Internet Marketing in an Hour a Day

Today, I want to share my thoughts on how to do internet marketing in an hour a day. I’ve been very fortunate to be successful with internet marketing for nearly 10-years now. I’ve made a TON of mistakes along the way, but I also figured out what works.

I truly believe YOU can build a successful internet marketing business in an hour a day, but you do need to have a game-plan, be disciplined with your time, and work smart. You should also realize your success won’t happen overnight. It might take you a year or two to start seeing results, and three to five years to really master the skill.

Considering you are only doing internet marketing an hour a day, I still consider that to be a really good deal. While most people will give up and quit, if you stick with it, stay consistent and keep learning, I believe you can build a thriving internet marketing business in just a few short years. If I did it, so can you!

Before I share some real world examples on how to do internet marketing an hour a day, I need to take a few minutes and educate you about internet marketing.

What is Internet Marketing

What is Internet Marketing?

In case you aren’t familiar with the term, here is a simple definition of internet marketing. The source is cited below the quote.

Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce, in addition to sales leads from websites or emails. ~ Source

If I had to put it in my own words, I would say that internet marketing is anything you do to promote a product or service online, in hopes of generating sales. 

Based off this definition, there are MANY ways you can make money online as an internet marketer.

Ways to Make Money as an Internet Marketer

You could set up a blog in a niche and write reviews about different products, or write articles about topics your viewers would be interested in (and promote affiliate links in your content).

You could make a YouTube channel around a certain niche. You could review products. You could interview people in your niche. You could answer common questions people have about the niche. At the end of each video, you could recommend a relevant affiliate product.

You could write an eBook about a certain topic and sell it online on a website like Clickbank of JVZOO, or put it on Amazon.

You could set up a simple capture page and sales funnel and focus on generating leads, and then just sell different affiliate products through an email marketing campaign.

These are just the first four things that came to mind right now. There are literally hundreds of ways to make money online as an internet marketer.

The Two Big Decisions

The first and most important decision you need to make is what type of internet marketer do you want to be? What platform do you want to use? Do you want to focus on creating content? Do you just want to just focus on selling a product? Do you want to create your own products and let other people sell them?

Once you answer that question, the next major decision you need to make is what NICHE do you want to focus on. There are literally hundreds of good niches you can pick to make money online. As long as there is a big enough audience, and plenty of affiliate products, (or potential products you can create) the sky is the limit.

Until you answer those TWO questions, you shouldn’t even try to make money online as an internet marketer.

Internet Marketing in an Hour a Day

Internet Marketing in an Hour a Day: 3 Hypothetical Examples

Now, let me share my special sauce. I know you want to build a successful internet marketing business in just an hour a day. I can help you do that! All of these examples you see below assume you are working your internet marketing business an hour a day, five days per week.

# 1: YouTube

Let’s suppose that FOREX is your biggest passion. You decide to set up your own YouTube channel strictly about FOREX. Each day, five days a week, you make a video about FOREX. You talk about trades you’ve made, mistakes you’ve made, lessons you’ve learned, helpful tips, etc.

It takes you 20 minutes to make the video, 20 minutes to edit it, and 20 minutes to upload it to YouTube and share it on a few social media websites.

You make a video EVERY DAY, five days a week. Over the course of a year that would be 260 videos. In that period of time, you would probably build up a pretty good following on YouTube.

How would you make money? You could promote FOREX affiliate products. You could create your own FOREX eBook and sell it. You could sell coaching or consulting. The sky is the limit. All you would do is make recommendations in each video and share a link.

You wouldn’t see huge results in one month, because you would only have about 20 videos, but if you stay disciplined and keep working one hour per day for an entire year, you will see HUGE growth!

# 2: Blogger

Let’s say your passion is toy trains. You decide to set up your own blog about toy trains. You spend an hour a day working on your blog. This allows you to create two blog posts per week, reply to comments, share your posts on social media, edit old posts, engage with your audience, etc.

At the end of the first month, you would only have about 8 blog posts. However, at the end of the year you would have 104 blog posts. How you like them apples!

In your blog content, you could promote different affiliate products, such as toy trains, books, accessories, Google Adsense and many other things.

# 3: Generic Sales Funnel

Let’s suppose your passion is natural weight loss.

You decide to set up a capture page and a sales funnel in your auto-responder. Without those things, this method won’t work.

You only have an hour a day, so this is what you decide to do.

  1. Publish one short two minute video on YouTube sharing a weight loss tip
  2. Leave 3 blog comments on different weight loss blogs
  3. Leave 2 forum comments on a popular weight loss forum
  4. Share links on Facebook and LinkedIn
  5. Send email to your list sharing a weight loss tip or success story or helpful video
  6. Respond to emails

You could easily do this in an hour a day, IF you are disciplined with your time and stick to your tasks.

Do it five days a week for a year and you would have 260 videos on YouTube, 780 blog comments linking to your capture page, 520 forum comments linking to you, tons of social media followers and a large email list. BAM!

The Slight Edge Principle

The Slight Edge Principle

There is a book titled “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson. If you have not read that book, order a copy and study it. It is a masterpiece.

If I had to describe the Slight Edge philosophy in my own words, it would go like this:

Everything we do, say and think is either moving us closer to our goals or further from them, even if the decision we make today seems trivial or unimportant.

Can you give us an example, Chuck? I thought you would never ask.

You save $100 a month for retirement. At the end of the first year, you only have $1,200 plus interest saved up (if you are lucky). However, do that for your entire working career, under the right conditions in the market, and you could retire with millions!

Your nest egg wouldn’t start off huge, but over a period of time with compound interest, it would blow your mind!

How it Pertains to Your Internet Marketing Business

When you are doing internet marketing an hour a day, you won’t see big results right away. However, over a period of time, such as a few years, you can see HUGE results that you never thought would be possible. You just have to stay consistent, have some faith, and put in the time and work.

Most people will give up and quit long before the Slight Edge principle has time to work for them. Don’t be one of those people.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks. These are some of my best tips on internet marketing in an hour a day. I hope you found the information helpful.

What did I leave out? What would you suggest for someone looking to do internet marketing in an hour a day? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.

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2 thoughts on “Internet Marketing in an Hour a Day”

  1. A big thank you! I didn’t have a proper understanding of internet marketing, although I run a small clothing line. After reading your blog, I realized a few things that I should work on.
    Yeah, as you said, consistency and having a game-plan are the secret ingredients. If we get them right, I think being successful won’t be a dream anymore.

    I love eBooks. I write eBooks for clients, but I always wanted to write an eBook about writing, but I didn’t know we could sell them on Clickbank. Of course, I knew Amazon, but not Clickbank. Thanks for that.

    I loved how you used hypothetical cases because it explained the system clearly.

    Thanks for the book suggestion, I’m going to check it out 🙂

    1. Having a game-plan and being consistent are VITAL if you want to succeed with an online business. Some of the biggest mistakes I see people make are:

      Short sighted
      Not being focused
      Not having or following a plan
      Not being persistent and consistent
      Giving up WAY too soon

      I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment. Thanks.

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