Is LiveGood a Scam? Or is it Legit?

Is LiveGood a scam or is it legit? Nowadays, that depends on who you ask. There are plenty of people enthusiastic about the company, like I am, and there are an equal number of haters who despise the company and owners. Don’t believe me, just do a quick internet search, and see for yourself.

Initially, I was skeptical about LiveGood. I was approached by more than 200 people before I eventually joined. What made me skeptical initially was the membership business model. I had no experience with it, even though I’ve been in this great industry more than 20-years now. I’m accustomed to selling products, and promoting a business opportunity, not selling memberships.

However, once I took a deep dive, and did my own research about the company, I was THRILLED with what I found. I read the good and terrible things about the company, and I honestly believe the good far outweigh the bad.

Who Knows?

I’m not a lawyer, nor do I work for the Federal Trade commission. No one knows how long ANY network marketing company will last. I’m happy with the company and proud to be an affiliate. If I thought LiveGood was a scam, or not legit, I would NOT have joined it or promoted it. I believe LiveGood is everything that traditional network marketing is NOT, and I’m happy they have disrupted the industry and forced other companies to evaluate how they do things.

Is LiveGood Legit?

Here are a few reasons I believe LiveGood is legit.

We get paid on time. Since joining in June 2023, I’ve been paid every week on time. No exceptions. The direct deposit hits my bank account like clockwork.

The products ship quickly. When you place an order, it normally ships the same day or next business day, unless the product is out of stock or back ordered.

The products come with a money back guarantee. You have 90 days to return your product purchase, even if you used it and the bottle is empty.

7-Day Membership & Affiliate Refund Policy. You have 7 days from the time you join to get a refund on your membership and/or affiliate fee.

Our products are affordable. This is a big one to me. LiveGood’s products are priced at Amazon prices. It’s like a breath of fresh air to me. Plus, they are high quality and work great.

We aren’t forced to buy products every month. Thank goodness. Most MLM Companies require you to purchase $100 to $200 worth of products each month, just to be eligible for commissions. If we keep our membership active, we can shop whenever we want to, or not at all, and still earn.

No starter packs. Many network marketing companies offer a $500 to $3,000 starter pack. This is designed to give their sponsors IMMEDIATE money, since they know most people will quit in just two to three months. LiveGood does not promote or offer starter packs.

Involved Ownership. The company owners and leadership team are present. They train several times each week. They answer emails, messages, and phone calls. They are the face of the company.

These are the things that stood out to me during my first 2+ months in the company.

livegood scam

Is LiveGood a Scam?

First off, I DO NOT think LiveGood is a scam. I am happy with the company. You should know that by now. But some consumers think it is a scam, normally for the following reasons.

It’s different. LiveGood is different from most network marketing companies that sell an expensive starter package, require a monthly auto-ship, and offer overpriced products that few people want or can afford.

It’s hurting their check. Lots of people are leaving other network marketing companies to join LiveGood. Once you “see it” you can’t unsee it. It’s true. Whether LiveGood sticks around long-term or not, I will never return to traditional MLM. Those days are done. Honestly, many leaders in other companies are scared because their teams are leaving in droves to join our company.

We don’t get paid for product sales. When “members or affiliates” purchase products, we don’t earn commissions from their purchases. Instead, we get paid on their membership fees. That is our real product. This allows the company to keep the products affordable, and not need to mark them up 5x to 10x to pay the top reps. Keep in mind though, we do get paid for retail sales.

We get paid on membership sales. Although we are not the only network marketing company to do this, only a few utilize the membership model. The only other ones I can think of are Legal Shield® and Ameriplan®. It bothers some people and they claim we get paid to recruit. I believe you could argue that about any network marketing company.

There are more affiliates than customers. I don’t know the actual numbers of members vs. customers vs. affiliates. I do know that our team attracts a lot of members and retail customers, people who join for the products. I also know that when any network marketing company is new, there will always be more affiliates/distributors than customers. Once a company matures, more customers come, and there are normally five to ten customers for every rep.

These are the most common reasons I found online about why people think LiveGood is a scam.

In a Nutshell

LiveGood has REAL products at affordable prices. You can order whenever you want to, or not at all. We get paid on time. There is a 90-day empty bottle, money back guarantee.

Customer service answers your questions promptly. They offer a worldwide opportunity. Your yearly fee is $99.95 + $40, which is less than most companies require you to purchase each month to be qualified for commissions. The websites and marketing system work.

If this is a scam, it is the fairest scam I have ever seen. I do not believe LiveGood is a scam. I would not have joined it or recommended it to the people I know if I thought it was a scam. I think LiveGood is different. I think LiveGood is better than traditional MLM. And that’s why so many people are scared. That’s my two cents.

Join My LiveGood Team

If you haven’t joined LiveGood yet, but would like to be, you can visit my website here to take your free tour and learn more about it. At the time of writing this post, I’ve been in the company for two months and have a team of 650+ people. I plan on being a DIAMOND by Christmas this year. I only say this to let you know I am serious, know what I am doing, and can help you. I look forward to working with you.

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