the head. There are very few Independent review sites like yours Chuck.

        If you are doing a search of Independent reviews, I always suggest to look closely. If a person is an affiliate, they are supposed to say that somewhere on that page. While it is good to research reviews, always keep in mind that it could be someone tied with the company, or a complete enemy of the company.

        I have to also commend you on providing the compensation system. This IS often something difficult to find on company websites.

        Thanks for this review. Isagenix does sound like a good business opportunity.

  4. Hi, I have been looking forward to join Isagenix and was researching over web for some information about this business. The article that you have shared here is an excellent piece that includes comprehensive information about Isagenix business operations, plans and products. The details that you have shared about this leading health/wellness products manufacturer has given me more confidence of stepping ahead with my decision of joining them. Thank you!

    1. I think Isagenix really has their act together. They have a great product line, great compensation plan and great corporate team. They are expanding internationally as we speak! I think very highly of the company and definitely tell others to do their due diligence.

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