Income Is Not the Only Measure of Success in MLM

Income is not the only measure of success in life, or in the MLM world.  That’s a valuable lesson I learned from the MLM Legend himself, Holton Buggs.  While income might be one important factor in how you measure your own success in your business, here are some other things worth considering.

  1. How many folks you helped and inspired – If you’ve inspired and helped others to start their own business and take control of their own life, what is that worth?  I personally believe that if you’ve even helped one other person “realize their dream” or “start their entrepreneurial venture” you are successful.  
  2. The skills you’ve developed – Network marketing is really the best business school out there (as I see it).  You will get experience, working in the trenches, and develop skills in marketing, sales, advertising, leadership, motivation, communication and so much more.  These skills will make you more marketable to your employer AND you can use them to launch other successful business ventures.  I learned 100x more about business from network marketing than I ever did in college (and I have a Master’s Degree). 
  3. The person you’ve become – Hands down the thing I am most grateful for from this industry is the personal development I have experienced.  I am become a much better person.  I have a better attitude.  I have goals.  I associate with other successful, like minded people.  I’m happier.  I smile more.  I’m living my dream.  No, I don’t say these things to brag.  I just realize that 11 years in this industry CHANGED my life for the better.  I no longer resemble the person I was when I joined the industry 11 years ago. 
  4. The time you have – I’m fortunate to work from home and be my own boss.  Not having to commute to work each day or have someone else tell me what to do, when to show up, or what to wear, is worth a lot of money to me.  If you’ve been fortunate enough to go full-time in MLM, and take control of your life, that’s a huge success.  Even if you just made enough money so your spouse could quit their job and stay home with the kids, that’s a huge success to me!

What do you think?  Do you think your “personal income” is the most important measure of success in MLM?  If so, why?  If no, why not?  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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4 thoughts on “Income Is Not the Only Measure of Success in MLM”

  1. While money and income is important for survival, as I age, I discover that there are many other measures of success. The children, grandchildren and love in life are huge measures of success. As a book author, I count them as success. Yes, I make royalties from them, but I measure the success not from the royalties, but from the comments I get from people who have read my books.

    Thanks for reminding us that there is more to life than just money.

  2. Like Cliff just said, I couldn’t believe my eyes or thoughts for a moment either. We have become so adapted to our incomes being a direct reflection of ourselves, that we lose touch sometimes with all the other great things in life that are not about money. This post makes me recall when my oldest son (now 31) was a little guy. I bought him this really neat trike and I think he had more fun playing with the box than the actual toy. We need to let go of thinking money is everything, because when we do, success will be much easier to achieve.

    Thanks Chuck!

  3. I have to admit this is indeed controversial. My first reaction was,”… what are you saying!? It mustn’t be true!” We are living in a capitalistic society, and it is hard to imagine how money is not a perfect motivation towards any perceived goal. America is business, and business is America. That is why it has been christened the “Land of Opportunities”. Upon more reading I have been able to adjust my myopic focus to the bigger truths behind the wordings.
    Inspiration to people is a key determiner of success. Many high profile wall street and silicon valley billionaires are resorting to philanthropic agendas solely to be happy. That should tell you a lot about the place of inspiration in a business. Apart from inspiring folk, building them and skill development should be a key determiner of the impact you have had in their lives. MLM products are mainly self-development, supplemental health and alternative good products. That is where Impact come in. After changing the whole world, it is also good to change oneself. The change in you is probably one of the most permanent watermarks business will have on you. I believe this post is on-point.
    I don’t know what rules you have set on re-blogging it (by reference) from my blog when it’s up and running in a few months’ time. Always grateful!

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